How To Add Google Analytics To WordPress

Google Analytics is an amazing tool for tracking and getting insight to your visitors on your site or blog, so getting set up is a must for any online marketer or online business owner.

So for those of you with WordPress (specifically), which is pretty much everybody these days, here’s a little tutorial on how to add Google Analytics to WordPress.

We’ll be going over everything you’ll need to know in 3 easy sections:

  1. Setting up your Google Analytics account
  2. Adding Analytics to your site
  3. Verifying Analytics is set up for your site

This is a guru free zone, so I’ll be going over this step by step for those of you who aren’t familiar, so lets get into it.

Setting Up Your Google Analytics Account

First, before we get into anything, if you don’t already have one already, you’ll be needing to set up your Google Analytics account.

Note: If you don’t have a Google Account created, you should get one set up before moving forward, you can create one here- Create Google Account

You’ll just go to Google Analytics or and you’ll be greeted by this screen below.

Google Analytics

Once you have your Google Account set up just click the SIGN IN tab in the upper right corner and it will give you a list of options, click “Google Analytics”.

Once you’re there you’ll see a page like this:

Google Analytics Sign Up

You’re going to want to click the “Sign up” button

Then you’re going to see the scree below:

Setting up Google Analytics Account

It’s a simple page, just fill in the following information, from your account name, website URL, category, and time zone.

Be sure you are under the Website tab, it should default automatically but it wouldn’t hurt to double check.

Note: When plugging in your website URL not to include the http:// as Google has already done this for you.

Once all this is filled in correctly just click the “Get Tracking ID” button at the bottom of your screen:

You’ll then have to accept Google’s Analytics Terms of Service Agreement, just scroll to the bottom of the page until you see the options to Accept or Decline.

Accept the agreement and you’ll be taken to your Google Analytics account as shown below:

Google Analytics Set Up account

Now we’re are on to the next phase and that is adding Analytics to your site, linking your account and your site together.

Adding Analytics To Your Site

Staying in your account you’re going to want to highlight the code labeled Website Tracking in the box as shown below.

Adding Google Analytics to your site

From here you will then want to login in to your WordPress account and go to your WordPress admin area.

Once you’re logged in, you’ll want to go to your left sidebar go to “Appearance” and in the drop down menu click “Editor”.

Once you’re there you’re going to want to go to your right sidebar and click on the tab labeled “Header” or “Theme Header”. (Depending on your website template.)

Adding google analytics into your site

The reason we are choosing the header to input the code is that your website header is going to be on every page or post of your site, making tracking of your posts and pages that much easier.

This will take you to your websites platform header, you’re going to input the code that you highlighted earlier from Analytics right under where it says <head> (this will be towards the top of the page).

Just create a space under head and input the code you selected earlier.

Inputting Analytics code to your site

Note: Be sure to NOT delete anything, as this can be really bad for your site. Unless you’re familiar with website development and know what you’re doing, just input the code and that’s it.

Then simply click “Update file” at the bottom of the page.

Verifying Analytics Is Set Up For Your Site

From here we will be going back to your Analytics account and we’ll be verifying if it worked.

When you login you’ll see the tab next to your tracking Id labeled “Status” and it will most likely state “Tracking Not Installed.”, but don’t let this worry you.

As Google Analytics doesn’t check that often this status will change over time. The best way to check if it’s set up correctly is by utilizing this cool little tool Google offer’s called “Real Time- Overview”.

To find it you’ll want to go to the Reporting Tab inside your account (at top of page) then go to the left sidebar, click “Real Time” then “Overview”.

What this does is it gives you a real world tracking of how many people are on your site at a given moment.

Now go to your sites home page and back to your account and you should see a spike, shown as 1 active user on your site, like shown below.

Google analytics real time

If everything checks our and you’re account is recognizing your visit to your site, congrats! You now have Google Analytics installed to your WordPress site!

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