Best Ways To Save Money In College

Living in on a budget in college isn’t impossible, you just need to learn how to save, so here’s my Top 15 best ways to save money in college tips.

They got me through college on a TIGHT budget and they might be able to do the same for you!

So here’s some ways you can make that dollar stretch further with these money saving tips:

15 money saving tips

1. Don’t Make Impulse Purchases

If you don’t need it, don’t get it! Impulse purchases can be the absolute WORST when it comes to trying to stay on a budge, if you’ve made it this far without it, you can continue off without it.

2. Use Free Music Services

With today’s internet radio, paying for music logically doesn’t make as much sense as it used to.

Cancelling a subscription to a monthly paid music service can free up that much more money a month that can be used elsewhere.

3. Buy Used Or Rent Textbooks

Most schools or bookstores give you the option to rent your textbooks instead of purchasing them, so this is a good way to save hundreds if not thousands of dollars on textbooks.

You could even ask around for students who already took the class, maybe they bought a book and have no use for it anymore, you could buy it off them!

4. Get A Different Phone Plan

Say your phone plan is 6 gigs per month and you only use 4, talk to your carrier and ask if you could apply for a reduced data or messaging plan to help save you money.

5. Carpool!

Cars have more then 1 seat for a reason, why not use them?

Either you can be the one driving and everyone else pitches in for gas or you could be the one pitching in, either way you’re saving money compared to driving yourself everywhere.

6. Start Cooking For Yourself

It’s as simple as the title sounds, just take up cooking, learn some recipes and get creative!

Any meal and almost any style of cooking can be done from the traditional kitchen, so save yourself the money and start cooking at home.

7. Pay Your Bills On Time

This should be a gimme, not paying your bills on time and paying late fees is just doing yourself a dis-service.

Just get in the habit of paying on time and save yourself the money and headache of waiting till it’s late.

8. Shop Where They Offer Student Discounts

Most towns have discounts for students attending a university in their town. (They get more business and you get a discount, it’s a win, win!)

9. Cut Out Binge Drinking And Smoking

Even if it might be hard try cutting out binge drinking or smoking, we all know it’s expensive and you could be saving $100’s a month by simply ditching this bad habit.

10. Wait Until After College To Get A Pet

This will only lead to more money spent and possible damages you might have to pay down the road. (I know it sucks, but it’s the truth)

11. Learn To Take Advantage Of Sales (Guys Take Note)

Sometimes just walking in and buying the first thing you like isn’t always the best solution, shop around!

Even if you’re not the biggest fan of shopping you can even go and look online and see when stores are offering sales so you can go in, get the deal, and leave, simple!

12. Sell Things You Don’t Use

This can be anything from clothes to electronics, if you don’t use it most likely there would be someone out there that will!

Just make a posting online, on Facebook, Twitter, or whatever you’re on and see if someone’s interested.

13. Buy Generic Instead Of Brand Name

When shopping for groceries go generic instead of brand name, you’ll find yourself paying a fraction of the price with a taste that is almost identical or similar to the brand name version.

14. If You’re Looking To Purchase A Car While In College Go Used

Buying new will just leave you at a loss, just simply driving a new car off the lot results in a 11% loss in it’s value! (an awesome little chart to explain why buying used is sometimes better then new)

You can find amazing deals for cars that are just a couple years old or have just a few thousand miles on them at fractions of the price the original owner payed for it new.

15. Open A Savings Account

Sounds obvious, but you’ll be surprised at the amount of college students who still don’t have one set up.

If you don’t already have one, just set aside a certain amount every check, you’ll be surprised at how quickly it adds up, and it’ll be there waiting in case you need it.

Hopefully you found these helpful and can start applying some if not ALL of these tips to your budgeting plan.

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If you have any questions that need answering or have your own money saving tips you would like to offer, feel free to comment in the comment section below. I would love to hear them!

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