21 Entrepreneurship Ideas For College Students

Making some extra cash while attending school can be tough, so here’s 21 Entrepreneurship Ideas For College Students.

You’ll be surprised at what you could have to offer, maybe it’s a skill or hobby you have that you never though anything of, but that “skill” or “hobby” might just be what someone was looking to gain or learn more about, and even PAY!’

So let’s get those creative juices flowing and try and uncover what might just be you’re next big or even your FIRST entrepreneurial venture!

Who knows we might just have the next internet millionaire among us? So lets get into it!


 21 Entrepreneurship Ideas For College Students…

1. Party Promotion

If you’re a social person and enjoy the party scene, you might want to try your hand at promoting parties. So if you have a pretty good following online or feel you can establish one this could be a pretty lucrative opportunity.

You’ll get the DJ’s, entertainers, or even possibly celebrity entertainers to theses events and get as many people to the event as you can, typically:

more people = more revenue brought in = higher payout for you.

2. Career Counseling

If you have good communication skills try meeting with recruiters and employers in the career center or career fairs for your college. Find out exactly what they are looking for in an employee and get paid to relay this to students looking for careers.

Student looking for career -> Goes to you -> You give them info. -> You charge for your service

You could start a website offering these services, sell e-books, PDF’s, or meet with your clients face to face, whatever you feel is best fit.

3. Start Tutoring

Maybe you excel in a specific subject or maybe even all your subjects, this can be a skill worth sharing.

Just because you find a subject particularity easy doesn’t mean everyone else feels the same way. Look around your classroom, who do you see having trouble? Who needs help? This is where you come in.

Offer your services with your grades as credibility and tutor this student, you could charge per session, per hour, or even half hour, whatever you feel best fit.

NOTE: The kind of results these students get, good or bad, can greatly affect your business. Good results can result to more clients and a growing business while bad can kill it before it even begins. 

4. Offer “Designated Driver” Services

You know how the story goes, no one wants to be the designated driver, so someone is forced to be it and they end up being miserable there whole night out.

The thing is once it gets a certain hour, most taxi services or the typical uber is done for the night, this is where you come in.

You can offer to pick up student during these late hours, charging a certain fee for distance traveled and time. This can be done by something simply as using a GPS and charging per mile and setting up pre-designated times for you to pick these students up.

Just a phone and car is really all you need.

5. Start A Small Food Stand Or Truck

This might be the little more costly thing on this list, but still isn’t going to break the bank, this can be anything from a full on food truck (if you have the capital) to some really good BBQ out the back of a truck.

Of course there would be some legalities you would have to straighten out such as inspections and such, and finding an approved location.

But if you feel you’re someone who can make some pretty good food, it might be worth looking into.

NOTE: With most college towns you’ll find success by either being completely outrageous, like offering quadruple stacked burgers and hot dogs with fries in them, or have food that is just so good that word of mouth does all the work for you.

6. Graphic Art Designing Services

Something for those of you online creative types, if you’ve always had a skill at making designs and images on the net, you’re skill might be something somebody is willing to pay for.

Not everyone is given that “special eye” for art and when people are looking to create a blog page, website, social media page, they want to ensure they’re aesthetically pleasing to their audience.

That’s where Graphic Designers come in, the customer asks for a specific design and you work with them to get them what they want. (You can either charge a flat rate or charge per difficulty of the project, this is entirely up to you)

You can even set up and online store of some of the images you’ve created where people can shop and browse for backgrounds, headers, and images they want.

7. Affiliate Marketing

What this is, if you’re not familiar is in a sense online marketing.

You promote a companies product through a link/banner/advertisement on you blog, website, social media page, etc… and you earn a commission for ever sale made through this link that the company provides you, through what they call “Affiliate Programs”.

It’s a proven method I’ve seen work time and time again for my readers. Here’s a little article I made on how to get this started up- How to make money with an affiliate program

8. Website Creation

If you’re someone who’s a little tech savvy and is good with working with people, this might be something worth giving a look into.

On average there are 571 websites created EVERY MINUTE, the demand is HUGE and growing!

There seems to be a website for anything these days, and there’s no way every one of these users knows how to create a good looking website, that’s why they turn to website creators/designers for help.

NOTE: You’ll be a key part of bringing what the customer wants to life, and depending on how good your work is can result anywhere than a few bucks a pop, to a few thousand all depending on how good your work is.

9. Makeup/Hair Services

Weddings, proms, quinceaneras, all opportunities you could use to grow this kind of business!

If you’ve been known to be good with makeup and hair, or maybe you get complimented all the time on it, you should maybe put these skills to work, they might just be worth something.

This can be done anywhere from a studio from your apartment bathroom, as long as your work speaks for itself you shouldn’t have any problem.

You can charge per person, give group discounts, and use the power of social network like Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook, to get your work out there.

If it’s good enough, you’ll have people lining up to get an appointment with you.

10. Become A Personal Trainer

Do you consider yourself physically fit? Do you have people coming up to you at the gym asking kind of exercises you do and diets you follow? Maybe you have something here worth pursuing…

People, ESPECIALLY in college are looking to get in shape, the classic six pack, toned arms, and a small waist, if you’re someone who has achieved these things, you have a skill worth sharing.

Just go to your local gym and ask if they’re hiring any trainers, or you could get your clients outside of a gym, and meet them there, whatever works best for you.

You could as far in depth as writing personal diet routines and workout plans to keeping it simple and just helping them in their lifting sessions.

