3 Ways You Can Make Money With Amazon Without A Website

I don’t know what it is about the online business niche but most people think one of the only effective ways to make money using Amazon is through niche sites or blogging.

Don’t get me wrong it can be effective, but it isn’t the only…

There are other and more lucrative (IMO) ways you can utilize Amazon to generate some stable income outside of the typical blog.

So we’re going to ditch the usual blog idea we’re all so tired of hearing and specifically focus on how to make money with Amazon WITHOUT a website.

How To Become An Amazon Affiliate
Without A Website


There are 3 ways you can go about doing this:

  • Utilizing’s Amazon’s Affiliate Program (just hear me out here)
  • Utilize their seller platform (multiple methods)
  • …and actually working for Amazon (I’ll get into detail on that later).

(Don’t worry if any of these sound interesting to you I’ll do you a solid and link some content for you to study up on to get the process down)

Utilizing Their Affiliate Program

If you’re not already a member of Amazon’s affiliate program then you should probably do yourself a favor and sign up. (not hard at all takes like 5 minutes)

It’s like any other program out there, you join, get an affiliate link, and promote products, simple…

Except in this case you kind of have access to the largest e-commerce store in the world.

Just to put into perspective how big that is, here’s a little search I did on Gaming headsets I could promote with Amazon and got over 48,000 results!

Amazon Associates product selection screenshot

So yea…the opportunity to promote is there in full.

But how can I make money if I don’t have a website?

You don’t necessarily need a website to use their program, as long as you comply with their terms of service, and advertising policies you’re good to go.

These links can be inputted anywhere (within Amazon’s guidelines of course) this means places like:

  • ThreadsAmazon Associates
  • Comment Sections
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Reddit

Now this might not seem too effective but I have heard countless stories and have even seen myself the effectiveness of achieving some pretty good income doing this.

CelebritiesĀ do it all the time, now you might not have the huge following like they do, but you’ll usually see tiny URL’s in a lot of their posts linking to a potential product or service.

It comes down to having the right audience or utilizing the right moment to promote.

The great thing about Amazon’s Affiliate Program-(little overview if you’re not familiar) is that even if they end up purchasing another product besides the one you were promoting you still get paid.

I’ve had times where I was promoting a fitness supplement and the person ended up buying kitchen wear?! Completely irrelevant to why I sent them there but I still get the credit for the sale.

Utilizing Their Seller Platform

Second on the list for how to make money on Amazon without a website is, of course, Amazon’s infamous seller’s program.

It’s no secret that selling on Amazon can be a lucrative opportunity and you’ve probably heard a lot about it before, heck if you’re a regular on my site you know I talk about it ALL THE TIME!

There’s really three ways you can go about selling on Amazon:

  1. Selling items you already have/no longer want
  2. Selling other company’s products (Arbitrage)
  3. Selling your own manufactured products (Private Labeling)

(Each one as the number progress (1,2,3) become more difficult but the potential to earn increases with it.)

Before I get into it there’s one thing I need to note, if you decide to take this route you’ll need to decide between starting as an individual seller or professional.

Sell on AmazonI’d recommend starting as an individual until you get a steadier income coming in and once you surpass 40 items a month you should be able to cover the $39.99 fee for selling as a professional no problem.

Also, you’ll need to decide if you want to sell utilizing FBA or merchant.

Here’s an article for those of you looking to sell on Amazon but don’t know the difference between selling as FBA or Merchant.

Selling Items You Already Have/No Longer Want

This can be anything from books you don’t read to old electronics (in working condition) that you no longer use, you can try your luck with selling them on their store.

Note: Before selling something try and do a little research prior to putting up your listing to see if people are actually looking for this item, just simply see if there are other listings up selling the same thing.

Selling Other Company’s Products (Arbitrage)

This is something I talk about a lot and usually, recommend to my readers who are looking to start off selling online but want to ease their selves into the process.

All Arbitrage is is the buying of another company’s products at a discounted/sale price and selling them online (on Amazon in this case) for a profit.

Thier are two forms of this:

Essentially the only difference being how you source the products.

You don’t need a website to get up and running and you don’t need a big investment either.

Find out how these two brothers from the U.K. made $30,000 in their first 3 months practicing Arbitrage on Amazon with only a $200 investment.

Here’s a vague description of how the process goes…if you want to go more in-depth there will be a link to some online training I did on the process at the end of the example.

  1. For example, let’s say Best Buy was having some blowout clearance sale for Beats Headphones you would simply look at the deal (is it 50% off, 60%, 70%).
  2. Then you’ll go to Amazon and see how much they are listing on their for (are they at least double what you could buy them for on sale?)
  3. If they are you’ll then go and see how many you could possibly sale per month (the demand), by going to Amazon (using a free software in the training article below) to gauge the amount.
  4. Buy a little under the amount and start selling.

Now there’s a lot more behind the scenes action that goes on here but for the sake of not repeating some training I’ve already done…

Want to get started? Here’s an article going over the process in detail.

Selling Your Own Manufactured Products (Private Labeling)

This is something that usually intimidates a lot of people, this isn’t selling other people’s products and it’s not just selling things you have laying around the house.

This is you building your own unique brand, sourcing your own products, and selling them as your own.

The reason this is so intimidating is the time, effort, and money it takes to get something like this up and running, and there’s still always the risk (like any business) of it not working out.

But! The potential to earn is also much more lucrative, I know of sellers who are making 6 or even 7 figures a year practicing private labeling on Amazon, so achieving a sustainable income isn’t impossible.

Consider yourself a heavy hitter and you’re thinking about giving it a shot?

Here’s anĀ in-depth guide on how the process works to see if you’re up for the task at hand.

Working For Amazon

Yea, an actual job, not an affiliate, not a seller…an Amazon employee.

With Amazon expanding at the rate it is (20% per year) they’re having to constantly hire new employees, some being online positions.

Things like customer service, tech support, etc.

Most positions do have specific requirements such as location, languages, experience, but if you have some specific skills you think they might find useful it might be worth the look.

Want to see what kind of job opening there are for stay at home jobs with Amazon? Get started looking here.

Wrapping things up…

If anything I hoped this opened your eyes to what’s achievable outside of the typical “niche site” or blog we are all so tired of hearing of.

Want to take the next step to being your own boss and starting a business? Check out what program I recommend for those looking to do just that.

You can read more about them by clicking the link above or the banner below.

Until next time,

Tyler of Broke College Solutions


P.S. We have a serious Taco Bell addiction and the affiliate links on our site lets us order off the dollar menu. Thanks for your support!

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