Amazing Selling Machine Review 2017

No, this isn’t some out to date Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) review or “update” to save the hassle of offering real value, this is a full in-depth review of the NEW Amazing Selling Machine 2017 release.

I’ve been a member since ASM 6, which was supposed to be closing their doors for good and have been for the past 18 months, but something happened… has just released an announcement to its current members that they will be unrolling a new and improved version of ASM 6 and are welcoming member invites for new users to join.

Sadly, the doors are now closed to ASM, but if you want to be the first to know if they re-open their doors sign up here.

Program Name: Amazing Selling Machine 7 Amazing Selling Machine 7

Product Creator(s): Matt Clark, Jason Katzenback, Rich Henderson, Mike McClary

Advertised Price:

Rating: 94/100

Website: Amazing Selling Machine 2017

Why A New Course?

Like any business, things change and Amazon is no exception.

With Amazon really cracking down on “black hacking” search term ranking methods, poor quality products, and fraudulent reviews they’re pushing out a lot of not so amazing sellers on Amazon.

To some, this could be scary but Amazing see’s this differently and so do I.

With this change, it opens up a huge window of opportunity for genuine business owners who actually CARE about their customers, and want to build something great.

(Not to mention that Amazon is expanding into Europe, Japan, Mexico, etc. and is on track to double their $136 billion in revenue they brought in last year.)

Not just some “Amazon” business, but a real, lasting company that they can one day sell or even pass on to their kids.

So if you’re someone who is just looking for a quick buck or shortcuts you can just click out of this now because this isn’t for you…

This is for those of you that are tired of the daily grind, you aspiring entrepreneurs who actually want to create something of value.

  • It’s not going to be easy.
  • It won’t be the fastest either.
  • But it works.

I’ve experienced and countless people on and off of Amazing have found the same success.

Just Hearing About ASM?

Amazing Selling Machine found its first start in early 2013 with ASM 1 being created by (the now co-founders Matt Clark and Jason Katzenbak.

Who together have run multiple multi-million dollar businesses, from everything like drop shipping to online marketing, and now Amazon.

With them still owning and running very successful Amazon based businesses to-date.

One of them being Fury Fitness run and created by Matt Clark in early 2016 where he recorded the building of this business every step of the way to the $100,000 mark.

All so he can prove this business model does work and can be done, it’s just going to take time, work, and action.

You can check that out in’s course Brand Genesis (you can check out the review here)

What To Expect

It’s not going to be a cakewalk, but the potential is there.

ASM has created countless success stories in the past and still is but like anything, it does have its skeptics.

With any business or business model, there are those who are cut out for it and some who just simply aren’t.

People who signed up for ASM looking for a quick check or an “autopilot” business weren’t happy when they figured out this is going to take REAL work and isn’t just some secret hack or button they push.

Then there is those who made this work, those aspiring entrepreneurs who just knew this was going to be it for them, they put in the work, followed the course, and now their results speak for themselves.

Like almost any business this will take investment and since the business model is based around selling physical products (we’ll get into that) inventory cost is a reality.

With many variables coming into play like the cost per product, quantity, shipping, size, etc. finding a set cost of what you can expect to pay for inventory can be anywhere from $500 – $2,500+.

I’ve seen people build massive businesses from much less and some much more but it all depends on your situation and the action you take.

How Does The Business Model Work?

In a VERY shortened broad perspective, the ASM business model is built around (like I’ve already stated) the building of physical product brands and leveraging the power of Amazon to sell your products.

The process looks a little like this: (of course there are a TON of details to fill the gaps but these are the “pillars” of the business model:

  1. Finding a potential product to sell. (Hot Product Opportunity)
  2. Sourcing the product to be manufactured under a brand you created.
  3. Have inventory shipped to an Amazon FBA warehouse. (where amazon handles all the packing, shipping, returns, etc.)
  4. Advertise and optimize your listings (what people see when purchasing a product on Amazon).
  5. Rank for keywords.
  6. Get sales and make a profit.

>> Get your free 100 product opportunities and beginner guide on how the whole process works by clicking here…<<

Why ASM?

I mean it’s a logical question, why not some online e-book or a few YouTube videos?

That route is possible and could probably be done, but you’re going to be left in the blind in a lot of things.

With ASM being taught by people who ACTUALLY practice this business model and have found great success with it, you’re getting all the latest strategies that are working in the industry right now.

From sourcing the product, sourcing, scaling, and everything in-between (and trust me there’s a lot)

With constant contact with these instructors and a growing community of 15,000+ members helping each other every step of the way.

So Who Are These “Experts” Behind The New ASM?

ASM Mentors

Why Amazon?

I’m sure many of you are wondering why not E-bay? Why physical products? Why Amazon?

The answer is simple, opportunity.

Many people will argue that the opportunity on Amazon has become fierce and I can somewhat agree.

If you’re just looking to cash a check every month and sell whatever with no real focus on a brand, your customers, or scaling, then yeah, the competition will probably be fierce.

And quite frankly you’ll most likely be run off eventually. (not rude, just the truth)

You’ll be just another seller competing on nothing but price with the same generic products as everyone else with no differentiator.

But you’re going to be concentrating on something more, a REAL brand, with REAL quality products, who REALLY cares about their customers.

Now we can’t talk about “Why Amazon?” and not show some numbers…

Here’s a little screenshot of Amazon’s growth over the years:

Amazon growth

With Amazon’s growth and expansion into (list countries), it’s like the Wild West all over again with so much more untapped potential.

Where you can build out your brand to new audiences all around the world.

Amazon Expansion

With online retail taking over companies are preparing for what they’re calling the next commerce evolution with technology being the driving force.

BUT Amazon Is Not Your Business!

Amazon is only the beginning, while it can be a great place to start (and even run) your business you’re going to want to concentrate on building an audience on and OFF of Amazon.

Building a real following where people start searching for you instead of just “finding” you on Amazon.

You’ll know that no matter what happens with Amazon if the apocalypse was to happen and Jeff Bezos shut down Amazon, you would still have a thriving growing business with your raving fans who love your products.

The potential for opportunity is bigger now than it has ever been

Want To Learn More About ASM?

Check them out and see what Matt and Jason have to offer with ASM 7…

Amazing Selling Machine 7With their official launch being April 12, 2017, the details are still coming in.

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Might just be the best choice you’ve ever made, after deciding to click on our article of course 😉


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