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It seems with the growing of the technology era people are becoming more and more interested in online business, the thing is finding a home business idea that can give you the lifestyle you want is difficult.

No one wants to take a significant pay cut, work longer hours, or get almost nothing in return for the efforts so finding the right home based business model is essential.

So things like survey taking, PTC sites, things that offer almost no value probably aren’t going to be your best options.

I’ll be going over some REAL business models that can earn you something more than a few dollars here and there.

With that being said let’s get into it.

Affiliate Marketing

The one online business model we have all have probably already heard of, but if you haven’t listen up.

The reason for Affiliate Marketing being so popular is its convenience, flexibility, and potential.

Affiliate Marketing is a type of online based┬ámarketing businesses’ use to promote their products or services.

You (the affiliate) join the company’s affiliate program and are given advertising materials such as banners, links, and other forms of advertisement to promote their product or service.

Every time someone clicks through this specific advertisement/link and makes a purchase you are credited for that sale and get a % of the sale price.

Promote -> Customer Purchase -> Sale -> You get paid.

Want to get started? Here’s a Free Beginners Guide to get you started

To get started all you’ll need is:

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Getting Crafty

This is something for the creative types, there are tons of sites out there where you creators can post your services or goods for sale.

If you’re someone that likes making arts and crafts, maybe you make hand-made jewelry that your friends love, or you have a creative eye for online design, there’s something for you, and yes it’s still a home based business.

If you have some arts and crafts you think some people will like then I highly suggest you try out:

  • Etsy (nope, not an affiliate link, just being nice and giving you the site)

They’re a great online store with a huge following where creators from all over the world and different types of background list their services. They’re free to get started and have an easy to use interface to get started.

Selling things ranging from jewelry to home and decor, to weddings, and custom labels you’re sure to find your place somewhere with their store.

If you’re not much of a hands on person but feel you can create masterpieces online then I suggest you try out:

Fiverr is a massive online marketplace where creators offer services ranging from things like video creation, logo design, social media header design, sales page creation, and even writing services if you feel you got the skills.

Online and Retail Arbitrage

This is something I love recommending to my beginners looking to start selling online, it’s easy to get started typically low cost to start up and can have a quick return on your investment (who wouldn’t love that?).

In a nutshell, it’s Arbitrage, specifically being online and retail, the only difference being how you source your products, one being online and the other being well…retail.

Arbitrage (Retail or Online) not mattering how you source your product is the purchasing of products at a lower/discounted price and selling them for a profit.

You either go in store or online and find in-demand products that are discounted or are selling for a higher price purchase the amount you need, sell for a profit, then repeat.

Sound like something that’s for you? Find out how these brothers made $30,000 in revenue their first 3 months practicing online arbitrage with a starting investment of only $200.

Want to see how the process work’s? Check out my free beginner’s guide on Online Arbitrage to get you familiar.

Selling Private Label

Selling private labeled products are going to be more of a hardball home business idea but I couldn’t leave this out since it can be done online and has very high potential.

All private label means is the labeling of manufactured products as your own, under your own unique brand.

You’ll source a profitable in demand product, source with a supplier (typically in China), purchase inventory and have them labeled under your brand (ex: Nike, Apple, etc.) and sell them online or in store.

Since you are purchasing directly from the source this allows you to buy at a lower price, typically half or even a third of the retail sale price.

With some factors affecting price such as:

  • Amount purchased (typically the higher amount purchased, the less cost per unit)
  • Modifications or Additions to product
  • Custom packaging
  • Custom Branding

Of course, there’s a lot more to this business than finding any product, slapping a label on it, and putting it up for sale.

There’s a ton of behind the scenes details that can mean the difference from a few dollars a month to a few hundred thousand per month.

Think you’re a heavy hitter? See if creating your own brand, selling private label is for you, here’s a free beginners guide.


Now this is something if you’re a student or someone who is very knowledgeable in a particular subject.

Whether students like to admit they can all need help every once and a while.

You can offer tutoring services at your home for a flat fee or hourly charge or online via skype or webcam.

You can start off by offering your services locally online via Facebook or other social media or branch out into your own website to grow and expand your reach.

Website Consultant

With everyone and their grandma having a website these days the demand for website consultant’s are higher than ever.

With many people not having the time to dedicate to their website they look for website consultant’s to manage and run their sites.

You’ll handle things like:

  • Managing copywriting
  • Engagement with readers
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Content creation
  • Managing affiliate links, programs, and/or banners.

Once you have established yourself credible and dependable to your users you can grow your reach by offering website maintenance services where you maintain websites for a membership fee per month for every client.

Wrapping Things Up…

With being limited to online home business ideas┬áthat actually work, it cuts out a lot of options compared to most “top 10” or “top 20 lists” out there, but I’m not here to waste your time or mine.

I wanted to show you REAL business models that ACTUALLY work, that have worked for me and my readers and can hopefully work for you.

If anything hopefully this got your juices flowing and sparked that inner entrepreneur spirit in you.

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There are a leading entrepreneur training community and offer over 100 courses ranging in online based business just like we covered here.

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Until next time,

Tyler of Broke College Solutions


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