ClickBank Affiliate Review

With this ClickBank affiliate review, I’ll be giving a general overview and guide on how the platform works and if it is worth your time.

OverviewClickBank Affiliate Review

Program Name: ClickBank

Owner(s): Dr. Timothy P. Barber

Advertised Price: Free to join

Rating: 88/100


What Is It?

ClickBank is the largest affiliate marketing network for digital products, such as eBooks, software, and other online programs across a wide range of categories.

It’s essentially a huge database of online programs and membership sites that you can promote as an affiliate marketer, you grab a link that directs to the sellers sale page and you refer through there, pretty simple.

Is ClickBank Worth Your Time As A Beginner Or In General? | Short Review

I’ve personally have always been a fan of ClickBank, they have an easy enrollment process, a wide selection of products to promote, and great tools in their program to help better your decisions when choosing products to promote.
ClickBank Marketplace

  • They are the largest affiliate-marketing network for digital products
  • Easy enrollment and beginner friendly
  • Commissions can range from 1 – 75%
  • Trusted brand for vendors
  • Has new programs to promote added regularly

They’re an amazing resource for affiliates online across all different categories and sub-categories, and they accept almost everyone.

No lengthy forms to fill out, or annoying waiting periods, just a little about your site and your payment information and you can be set up that very day!

Why not a perfect 100? There are two reasons, one being the possibilities of scams and the other with promotion tools availability.

Since ClickBank is so large, they tend to attract the typical “get rich quick” schemes they seem to be the home to a lot of these products promising the world but delivering nothing, so be sure to do some research before deciding to promote these products.

The other issue with ClickBank is their lack of promotion tools with some of their programs, ClickBank does not provide the tracking tools or banners for these programs, leaving you entirely dependent on the vendor.

Some vendors may offer quality tools such as banners and tracking and some not at all, leaving you to be content with what’s available or to create your own promotional materials.

About ClickBank’s Affiliate Program

Along with Amazon Associates, ClickBank was one of the first programs I came across when I first started off in Affiliate Marketing, I was looking to find more programs to promote to get more recurring payments instead of individual sales, so ClickBank seemed like an obvious choice.

Maybe you’re new to this whole online thing, or you’re looking for more dependable affiliate programs for your site, whatever your reason is lets just get right into this.

Getting Set Up With ClickBank

Like I mentioned earlier getting set up with ClickBank isn’t all that difficult. just some basic personal info. such as a name and email, and some agreements for ClickBank’s terms and conditions. The entire process shouldn’t take any longer then a few minutes.

When signing up for enrollment in ClickBank since you will be and are essentially a partner with ClickBank once enrolled the do have some guidelines to uphold, to ensure you are a reasonable applicant.

ClickBank will not accept those who violate the following:

  • Promote violence, sexually explicit materials, illegal content or materials, illegal activities, or any discrimination based upon race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age.
  • You will not Promote any Products or services to children under the age of thirteen (13).
  • You will not defame any person.
  • You will not incorporate any variation of or misspell any third-party trademarks or other brand identifiers in any domain name, username or other identifier, including on any social networking site.
  • You will not in any way copy the “look and feel” of any third party website, or otherwise imply that the Promotion is in fact a third party website.

These would essentially be reasons as to why  ClickBank would decline a site, but typically if you have a semi-developed website with a privacy policy page and  disclosure you should be fine.

You can read further in dept about ClickBank’s client contract when you enroll as depicted in the picture below.

ClickBank Client Contract

Commission Rates $$$ | What To Expect

So now that you’re some what familiar with what the enrollment process is like we can move on to the core of any affiliate program, commissions.

What you decide to promote is purely up to you and the direction you want for your site or selling platform. An essential piece of information you are going to want to know though is what to expect from selling and marketing these products, what’s your slice of the pie going to be?

You can expect anywhere from 1 – 75% commission per sale made, with a max single commission of no more then $150, so the products you decide to promote can really have an impact on the amount you earn so choose wisely.

Becoming Familiar With the ClickBank Marketplace

Since ClickBank is as massive as it is, you are going to be finding some good, high converting products to choose from, but with the good does come some bad.

So we’re going to be going over some tools and tips you can use to find the best opportunities when searching for products to promote on ClickBank.

There are some useful tools ClickBank gives you when searching for products so you’re not left completely in the dark.

They’re referred to as stats & attributes, and what these do is they give you a clear understanding on how a specific product is selling, and some good background information on the product.

ClickBank Marketplace

When first searching for a product if it’s a general search for similar products within a category, or a specific search targeting an individual program, there are some statistics you’re going to want to pay attention to.