NOTE: It’ll probably be best to offer a premium service such as diet/workout routines to separate yourself from the competition, plus, premium service = premium price = more $$$ for you. (always a good thing)

11. Offer A Tour Guide Service For New Students

You’ve seen them before the freshman arriving on campus with absolutely NO idea where they are going, if you’re a charismatic person and familiar with your school, offer Touring Services!

You could rent out a van or take them on a walk throughout the campus, show them around the town, all the best clubs and places to eat, good apartments to stay at, all that stuff!

Just remember back to when you started and all the stuff you wish you knew before you got there, and BOOM there you go, you already have the foundation laid for your business!

12. Pet Sitting

If you’re good with animals you can try your hand at pet sitting, just simply watching someone’s pet for a set amount of time.

This can be either you stopping by and doing regular checks on the animal, such as feeding, and cleaning up after it to having it stay with you, and you can charge accordingly to how large the task is at hand.

Just get the word out with flyers, social media, whatever you can and get the boll rolling.

13. Food Delivery Service

Now this is something a little creative for you (somewhat, lol), more of being every college students dream, get food delivered from any place!

You can offer a food delivery service just starting with yourself or multiple friends and deliver food for restaurants that don’t offer delivery service, or even grocery shopping!

You just charge a fee for the delivery and amount of effort and distance traveled for the food and the buyer pays when you deliver.

This can really be lucrative in a college town when most students are either busy or frankly just to lazy to go and get it themselves, they’ll be willing to pay your “convenience” fee to get it to them.

Here’s a little article on how two Iowa students made this a reality- Students Create Fast Food Delivery Business

14. Start A blog!

Starting a blog isn’t as hard as one would think. all you need is a website and a good hosing platform and you’ll be up and running.

If you feel you have a voice worth hearing if it’s in sports, fashion, personal development, whatever it is, it might be your next big thing!

Some of the worlds most successful blogs bring in thousands and even tens of thousands a day, if it’s from selling products, linking advertisements, or offering services, running a successful blog can be HIGHLY lucrative!

If you want a little more info. on how all this works, here’s a little article I wrote a while back covering the subject- How do you make money blogging?

15. Start A Resume Writing Service

Jobs, jobs, jobs, and even careers are a common likelihood during and after college, but not most college students know how to write a good resume.

With the resume being the first thing an employer sees about you, sometimes even before actually meeting you, it’s critical to have a well written, and structured resume.

So if you’ve applied to a few jobs yourself and feel you have the process down try offering your services to those unfamiliar.

You can go to job fairs, or your schools career centers and pass out your info to students looking to apply or even set up online, whatever you can do to get the word out.

16. Create Your Own Custom College T-shirts & Hats

Look around your school campus, almost every other shirt or hat is going to have some sort of school logo, saying , or symbol of some sort pertaining towards the school.

You can capitalize on this, if you feel the shirt could use a little “spicing” up or even have your own original ideas, go for it! You can start with as little as a few shirts and set them up for sale and see how they do.

If they sell out almost instantly, then you just might have something going here, just take the profits and put them into more shirts, sale those, and then just scale and repeat!

NOTE: Be sure your school doesn’t impose some sort of regulation about using their school logo or name without their permission, if so, you might want to go with your own original design to avoid any future conflicts.

17. Babysitting

Simple and as obvious as it gets, but I thought I would include it anyway. The classic babysitting gig, but if you find the opportunities are there, take them!

Profit is profit, and for what it’s worth, the kids are probably going to be asleep half the time you’re there so you’re just getting paid for staying up and watching tv, which truthfully most of us do already, so it’s not that big of a deal.

18. Offer Party Equipment Rental Services

Did you throw a massive party a while back and bought all this stuff that’s just laying around?

Maybe it’s a fogger, some strobe lights, games, whatever it is, you can make money off it! Just put it out there that if anyone is looking for some party equipment (whatever you have to offer) and if they’re interested they can rent it for (set price).

People would MUCH rather spend a fraction of the price rather than full price, so it shouldn’t be that hard to attract customers.

19. Start A Content Creation Service

If you’re a good writer who can follow a format, perhaps you can channel these skills into content creation.

You’ll write posts, articles, pages, excerpts, sales pages, or even advertisements for a company or customer and they pay you in return.

In some cases you can even get a commission from how much your writing converts, the better content you create the higher paying customers you attract.

So with this kind of service be mindful of the kind of work you’re doing, your reputation will highly impact the kind of customer base you attract.

20. Start A Moving Service

If you and some friends are some strong able body guys, start a moving service!

Rent out a truck or trailer and help people move into their dorms or apartments. This can be especially lucrative at the beginning of the year when all the new students are coming, having to avoid all the heavy lifting themselves will be worth paying for to most.

21. Car Detailing

If you detail your car or truck seemingly all the time and pay attention to every little detail from the rims on the outside to the crevices in the seat, you might want to start making something out of it.

It’s no secret that car enthusiasts love a good polished look on their rides, and you might just be the guy or gal they were looking for.

You can charge anywhere from hourly rates, to packages being how detailed you are going to get.

If it’s just a basic cleaning and wax you can charge a flat rate but if it’s a full scrub down and polish along with detailing the interior you might want to charge a little more.

Want A Little More In Depth Info?

Want something a little bit more? Maybe the ideas above just don’t fit your busy schedule or just aren’t for you.

I was in the same boat not even a couple years ago, looking for ways to make a little extra cash while I was in college, being broke isn’t fun, and just because you’re in college doesn’t mean you have to be pinching pennies all the time.

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