14 Solutions For A Broke College Student That Needs Money

You’re in college and money’s tight, nothing new really, but here’s 14 solutions for you broke college student’s that need money.

There’s no “million dollar secret” here, but there are some legit and fairly easy ways you can have a little extra cash flow coming in every money.

With school already being expensive as it is, with a limited time schedule and limited experience finding a well-paying job to fit your needs is nearly impossible.

It seems no matter how much we budget something always comes up, a professor wants a new textbook, you need a better laptop, your car broke down, there’s no avoiding the unknown, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle.

There’s no exact reason as to why college students are so broke but there are some great ways you can be a little creative and have some great stories to tell when you start taking matters into your own hands.

14 Solutions For A Broke College Student That Needs Money

Get A Job!

Might seem redundant to even mention it, but you’ll be surprised.

If you’re not doing your due diligence with employment then that is a huge factor in your current situation.

Start searching for part time jobs in your area or even on campus, it doesn’t have to pay $30 an hour but anything will help.

Sell Things You Don’t Use

You know the expression “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” this couldn’t be more true, now unless it’s complete junk there are probably some things you don’t have a use for that could be useful to someone else.

It’s practically a few dollars here and there just laying around you could be capitalizing on.

You could start the easy way by just posting to your facebook or social media pages, or even asking around to see if anyone’s interested.

If you need to take it up a notch, try:

  • Craigslist- A great way to get your item out in front of people in your area. You just type in your city and people in that area looking for it will see your listing and possibly end up buying.
  • Poshmark– A new social App where sellers can post new or used clothing,  and accessories, for sale. If someone’s interested they send you a message, there might be a little negotiation, then the purchase is done online and Poshmark will give you your shipping label for the item.

Start Tutoring

It’s incredible how obvious this is yet no one takes the time to do it. Just because you’re a broke college student doesn’t mean you don’t have any assets.

Just because you’re a broke college student doesn’t mean you don’t have any assets.

If you’re skilled in a particular class or subject look around for those who aren’t, reach out to them or post your services online where you can charge per hour or session.

You can even build your credibility by posting your grades as proof or even offering a money back guarantee to your clients if they don’t pass their exam or what it is you’re tutoring them on.

Then share your client’s positive results on social media to spread the word.

Sell Other Companies’ Products on Amazon

Yes, it’s legal, it’s simply you buying a product at a cheaper/discounted price and selling it on Amazon for a profit.

This method has two common names:

  • Retail Arbitrage– You buy product’s in-store and sell them online for a profit
  • Online Arbitrage– You buy product’s in online store’s and sell them online for a profit.

Both being very effective the only difference is how you decide to source the products.

Find out how these two brothers made $30,000 in their first 3 months practicing Retail Arbitrage with only a $200 investment.

Offer A Resume Writing Service

If you’re a skilled writer or have been through the application process a few times and have shown success, offer your services to students looking to apply for jobs or possible careers.

With a resume usually being the first thing an employer sees it’s crucial to leave a good impression being why some students will feel compelled to pay to make this certain.

You don’t have to charge an arm and a leg, just have them send the job link and requirements to you along with their past job history, schooling, etc. and go from there.

Start A Moving Company 

Don’t let the word “company” scare you, this can be you and a few buddies with some matching t-shirts and a rented U-haul.

It might be a little labor intensive but with student’s moving in and out of apartments all year (especially in the beginning and end) it can be pretty profitable if you’re willing to put in the work.

Just calculate how long the job might take, the labor needed and input your cost for renting the moving vehicle (if you decide to rent) and gas then charge from there.

Affiliate Marketing

A fairly popular online business model that’s cheap to start up and when done correctly can be very lucrative.

You just need a website (how you can create one for free), a domain and a will to write some content and stay creative.

Affiliate Marketing is a company or person marketing their product/service by using affiliates (you) to promote their product/service.

In return for every sale, you make them you get a commission (%) of the sale price.

Some people even make this their full-time income so the results are there if you’re willing to put the work in.

If this sounds interesting here’s a free Affiliate Marketing Beginners Guide to get you started.

Sell Last Semester’s Books

This should be a gimme if you used it last semester and students are looking for it this semester if you have no use for it, why keep it?

If the edition hasn’t changed then this could be useful to an incoming student, plus since it’s used and they won’t have to buy new you’ll probably have multiple offers on just one book.

Try Your Hand At Graphic Design

If you’ve always been the creative type or find yourself drawing for the fun of it, why not get paid a little for your creativity?

There are tons of people every day looking for creative people to help bring their business or brand to the next level.

Things like a quality logo and social media headers can mean the difference between a legitimate business to illegitimate to a lot of people.

Great places to post your services are places like:

  • Fiverr– Clients pay you for your service and you create to their liking. Most payments are around $5 and can go up if they decide to add purchase add on’s, such as revisions, or specific formatting.
  • 99 Designs– Clients post their request to an open board where anyone has free rain to put in their work, the client will then go and select the one they like and the creator gets paid. (Not as steady as Fiverr, but can pay in the upwards of $200 per job if you’re good at what you do.)

Start A Food Delivering Service

Taking a spin on your typical pizza delivery guy you can deliver food to student’s who don’t want to take the time to get it.

You charge the carrying fee and they pay for the food. You get paid and they get their food, it’s a win-win.

If you decide to go this route it’ll probably be best to take requests at a specific time so you can take one massive trip to gather all the orders to save time and money on gas and travel.

Use Your Physique (For Those Fitness Buffs)

This is a great idea if you who spend more time in the gym than you do with friends, if you’re in great shape you’re basically a walking advertisement.

You probably already have people going up to you all the time asking what your diet or workout routine is.

Offer to train people or even write up diet routines for a set rate or per request.

Learning the in’s and out’s of physique training and nutrition takes years of knowledge and experimentation.

Most people who want results now will be more than willing to pay for someone else to share it.

Start A Blog

If you feel you have a voice that’s worth hearing try starting a blog.

Holding some similarities to Affiliate Marketing as far as start-up costs and requirements, but blogging can be more reader oriented.

Most successful blogs while they do make money promoting other companies products they tend to do it through advertising and affiliate products (see more in Affiliate Marketing).

You attract an audience and put your content out for them to read, the bigger your reach grows the more your site will be worth to advertisers giving you more potential to earn.

Sound like something that might interests you? Find out the details on how you make money blogging here.

Offer Career Counseling

Go to your school’s job fair and sit down with employers and see what they’re looking for in applicants, you could use this valuable information to help student’s find a job/career that best suits them.

You can go over their desired interests, such as pay, location, interests, etc. and compare them to the job characteristics and requirements.

You find a list of careers that best suit them, give them the contact information and where to apply and you got something going.

You can just charge per session or time depending on how technical or time consuming a particular client is.

Start A Detailing Service

It’s no secret that guys (and some gals) love having their ride look top notch, but don’t usually have the time (or patience) to do the work themselves.

So if you’re someone who enjoys working on their car, try offering your talent and interest to someone else.

Charge set rates for different packages like:

  • Standard wash- $xx.xx
  • Wash and Wax- $xx.xx
  • Wash, Wax, and Interior- $xxx.xx
  • Etc.

If your work speaks for itself you’ll have a steady customer base in no time.

Some Additional Resources

Hopefully, you’ve found a little inspiration here, I tend to think more outside the box to find things that are actually doable and might work instead of just rehashing all the watered down content that’s already out there.

If you’re looking for a little more here’s some great money saving tips that you can also use with you’re new business venture.

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Until next time,

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