5 Tips For Online Business Beginners

Being a beginner in online business can be tough, finding what direction you want to go in, how to do it, it can be a lot to take in.

I get it, I was there once too, we all have to start somewhere right? The difference between me and you is you’re reaching for help before you start, me on the other hand didn’t.

Me being the knuckle head I was thought I could just do this all on my own, no trouble, I mean how hard could it be?

Man was I in for a rude awakening, if you’re at all familiar with any form of online business or maybe you’re even launching your first right now, having some guidance starting off can be a blessing.

I fell into the get rick quick schemes, lost money, almost to the point of quitting, but I stayed persistent and a couple years later, here I am:) I somehow made it, but man did I learn some things along the way.

So why not share the wealth and give some guidance to you fine people?

With that being said, here’s some online business beginners tips I wish I had and you’ll probably need.

Avoiding Paralysis By Analysis  

The thing about starting off in something, anything really, is you’re going to start off small.

You’re not going to instantly become some massive authority in your market and you need to come to terms with that.

“But I want to see what my competition is like.”

“I just want to check how much work it’s gonna be.”

Then casually checking turns into obsessive checking which in then takes these seemingly innocent curiosities to:

“I’m never going to surpass my competition.”

“It’s going to take to much work.”

I’ve never been the one to sugar coat anything, so know that I’m only saying this for your own good.

Success is not achieved over night!

Plain and simple, it’s going to take work and it’s most likely not going to be a smooth road either.

What you need to be doing is focusing on building your  business instead of constantly comparing yourself to others.

How do I know this? I used to do the same thing.

Yep, I would sit here and compare myself to other massive sites and businesses, wallowing in self pity when instead I could have been building my current one now.

I understand how things like keyword tools, site ranking tools, google analytic s, can all be amazing tools to utilize, and I’m not saying you shouldn’t but be wherry of the amount of time you spend in them.

If you find yourself spending more time analyzing your business and comparing to others instead of working on it, than there might be a problem.

Research, Research, Research

Researching a program, tool, software, anything before going through is something I can’t stress enough, especially online.

There are tons of people on this little thing called the internet that want nothing more than to strip you of every penny you have.

How to spot an onine scam

So be sure to your own due diligence before going through something, read about it, get other people’s opinions, make an informed decision!

Here’s a little post I wrote about this specifically- How to spot an online scam (maybe it can prevent you from falling into the same traps I did starting off)

Setting Specific goals

The reason I emphasis “specific” is that just having broad goals isn’t going to cut it, what is it you want from your business, and where do you want to be by a set time frame?

You see, giving yourself a set time frame means your obligated to yourself to hit that goal, some people have even gone to take the next step and posted publicly they will be doing (business) and making $xxx,xxx by (date).

  • If you’re looking to quit your job by when are you wanting to do it? Set a date and commit to it!
  • If you’re looking to make some money with your business, set how much and by when.

The more specific your goals the more specific your plan of action can be to achieve them.


So what do you want for yourself, how are you going to do it, and by when are you going to do it?

What more do you want out of life?

How are you going to do it?

By when are you going to achieve it?

(Feel free to leave your goals in the comment section below, I would love to hear them!)

Creating A Plan Of Action

Having goals are great, now we just have to know how exactly we are going to achieve them, we’re at A and we want to get to Z, how are we going to get there?

One thing I wish I did different in the beginning would have been setting up a specific plan of action for what I wanted to do instead of going in blind.

So sit down and write out how exactly you are going to get there, filling in the gaps in-between, take it a step at a time.

Don’t worry if you feel you don’t know enough, just take it as it comes and learn, no one was born with the knowledge to do something, they had to learn it!

So just go at it with that kind of mind set and you’ll do wonders in the beginning stages of your

Taking Action

No matter how much knowledge or how great of a plan you have if you don’t take action nothing’s going to happen.

Taking DAILY action toward your business is absolutely essential in business, think of it as a baby.

You wouldn’t leave it by itself for a whole day? So why do the same to your business?

Even if it’s only 30 minutes a day, any action taken is progress, just keep your momentum and keep pressing forward. (This is where your goals will come into play)

Just imagine where you wanna be and don’t stop until you achieve it, plain and simple.

Mistakes Are Only Lessons

Now the thing about online business and being a beginner is you’re going to make mistakes, but we all do, they’re just lessons to be learned.

You’re going to have to learn just to take it with a grain of salt and move on, some of the most successful entrepreneurs today failed immensely until they found their first big success.

Just find what went wrong, fix it and move on, these are the kind of actions that separate those who find success and those who end up quitting.

Find A Like Minded Group Of People

They say you are who you surround yourself so start surrounding yourself with other like minded driven people.

The road won’t be easy, but having any extra negativity won’t help any.

So if you’re looking to start your online business or are curious on what it takes you can sign up here for some free lessons and 1 on 1 help from me:) If no one else has you I got you!

A little training and guidance never hurt anybody, spend less time searching for answers when you could just ask the people around you.






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