Stats & What They Mean

  • Avg $/sale-This is the total amount you are expected to earn from a one-time purchase.
  • Initial $/sale-This is the average amount you will earn for each sale (as an affiliate).
  • Avg %/sale- The average commission rate earned for all the sales of the vendors products, including up-sales, re-bills, and one time purchases. Basically an overall “what to expect” commission wise with the vendor.
  • Avg Rebill Total-This is shown when they vendor offers recurring billing, products that have subscriptions or memberships will show this statistic.
  • Avg %/rebill- Average commission rate earned or recurring billings.
  • Grav- This is the “Gravity Score” of the product, it’s a calculation that determines how many different affiliates have made a sale with this product in the last 12 weeks. This statistic can give you a good idea of what products are currently popular and selling well, the higher the score the better it’s selling and how popular it is, the lower the score the not so good.
    • (Since we are in the business of making money this is a good statistic to pay attention to when picking products)

Attributes | Getting Familiar

Attributes are a simple little addition that ClickBank offers when you’re trying to narrow down products to promote. It’s a helpful time saver if you’re looking for products with a specific set of requirements.

Required Product Type(s):ClickBank Attributes

  • Shippable Media- Products that can be shipped
  • Pitch Plus- Includes Up-sells

Required Languages

  • If you’re targeting a specific market or multiple markets you might want to have a product that can be understood accordingly.

Required Billing Types

  • One-time- A standard single-sale product
  • Recurring- Product that has recurring billing
  • $1 Trial- Products that offer $1 trials to their customers

Required Attribute(s)

  • Must have affiliate tools page- Allows only vendors that have available stats (like above) to show in your search.
  • Must have vendor spotlight page- Allows only vendors that have available stats and included background info. on the program.
  • Support for mobile traffic- Program that is capable of taking mobile traffic.

Your Opportunities To Promote On ClickBank

I mean they are the largest affiliate marketing network for digital products, so they’re going to have some products to sort through.

Nothing’s worse than having a limited selection on what you have to promote so to me having a big selection is always good, you don’t want to settle for what’s there and promote a piss poor product, essentially you want options.

You have 23 categories and over 100 subcategories to chose from, ranging form arts & entertainment, sports and traveling, to self help programs, so whatever direction you decide to go in you’ll have options.

With every product on ClickBank you are given the opportunity to search and promote, making the work on your end that much less,

ClickBank product search bar

Just type in the product you’re looking for in the search bar below and ClickBank will pull up the available product, with a link to promote.

Once you’ve found the product you want to promote all you have to do is click the “promote” button, and ClickBank will provide you with your own individual HopLink, you just copy the link and paste it into your webpage.

It really takes the hassle out of having to fetch and remember your own link for individual affiliate programs, so you don’t have a list of links and pass-codes from an assortment of programs, with ClickBank when you’re logged in they do all that for you, you just have to promote!

ClickBank’s Trusted Brand For Vendors

So… how does this affect us?

It affects us as affiliates in two ways, one positive and one negative.

With ClickBank’s marketplace being as large as it is and drawing in as many affiliates as it does, it’s an obvious choice for many companies looking to promote their products. This is a good thing on our part, we’re getting more options to promote while these companies grow their brand, but their is a downside.

Because of this well established name, ClickBank attracts all types of programs, some legit, some not so legit, sometimes leaving it up to us to decipher if a product is worth promoting or not.

So be sure to do your research prior to promoting a product, especially if it is new, the last thing you want to do is promote a scam and lose trust in your market, and will most likely result in a refund anyway so the effort will be for nothing in the long run.

Final Verdict On ClickBank

I would highly recommend ClickBank to those first starting off in affiliate marketing or if your just looking to find better sources of recurring commissions for your site(s) or business.

Things I Like

  •  It’s a great program to get involved in if you’re in the market of promoting digital products, or are looking for a good source of recurring commissions.
  • They don’t have a lengthy or drawn out enrollment process like some programs out there, it’s fairly simple and quick, and almost guaranteed admission if you don’t violate their agreement standards.
  • There are several high paying affiliate programs in their database along with even more recurring billing programs, paying up to $150 per sale in some cases, which isn’t half bad for just a single sale. (Not bad at all!)
  • It’s constantly getting new programs added giving you more oppurtunites to promote and scale your businesses.

Things I Don’t Like

I mean for me personally the aspects of scams found on here sometimes is gratifying, just more programs to go over and review, they keep me busy, but for everyone else this can be a problem.

It’s obvious there are crooked people in this world and they are looking for every opportunity to get their fingers in your pockets, but they’re unable to do this if they can’t get their programs out there.

So they turn to ClickBank, offer up some decent commissions, and people promote just looking to get another sale. The know this is a good way to get people to their programs so they can be found on here often, so just proceed with caution.


Good Opportunity

Like I said earlier, ClickBank (even with its faults) is a great program to be apart of, you’re giving a HUGE selection of products to promote and can be up and running in a matter of minutes, so it’s a fairly easy choice for most.

There really is nothing you can loose by becoming a member, there’s no sign up fees and if anything it’s just another market you have at your disposal, it’s a good resource to have.

Before You Go…

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If you have any questions or comments, or even have your own personal ClickBank affiliate review you would like to share, feel free to comment in the comment section below, I would love to hear it!

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