Cheap Groceries For College Students

Eating the same thing can get old after a while, it might be cheap but unless you don’t mind surviving off frozen pizza’s and ramen throughout college then go for it.

Being broke in college makes you get crafty at times and that was the case for me, with a limited budget for groceries and bills to pay I was forced to find the best ways to stretch my dollar.

For those of you looking for something different here’re some great (and tested) cheap groceries for college students.

Be sure to go to the bottom for your list for your next trip to the grocery store.

Cheap Groceries For College Students



There’s going to be some times (or pretty  much every day) that you’re going to be pressed for time in the mornings, if it was a late night out, or you slept in, preparing a full course meal isn’t going to be an option.

The great thing about breakfast though is simple isn’t bad, it’s usually better.

You can make a protein shake (just grab some milk, a little fruit, and some protein and blend). Another great option is instant oatmeal or fruit (apples, bananas, oranges, etc.) or you can just keep it simple and go with some milk and cereal.

Some granola or protein bars are a good choice also (they’re great if you’re in a rush and can be eaten on the go)

Maybe even the classic scrambled eggs and toast if you have the time for it.

The great thing about all these options is they won’t break the bank either and are commonly put together for sales or promotions so keep your eyes peeled for discounts!



Something you should hopefully be awake for is lunch, and for some with your schedule being so, random “lunch” can really just be a random time in the middle of the day, but never the less here’re some great cheap options for your next lunch break.

I would say peanut butter and jelly and some sliced bread (which there’s nothing wrong with that), but hopefully, you want something a little more than that, but since quickness is usually a factor for lunch we’re a little more limited.

You can try making a classic deli sandwich, macaroni (Kraft microwaveable are awesome) with sliced ham, chili, and cornbread, grilled cheeses sandwich.

All things that tasted good, are quick to make. (and cheap of course)

The best thing I found (like it isn’t obvious) is just preparing the meals yourself, so no pre-made foods, although they’re convenient it doesn’t mean they’re cheaper.

You’re paying for the convenience and in this case, you could stretch your dollar way further just making the food yourself.

(don’t worry the checklist for great lunch items will be on the grocery list below)



This will basically be a spin-off from above, but since it’s later in the day most of you (hopefully) will be done for the day and have some free time to enjoy your food.

You can try cooking some chicken and pasta, maybe some chicken and pasta, the great thing about dinner is that since you have more time you can actually prepare your food and on top of that buying bulk ingredients instead of single servings saves a lot of money in the long run.

Here’s some great cheap recipes I thought were worth sharing on Pinterest.

Groceries List For College Students


Chicken (raw)

Sliced ham

Chicken strips









Lays Chips (almost always having special sales or promotions)

Gold Fish



Trail Mix

Granola Bars

Quick Meals

Peanut butter and jelly

Kraft microwaveable macaroni


Instant Oatmeal (Quakers- greatest quantity for the value)

Ramen Noodles (had to mention it)

Protein Bars


Water Filter (so you don’t have to buy bottled water and can utilize tap water without all the impurities)

Green Tea (bags)


Looking For A Little More?

College can be tough, so if you’re looking to do more than just save money and wouldn’t mind making any, check out some great ways college students can make money online.

Hopefully this was some help to those of you trying to make every dollar count!

Until next time,

Tyler of Broke College Solutions





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