A Groundbreaking Amazon FBA Course- Brand Genesis

Over the years there have been countless Amazon FBA courses released from self-proclaimed “gurus”, without any real proof on what makes them worth listening to or even if their course will show results.

I guarantee you’ll make your first million if you purchase my course for four payments of $xxx.xx!”

-Every self proclaimed guru out there

Even with some of the better courses, they still fall short in a lot of areas.

Leaving out a lot of details leaving its members scratching their heads trying to fill in the blanks.

You’re either left asking everyone and anyone how you can solve or fix the problem or you’re left searching Google until you find it.

Addressing The Problem 

Someone finally listened and decided to take on the challenge on them self, maybe in the past, some of you have heard of the program Amazing Selling Machine, commonly referred to as ASM?

Well, they’re a program that was one of the leading Amazon FBA courses out there, producing many successful students who are now running million dollar businesses.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Amazing.com is now re-opening their doors this April of 2017 for a limited time for Amazing Selling Machine. If you’ve been on the fence about starting an online business,  this could  be your shot >> Check it out and learn more by clicking here <<

Created by Matt Clark and co-founder Jason Katzenback, two extremely knowledgeable individuals about running and creating successful online businesses.

Specifically one’s utilizing Amazon FBA. Together they have created multi-million dollar businesses, long before they got into the online education game.

Their program was created to do just that, to teach the everyday person how to run and start their first multi-million dollar business, utilizing Amazon FBA as the starting point.

Well, there’s one unfortunate thing I have to tell you, the program is closed, and show no sign of opening their doors again.

So for those of us that did get in, we’re blessed to be given this opportunity, but they recently had a change of heart.

Now they’re not re-opening ASM, that door, for now, is shut for good. What they are doing is launching a new training called Brand Genesis

This training was designed with the beginner in mind who wants a real hands-on look at what it takes to run and scale a successful Amazon business.

No generic printouts, drawn out presentations, it’ll be you, Matt, and this business, live! All so you can recreate the exact steps he takes for his business for your own.

Brand Genesis

BeFunky Design

Recording it all along the way, no hiding, no secret opportunities, just laying it all out there so people can know this can be done.

This program is going to do what every other Amazon FBA course out there hasn’t and finally bring you on the inside of what it takes to create a successful online business.

But don’t worry you don’t have to be an expert at selling online! 

This training is beginner friendly and is specifically designed to give the newcomer a real feel for what running and scaling an online physical products business is like.

Not just any business, this business specifically is projected to hit over $100,000 in monthly sales by the end of 2016.

To make the training that more effective he Brand Genesis expected salestook it up a notch by:

  • Allowing himself only 1 hour a day to work on the business
  • A limited inventory budget
  • Going into an unfamiliar market where he had no contacts or resources

All this to simulate a beginner’s scenario to not give him any unfair advantage over someone just starting out with limited capital, time, or resources.

You’ll get to see how he did it, where and how he found his product opportunities, how he sourced with suppliers, all the way to creating and marketing his brand.

Just to note this business was launched in January of this year (2016)! So it’s not like he had years prior to creating this business.

What You Can Expect With Brand Genesis

You’ll learn how to pick and source a product, create and market a brand, all while being brought along the way with the building this business to the $100,000 a month level.

Each episode will contain a live portion of this business being built with an action plan giving you step by step instructions on how to do so yourself.

You’ll be there for every success and failure, showing you the raw truth of what it really takes to build a successful business online.

Along with this groundbreaking training, you’ll also get some added bonuses:

  • You’ll get access to Amazing’s online community full of like-minded, driven entrepreneurs all running their own online businesses!
  • You’ll get access to Amazing’s database of over 100 courses all run by experts int their fields from a wide range of expertise, things like real estate investment, app creation, retail and online arbitrage, product marketing, website development, and much much more.

How To See It For Yourself

Check Brand Genesis Out for yourself and see if it might be what you’ve been looking for!

Amazing.com Brand Genesis

From here you’ll be greeted by no other than Amazing.com’s CEO Matt Clark who will give you the introduction to what Amazing is all about and what’s to come.

And no there’s no payment required, no hoops to jump through, no form to fill out, just you getting a feel for what they’re all about. Your decision from there is up to you.

If you want to dive straight in don’t worry, you can sign up for Amazing’s free 30-day trial and give it a look, just click the link below to get started.

Let’s Get Started!

Wrapping Things Up…

I’m a member of the now closed ASM and the current Amazing.com and I’ll be taking this journey right along with you.

This truly is an opportunity you don’t want to miss and is something that really is going to change the face of online business creation education.

I mean all are life we’ve wanted training on what it’s really like to do something, in school, college, or even training for a job, we all just wanted to see what it’s like. Well, this is it!

Just click the image above or the button below to see if for yourself.


Until next time,

Tyler of Broke College Solutions

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