How To Create A Free Website For Affiliate Marketing – 4 Easy Steps

For this article specifically I’ll be going over how to create a free website for Affiliate Marketing, showing you a simple 4 step process that can have you up and running in minutes.

If you’re at the point of creating your own site I’m assuming you already know the bases of what Affiliate Marketing is all about, but if I’m wrong or you need a little refresher here’s a beginners guide to help get you started.

For the setup of your site I’m going to be showing you the process of creating your very own site for free using the WordPress site building platform SiteRubix.

They’re a great site building platform that’s partnered with WordPress and an Affiliate Marketing training program called Wealthy Affiliate.

So in a way it’s like knocking out two birds with one stone, you get a free website, and it’s within an Affiliate Marketing community, so the convenience factor is pretty high.

Before you get started their are a few disclaimers I feel the need to address…


  • Since this is a free platform, they will not be including a unique domain. You can create your own but instead of reading it will read
    • Sites are still very capable of ranking and bringing in income with a SiteRubix domain, but it isn’t ideal for the long term.
  • You will be given 2 complimentary websites but are limited to only two for the free membership.

Besides that SiteRubix really is an incredible platform for beginner Affiliates to get a free website up, so lets get into it…

Creating Your Free Website For Affiliate Marketing 

The whole process is going to take a matter of minutes and can be broken into 4 steps:

  1. Deciding what kind of website you want to build
  2. Naming your website
  3. Choosing a look for your website (Template)
  4. Building your site (literally clicking a button)

Note: I would suggest going through the process first then going to SiteRubix to start building, but that’s entirely up to you, whatever you find easier.¬†

So with that being said lets get into it…first off we will want to go into SiteRubix and enter a site name you had in mind and build out the foundation of your site.

You’ll be taken to a screen that looks like this:


Don’t freak out over this, what you type in here won’t be the name of your site, you can easily change it once you get in.

You can type anything, just type it in and click “Build My Free Website!” to get inside SiteRubix.

From there you’ll be taken to a screen that looks like this:


Now we can start the process of building out your site…

Deciding What Kind Of Website You Want To Build

As you can see SiteRubix has already selected the free website option for you, and since we are focusing on free we would ignore the “On a domain I own” option.


That’s where you will type in the domain name you want your website to be and SiteRubix will show it’s availability.

Once you have an available domain selected we will go onto the second step of naming your website…

Naming Your Website


This is what your website will be named for example, my website domain is and the name of my site (seen at the top) is Broke College Solutions.

It is preferred that these be the same but it can be different from your domain and can be changed at any time within your site once it’s set up.

Bringing us to step 3, choosing a look for you website…

Choosing A Look For Your Website


So by now you have your SiteRubix domain and name sorted out, you’ll need a template for your website.

These are essentially designs for your websites and vary from template to template, so feel free to browse what kind of template you think will look best for your site.

Note: Don’t get caught up on this step as it can always be changed later, so if you pick one you end up not liking you’re not stuck with it forever.

You can even demo what a site would look like live by using SiteRubix’s demo feature to get a little sneak peek at what to expect from this site. (underneath each template)

Once you find one you like just select it and move onto the final phase of setting up your site, building it.

Building Your Site

You’ll just click the button marked below “I’m Ready, Build My Website Now!” and SiteRubix will take care of the rest.


Then you’ll see a little popup from SiteRubix while they build out your site and within a matter of seconds (depending on your connection), you’ll be taken to a screen like below where you can login and start working on your site.


Congrats! You now got your very own website!

I Want To Get Started, Take Me To SiteRubix!

Wrapping Things Up…

Hopefully you found this helpful and got you up and running easy. If you have any questions fell free to drop a comment in the comment section below and I’ll see what I can do.

Like I mentioned earlier SiteRubix is partnered with Wealthy Affiliate and offer a great Affiliate Marketing program and community.

They can offer some great tips on how to really hit a home run with creating your first site, so if you’re really serious about making this work, you should probably go check them out.

You can read more about them in the link above or the banner below.

Until next time,

Tyler of Broke College Solutions

Click Here

Disclaimer: I have a serious Taco Bell Addiction, the affiliate links in this post help me order off the dollar menu. Thanks for your support!

P.S. We have a serious Taco Bell addiction and the affiliate links on our site lets us order off the dollar menu. Thanks for your support!

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