Cheap Online Business Ideas

Don’t have $1,ooo’s in start up money? Don’t have a rich uncle that can lend you the money? Well you’re not alone on that one, starting a business isn’t cheap and coming up with business ideas online or offline can be challenging for some.

Now this is something I have always enjoyed doing, opening the eyes of those thinking that business has always got to be something reserved for the rich.

It seems today more than ever the owning a full time business or more attainable that it has ever been, some of today’s most successful businesses can be run entirely online.

Keeping your business digital and away from the typical “brick and mortar” can save thousands in initial start up cost, and millions in headache, and you’re not limited to a local clientele.

Even with this being said, with most businesses online or like any business, there is usually some initial investment involved, some thousands or even millions, but what’s the every day person’s business model?Cheap Online Business Ideas

Something that’s not only profitable, but won’t break the bank to do so, well let’s go over some ways we might be able to make this a reality. 

Make A Video Series

Now this is something that is fairly simple and can be done over almost any topic or skill.

What skill or trained ability do you have that someone else would want?

  • Are you good at painting?
  • Skilled with a guitar?
  • Good with computers
  • Great at dancing
  • Knowledgeable about dieting and health

These are all things that people are looking for, skills and learned abilities that someone would be willing to pay for if approached correctly.

Take dieting and health for example, if you’re someone who is in good physical shape and health, maybe you have people come up to you in the gym asking you what supplements you take, diets you follow, or exercises you do.

You might have some knowledge worth passing on. If you already have people in a local environment imagine taking these skill sets online, you’ve just magnetized your audience by millions!

Now you can just create a video series with you being the face behind it explaining nutrition, exercise, health, and selling them online.

This can be applied to almost any skill set, most likely if it’s a skill you have there is someone out there willing to pay for it, so do some digging around, or even make a list and see if you come up with something that could be your next potential business.

Become And SEO Consultant

Are you knowledgeable with SEO, perhaps you run a blog and find yourself getting consistent rankings in the search engines, this can be a skill worth capitalizing on!

Online marketers spend hours upon hours trying to learn all the in’s and out’s of SEO, even small business and companies still find themselves scratching their heads trying to figure out the whole process.SEO marketing

You can service your skills online or even locally to small businesses or even mentor other fellow marketers online via chat or webcam.

You can even start a business around helping newbie sites make their sites more SEO friendly, you can show them how to research keywords and create ranking content, setting up their analytics account, and even understanding their target demographics.

These are all potential business models that can be built around a skill that you’re using every day!

You just charge a set amount per session, or hourly (your preference) and with the larger your business grows the more money you make, and the more you can charge.

You can even create your own “Beginners Blueprint” or something around this topic teaching beginners about SEO and how they can get started running some of their first online businesses.

If this is you, this is something I would  REALLY consider acting on, as this can be a very lucrative opportunity if you have the skill set and drive for it.

Start A Blog

You see them all the time if it’s fashion, electronics, sports, there seems to be a blog out there for just about anything.

The great thing about blogging is you can write about an interest or passion, and you can find several different methods to monetize through:

  • Advertising
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Products
  • Subscriptions
  • Services

You just need a domain and site to get you going and you’ll be up and running, from that point on you pick your direction and make your presence known in the online world.

If you’re looking for a little more detail or just how you can make money blogging, you can check out the link in blue to get some more info. I put together to get you set up.

Try Online Tutoring

Are you skilled in a particular class or subject? Perhaps a certain subject others find difficult seems to just “click” with you.

Look around your classroom, do you see anyone or even know of someone who is struggling?

Now imagine this all across the country, that’s a lot of struggling students!

Put your knowledge to use and offer online tutoring services. You can tutor local students or even students across the country via webcam or online chat

Get Crafty With Web Design

Now this is something that is absolutely BOOMING right now.

Have you ever gone on a site and were drawn off by its unpleasant appearance?

Well businesses are willing to pay to ensure this doesn’t happen, so if you know some HTML and have a good eye for design you can launch a business, creating websites for small businesses and people looking to start online.

Build up your portfolio and then create your own website to show off your work and attract more clientele.

Affiliate Marketing

Probably one of the most common online business models, affiliate marketing has been around for quite sometime.

If you’re not familiar affiliate marketing is a type of online marketing put forth by companies to market their product or services where people refer potential customers in return for a percentage of the sale or “commission”.

All you really need to get set up is a domain and a site to get started, if you’re looking for a little bit more info on how to get started you can check out this beginner guide to get you going.

Wrapping Things Up…

If you’re looking for a little more or maybe just don’t feel like going on this on your own, feel free to check out my #1 recommendation for beginners looking to start online.

They gave me all the tools and training I needed to get some of my first online businesses up and running (like this one here!), and they can do the same for you.

You can check out it by clicking the link in blue above or the banner below, if you have any questions feel free to comment in the comment section below.

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