11 Ways You Can Make Money In A College Town

This is going to be a fun one, learning how you can make money in a college town.

It’s like utilizing an asset you never thought was valuable. It’s like having a huge targetted audience with almost all the same interests.

It’s any marketers/business owners dream and we’re about to tap into that.

I took upon myself to do so in college but left some ideas un-used that could have been great, so I’ll be going over everything I wish I had the time to do and what I did.

Plus we’ll get creative and hopefully come up with some ideas you might haven’t thought of yet.

How You Can Make Money In A College Town

11 ways you can make money in a college town

Makeup/Hair Services

Maybe you’re a little crafty with makeup or hair? Maybe it’s something you’ve always loved doing or heck, you might even be in school for it!

If you’re getting compliments or questions all the time about what you do or use this could be a great opportunity.

You can utilize this skill and start charging for your services either per hour, client, or the difficulty of the task at hand.

People are always looking to get their hair or makeup done if it’s a party, birthday, wedding, anniversary, etc. those are all opportunities for you!

You can start by getting the word out by doing your friends or families makeup on posting it on your social outlets and just continue to add on to it as you get clients.

If your work is good it should speak for itself.

All you’ll need to get started is:

  • Makeup & Skincare Products
  • Haircare Products
  • A decent following on social outlets (bigger usually the better)
  • Some friends or family to help get your work out there to start.

Party Promotion

Now this is something I have mentioned to my readers before and I can’t leave unlisted and that’s hosting parties.

What is one of the biggest things college students can relate on? Parties, parties, parties, some so much that seems to be all they do.

You and a group of friends can chip some money in together to rent out a spot, hire a DJ or some live music, and start getting the word out.

One thing I’ve seen work great is if you or some/all of your friends have massive following on social media try and start trending the party. ex: #summerblowout, #partynamehere

Just state it’s only $x and charge at the gate upon entrance.

If you ran an aggressive enough of a campaign and priced your ticket fee accordingly you should find yourself in the green pretty easy.

Food Delivery Service

This is one I thought of in college but never acted on and later saw some students make the news from their successful college food delivery service….yea it sucked.

It’s a simple concept but you have to be fairly smart about it.

All it is is picking up food for students who are too lazy to get it themselves, but you have to charge your delivery fee just above to make a profit and just below where they’ll rather get it themselves.

You can try taking orders at specific times in the day and make one massive trip to round up all the orders and deliver to make things easier and quicker.

Latest Trends PDF/Page

This is something that I did back in college with one of my first websites.

But in this case, it can be something as simple as a PDF. You can start a social page or even a site (probably going to be the most effective route)

>>Here’s how you can build a free website in 4 easy steps.

Just find a niche to cover, it can be anything from the latest gadgets, to hiking gear, to cooking utensils, the direction you go in is up to you.

Research what are all the latest trends/releases in this niche and publish content related to it.

Input some affiliate links (little bit of affiliate marketing) and hopefully start seeing some conversions for your hard put effort.

Beer Delivery Service

Holding the same concept as a food delivery service but being very different.

(sorry for all you under 21 students, gonna have to skip on to the next one for now)

Going on a beer run probably has to be one of the oldest and most common thing done at parties since well ever! (I’m sure the king of Egypt sent his servants to do it all the time!)

On a serious note, though, you’ll be doing a lot of people a favor.

  • You’re allowing them to continue spending more time with their friends and/or family.
  • They’re not having to drive drunk of buzzed reducing the risk to them and others.
  • It’s overall just plain convenient really…

You can just make a Facebook/twitter/whatever page to promote your service or just post it on your profile you currently have.

Just have them give you the cash + a certain commission for delivery and amount. (best bet is to charge a % of every order so you get paid according to amount.)

It’s not complicated work and you’re doing a lot of people a favor.

Party Equipment Rental

This is something I love and that’s utilizing dead assets.

Essentially a dead asset is something that is of value but isn’t doing anything to make you money. Uber applied this concept amazingly with people’s cars.

In this case, though you can rent out equipment from past parties or that you just have laying around.

This can be anything from:

  • Audio equipment
  • Foggers
  • Lighting
  • A ping pong table, lol
  • etc.

Why would someone pay potentially $1,000’s when they can just rent if for a couple $200 for one night?

On top of that, you make money and don’t even have to lift a finger, it’s practically the college dream!

Become A Personal Trainer

Are you a fitness buff?

Do you find yourself in the gym more than you do socializing?

Well, maybe this might be your calling for the time being.

Your body is practically a walking advertisement for “I know what I’m talking about”, it’s great!

If you’re the bodybuilding type than train aspiring bodybuilders. If you’re cut and lean train people who love aesthetics, if you’re a CrossFit junkie than train those looking to get in, etc.

You can get the word out on your social pages or even go to the local gym and see if they’re hiring and start training there.

You can charge per hour, session, or whatever you feel is fitting for the client’s goal and the task at hand.

Patience is key here, I did this in college to be nice and had to bite my tongue SEVERAL times. Not everyone will see the things the way you see it, just be patient and give them time.

Start Tutoring

Do you excel at a particular subject? Maybe there’s a class you do great in that several others are struggling in, this could be an opportunity for you.

No matter how much we joke about it, failing isn’t fun, and no one wants to throw money away and waste another semester re-taking a class.

You can offer some tutoring, nothing crazy just a fee per session or per hour a student can afford.

Plus I found helping someone else with a subject help better me as a student so it’s a win, win in most cases.

Moving service

Something a little more labor intensive than most but doesn’t take to much skill or brains to get started.

Towards the beginning and then end of the year (and throughout) students are either coming or leaving college or switching dorms/apartments.

Not everyone is capable or wants to do this all on their own.

You can help them out! For a fee of course…

You can charge per hour or job (depending on the amount of work), just calculate the renting of a moving truck (if you even have to) and gas and you’re golden.

Create Diet/Workout Routines

Playing off of our personal trainer idea earlier, if you’re the fitness type and know your way around a healthy and active lifestyle you can utilize that knowledge.

Take on some clients, get their desired goals, body weight, measurements, etc. whatever you need to give an accurate routine and charger per routine given.

Getting accurate information like that takes countless hours of research and years of experience and with most people being motivated by a quick change they aren’t going to want to wait that long.

Just post your service online (social media) and get progress shots of all your clients from beginning to end to have some proof that what you give does work.

By the time you know it you’ll have more clients and demand for your service.

Online Opportunities

Don’t feel like putting your face behind a new business idea? You don’t have to…

If you’re looking for some money making opportunities outside your college town, why not online? Here’s some great online business ideas for beginners.

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Until next time,

Tyler of Broke College Solutions


P.S. We have a serious Taco Bell addiction and the affiliate links on our site lets us order off the dollar menu. Thanks for your support!

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