How To Handle 1 Star Reviews Selling On Amazon

1-star reviews are a reality that almost anyone is going to face selling on Amazon, but how you handle them can be the difference between a 2 or 3-star rating to a 4 or 5-star rating.

I’ve been selling on Amazon for quite some time now and 1-star reviews while they aren’t ideal they happen, it’s life.

Whether it’s a product malfunction or the product just isn’t the right shade of blue people will complain meaning you have to be more than ready to deal with them.

There’s really only 3 ways you can handle 1-star reviews and that’s:

  • Discussing it with customer (revision or removal)
  • Removal by Amazon
  • Comment on review

Outside of this, as a seller, this is really all you can do while staying within Amazon’s guidelines or pressuring the customer.

Learning how to properly handle 1-star reviews is a skill every seller must have and in the long run, can play dividends with your business in the long run.

The 3 Ways You Can Handle 1-Star Reviews

1) Discussing It With The Customer

This involves you contacting the customer directly and asking them what the issue was (if they haven’t stated it in their review) and how you can make things right.

Finding their order just from their review can be a little tricky, though, since some customers Amazon profile isn’t their name they order under.

First, I would look to see if I can find an order placed under the same name as the reviewer if you do you’ll simply click on the order number then click on the customer’s name in blue to contact.

You can find your orders by hovering over to the orders tab and then clicking manage orders.


If you can’t find the same name in an order…

You can try finding it by clicking on the reviewer’s name and navigating over to their wish list. where customers are known to put their full name if someone was gracious enough to send them something off their list.

Just click on the customer’s name (in blue) and it will take you over to their profile and their wish list will be in the left column.

Customers are known to put their full name here if someone was gracious enough to send them something off their list.

You’ll then go by this name and try to find an order to match.

If all else fails you can try leaving a reply to their review requesting they send their order ID # to your customer support e-mail (

2) Removal By Amazon

You can contact Amazon in some cases to have a review removed if it falls outside of their guidelines.

These being:

  • Shipping complaints (item arrived late or never showed up). This is something Amazon should handle if you use FBA.
  • The reviewer has written several negative reviews about the same product.
  • Use of hateful/obscene language or content.
  • Contains phone numbers, e-mails, or URLs.
  • Advertisements (watermarks in videos or pictures provided in review).
  • Third-party material.

Keep in mind though when you do this the reviewer must be in violation of these guidelines to have a chance of the review being taken down or removed.

You can submit a review for removal by going to the review and clicking the “report abuse” button in the lower right corner of the comment.

reporting abusive comments on amazon

From here you can submit your reason for the request.

To help increase your chance of success with this (being the removal of the review) be sure to include the guideline violated in the review to indicate the reviewer isn’t in line with Amazon’s reviewing policy.

3) Commenting On The Review

This gives you the opportunity to give your insight on the topic and put the review in the right light.

You can explain what you have done to correct the problem (refund, sending a new product, etc.) and reassure┬áthem how it won’t happen again.

This will not result in the removal of a review (unless the reviewer decides to take it down) and the review will still be visible, but your response could possibly mitigate the negative impact of the review.

If potential customers see that you handled the complaint in an orderly fashion they might still feel comfortable purchasing regardless of the review.

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Tyler of Broke College Solutions

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