How Is Success Possible For A Beginner In Affiliate Marketing?

Being a beginner in affiliate marketing is no easy task, and sometimes success comes a little later than most of us would like, but it’s not impossible.

Like anything with the right knowledge, strategy, and action, you can achieve success with affiliate marketing.

So lets go over some of the basics on how to become a successful affiliate.

How Is Success Possible For A Beginner In Affiliate Marketing?

Learning online marketing

First off, knowledge, knowledge, knowledge.

Unfortunately being knowledgeable about affiliate marketing isn’t a skill we’re born with, well at-least I wasn’t born with. It took time and constant learning to start seeing some progress.

So utilize your resources, and don’t be hesitant to learn. I know in the beginning all we want is to start seeing the money flowing into our bank accounts, but this will come, in time.

Taking time out of your day to further your knowledge is NOT a waste of time, you’re bringing more value to you and ultimately your businesses.

Get with a great community of like minded people and focus on the goal at hand, collaborate, motivate, and learn from each other.

To get you started here’s a little beginners guide to affiliate marketing you can refer back to once you’re done going through this article.

Finding A Niche

This is where most people begin to go off track. Most people get so caught up with trying to conquer the world with their first site that they end up biting off more then they can chew.

Now this comes in two forms:

  • They chose a niche that was entirely to broad.
  • They created an assortment of sites in different niches.

I’ll elaborate a little further on this. If you’re not familiar with what a niche is, it’s simply another word for what category something is in.

For ex. sporting goods, computer games, makeup, these are all different niches.

What you need to do is stick to a specific niche and concentrate on promoting that niche, stick to that specific audience and promote those specific products.

Build that site up to an authority, and build you audience.

This can prove to be FAR more beneficial then trying to sell everything under the sun, your audience will be all over the place and people will see you as more of a sales site then one that is of actual quality.

Marketing Your Site

You could have the world’s best looking site, but if no one can find it then how are you going to make money?

That’s the thing about online business, it’s not like a brick and mortar business where you slap a sign up and people drive by it, see it, and come in. You have to make the people find you!

You can market your business in several different ways, you could use:

  • Organic traffic “People searching in Google”
  • Social Media- Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.
  • PPC Campaigns- Pay per click campaigns
  • Guest Blogging- Writing on other people’s sites and leaving a link to yours.

With a steady traffic flow and the right content to give, you should see a stead flow of conversions ($$$) coming in.

Knowing Your Audience

Now this is a gimme, but I felt the need to include it.

You need to know who you’re writing to, and what products these readers are interested in.

If you have a blog about organic foods, these readers certainly aren’t going to be interested in the latest gaming console release.

You should get to know your audience, what they’re looking for, what topics they like researching, and they’re interests.

These aren’t just numbers on a screen, these are real people, and if you don’t offer what they’re looking for, they you won’t be seeing much success with your business.

Finding The Correct Affiliate Program

This can be another make or break factor for your business, finding the correct affiliate program.

These programs are essentially the lifeline of your business, without them, you’re not getting paid so you should really pay some mind for which ones you sign up for.

Some things you want to pay attention to are:

  • Their commissions
  • Their credibility
  • Relevance to your target audience

Commissions can range anywhere from 4% all the way up to 75% of a sale, it just depends on the programs rates. So this is something to pay some mind to when you’re signing up.

Credibility is also a HUGE factor, probably the most important in my book. The last thing you want is to refer someone over to a low quality product or service.

This will just come across as bad on your part and will cause you to lose trust with your readers.

Relevance to your target audience, kind of recapping on getting to know your audience, relevance is another key factor. You want to make sure you’re affiliate program goes well with your niche.

Ex: A football site promoting football gear is relevant, not a health food site promoting headphones.

It’s a simple thing to understand but shouldn’t be overlooked.

If you’re looking for some great affiliate programs to get started with, check out this post I wrote specifically catering to beginners- What are the best affiliate programs for beginners?

Be Patient!

Probably the best advice I could give you. Finding success with affiliate marketing isn’t something that’s just going to happen over night, it’s going to take some work.

It’s going to take you learning the ropes and applying your skills every day, day after day until you reach your goal.

But if you stick it out for the long haul and are willing to put the work in, the results you’ll get later will far outweigh the work you’re putting in now.

Wrapping Things Up…

I know to some this all can seem a bit overwhelming. It can be a lot to take in and without the proper training can have you pulling your hair out in the process.

I’ve always been a firm believer that knowledge is power and your skills are your best assets. So I couldn’t just leave you to go venture off on your own without any real direction.

So if you’re serious about making some money online and want to start learning, here’s my #1 recommendation for affiliate marketing.

They taught me everything I needed to know in starting some of my first online businesses (like this one here!) So if you want to check them out just click the link above or the banner below to see if it’s for you.

Feel free to drop a comment if you have any questions:)

Until next time,

Tyler of Broke College Solutions

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