5 Ways to Make Money While You Sleep

It’s the dream right? Make money all day during the day and night, if you’re new to business or an aspiring entrepreneur here are 5 helpful tips on ways to make money while you sleep.

1. Start Looking Online

Think about the way a normal business runs, you open your doors during the day, say 8a – 5p, or 10a – 10p, whatever it is, your time is limited.

Unless you have steady customers in the middle of the night being open 24/7 wouldn’t make much sense.

Now where is one of the most active consumer bases in the world? Somewhere where people all across the world can have access to a business at any time or at any location?

Online! Sounds obvious doesn’t it, but not everyone takes the time to really look, a simple search can turn up millions of results, but you still have to know what to look for.

It’s no secret that the world is turning a digital age, and new opportunities are made every day!

(Internet Growth)- Just a little article on internet growth for those numbers people out there.

2. Turn Yourself Into A Product | Branding

Once you’ve found success or even when you are on the road to it, branding yourself can be a huge plus to yourself and your potential business.

Write a book, or an e-book, there are people everywhere looking for all kinds of information and something you know how to do or about can be useful to somebody else.

This can especially be beneficial to those of you looking to become an authority withing your niche for your business. This will generate better brand recognition for your business and can generate a loyal customer base for your brand even before it’s off the ground!

The great thing about writing a book is once the work is done and you have your marketing strategy in order, you just collect the proceeds and move on to your next project.

3. Become The Middleman

Being a business owner can be tough, dealing with customers, and managing inventory, some people simply just don’t have the time, but this doesn’t mean you’re out of the question.Amazon Associates

Find ways to broker your business and let other people do the work for you!

Affiliate Marketing is a great example of this.

Take Amazon’s affiliate program as an example, you just link to the site, and every time Amazon makes a sale through your link you get paid, it’s that simple!

4. Become A Teacher

Now I’m not talking getting a day job and teaching some snot nosed kids for a living.

Look at your business and skills and find what you could offer to others, what skill or knowledge do you have that someone would think is worth paying for?

Now this isn’t as difficult as you may think, like I mentioned earlier we all have something someone else needs, you just have to find a way to get it out there.

Lets say you’re really good at building gaming computers, maybe you build them as a hobby or even have people or friends come to you for advice or help on how to setup theirs.

That’s an opportunity! That is a skill that thousands of people are looking for, you just have to get it to them!

You could write a e-book offering an in depth guide on how to build a gaming computer from start to finish, or even offer a how to video series on how to do so.

Not only can this be very profitable this can establish what could one day be an authority business, you could create your following and expand to a website or online store, the opportunities here really are limitless!

5. Find Recurring Sources Of Income

Billing for each product or subscription monthly can be a huge plus to your business, unlike promoting an individual product, when promoting a program or subscription you are creating a recurring source of income.

You’ll be surprised at how lucrative this could really be.

Lets say you’re promoting a program that offers you a referral rate of $20 per referral, and you refer 100 people per month to that subscription, that’s just a little over 3 per day!

1st month- 100 referrals x $20 rate= $2,000 of recurring income

2nd month- + 200 referrals x $20 rate = $4,000 of recurring income

3rd month- + 300 referrals x $20 rate = $6,000 of recurring income

4th month- + 400 referrals x $20 rate= $8,000 of recurring income

The amazing thing about recurring income is that it’s almost systematic and stacks on the previously earned income.

When you refer x amount of members one month and more the next, if the members stay subscribed from the previous month you are getting paid for this months subscriptions and the one’s prior.

A great place to find programs like these is ClickBankClickBank

They are the worlds largest affiliate marketing network for digital products and is full of recurring income programs.

So yea they got a few options.

Before You Go…

I’ve given you 5 great ways to make money while you sleep, but I don’t want to just leave you with ideas and no training or knowledge to go forward.

I was there once too, looking for ways to make my digital footprint in the online world, I knew the opportunities were there but just had no idea on how to make them a reality.

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Got any other great ideas? Have a question that you need answering? Feel free to comment in the comment section below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible, I would love to hear from you!

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