How To Create An Amazon Affiliate Website

Today we’ll be going over how to create an Amazon Affiliate Website, specifically geared for converting readers into potential buyers.

Setting up your Amazon Affiliate Site | Factors

If you’re new here, my name is Tyler and I’m a ex broke college student turned online business owner, who actually got his start using Amazon, I even use them today!Amazon Associates

So saying they’re just a “good company” would be an understatement.

The opportunity on Amazon is HUGE, and I intend to show you how you can get in on your share too.

There are many ways to earn with Amazon’s affiliate program, but the method I found works best for me and other affiliate marketers is by selecting a niche with:

  • Low keyword competition
  • Demand for products within the niche (high number of reviews in Amazon)
  • And high profit margins (products typically sell for a higher price)

I won’t bore you with the basics since most of you here since most of you already have a basic grasp on what affiliate marketing is all about.

The thing with this is we’re not just creating any other site here, we’re trying to monetize this site specifically towards selling on Amazon, so that’s what we’ll be going over today.

So without further delay, lets get right into it.

How should you monetize your site for conversions?

Now this might seem like a redundant question to most, but you’ll be surprised on the amount of sites out there that are just throwing away traffic.

They’re just simply not converting, so what’s even the point in having any traffic if you can’t convert them into sales?

Now this can fall upon a couple factors, and hopefully by utilizing the tips and strategies below you can overcome the obstacle of underutilized traffic.

1. Website Quality

A lot of people run into the trouble of not having steady flow through their sites, people tend to bounce from one page to another until they ultimately leave, or in some cases leave just after seconds of being  on the site.

So the question to ask yourself here if you fall into this category is “Does my website look well put together?” If you were one of your readers who first came across your site, what would your first impression be? (Be truthful with yourself here)

  • Do you have a clean layout for your site that is simple and easy to understand?
  • Does your content entice people to the point of buying?
  • Do you use high quality images?
  • Is your content broken into easy digestible chunks for your reader? 

If you answered yes to all these questions and yet you have a high bounce rate you might want to get a second opinion from a friend of family member…

When it comes to running a successful site, especially a review site, trust is a big factor when it comes to running your business.  Your readers need to feel they can trust you and the content they’re getting is of high quality.

If your site looks like it was put together in a few minutes and has spelling errors and incorrect information all over it, chances are you’re going to loose that potential buyer.

2. Affiliate Links

Another common issue is simply not having enough call to action for your buyers. Your content could have been great, layout clean, all hosted on a beautiful site, but if you don’t give your buyer anywhere to buy they’re just going to leave and buy the product elsewhere.

Be sure you are giving your readers opportunities to purchase through your affiliate links throughout the article. In moderation of course, I typically like to stick to no more than 3 on a long post specifically toward reviewing a product, on other posts no more than 1 or 2 max!

3. Sometimes Content Is The Answer

In some cases it can prove FAR  more beneficial to link to another article related to the product/topic with further information of help on the product to further convince the reader into the sale process.

Some people just link to the product to early and if your content wasn’t enticing enough the reader will most likely leave your site and go elsewhere.

A good example of this I will often see is a page where someone is comparing a list of 3-5 products, they give a little information on each and then link straight to Amazon.

This might work sometimes but you could be loosing a lot of other potential sales if you were to link to an additional article further reviewing the product instead of linking straight to Amazon.

By sending people to additional pages you could:

  • Help seal the deal with them making a purchase
  • Decrease your overall bounce rate on your site
  • Potentially gain trust and start getting repeat buyers

Wrapping Things Up…

Now I’m not promising these tips will make you rich overnight, but they do have the potential (if implemented correctly) to turn current or future sites into long term income generating businesses.

You have to put the work in!

So if you have a current business take action and implement these ideas, yes it will take work but the results you’ll get in return will far out weight the work you put in now.

If you find yourself still struggling online, try giving this a quick look 🙂

Find out how I make money online!

If you have any questions that need answering or just want to chat, feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you!


P.S. We have a serious Taco Bell addiction and the affiliate links on our site lets us order off the dollar menu. Thanks for your support!

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