How To Increase Organic (Free) Traffic- Tips And Ideas

Having a consistent source of traffic to your business really is the difference between a business and no business, especially online.

So here’s some tips and ideas on how to increase organic traffic for your online site or business.

Before we get into it, for those of you who don’t know already, what exactly is organic traffic?

“Organic traffic” is traffic that comes to your website as a result of unpaid search results”

The key to this is unpaid, meaning you didn’t have to spend a dime to get these people here, but this does mean that you had to do some things right to get them there.

So what are people doing that helps increase their organic traffic and what are you doing wrong that might just be keeping them away?

How To Increase Organic (Free) Traffic

Here’s 8 Tips and Ideas on how you can increase your source of unpaid (organic) traffic.

Start Blogging More Frequently

Blogging is probably one of the most effective ways to increase your sites organic traffic, the more content you have, the bigger reach you have.

Not only can this increase your source of organic traffic, this can be beneficial in gaining authority in your respective niche.

The more helpful/engaging content you create for your readers will make you a respective source for information, building trust and further developing your online brand.

With this being said, I put emphasis on “quality” content, meaning avoid giving spammy, poorly-written, or cheap content to your readers, just avoid it all together.

Use Long Tail Keywords

Go for target keywords with three of four word phrases (long tail keywords) instead of broad, short keyword phrases.

The reasoning behind this is when a reader uses a highly specific search phrase they tend to be looking for a specific piece of information.

These are great opportunities for you to write content catering to these subject specific audiences and will have a greater chances of converting  and ranking compared to a general search topic.

On top of this there is generally less competition when searching for these terms for ex:

Take a look at the search phrase “Best shoes”:

Best shoes keyword research
Jaaxy Keyword Tool

You see, even though the high amount of searches (avg) can be tempting, the competition is very high at over 350 pages ranking (QSR) for this specific keyword.

This will hurt your chances of ranking and will likely be effort wasted for a potential keyword that is just to competitive.

These people searching could be looking for best shoes for: running, men, women, long distance, anything really, so targeting this audience will be proven difficult and will convert low.

Now if we use a long tail keyword like “Best shoes for running”, look what happens:

Best shoes for running keyword research
Jaaxy Keyword Tool

With just the addition of a couple words you can see that the competition (QSR) for this search term has been cut down to more than HALF of what it previously was. This puts you at a better chance of ranking and getting organic traffic to your site.

This also gives you the opportunity to target a set audience, instead of speaking to a mass whole.

Since being found is essential in online business, if they can’t find you, you’re wasting your time.

Not familiar with a keyword tool? If you need a little clarity on this, here’s a post I wrote covering this- What is a keyword tool?

Avoid Flashy Banners

These type of banners aren’t recognized by google, and are looked over. On top of this most can be rather unappealing and “spammy” to most readers and will cause them to leave.

Especially if you have multiple on one page, it can be very hard for your reader to focus on your content, and will just lead to an overall poor experience and low conversions.

Understand META

The META title, description, and keywords are three essential things to have down when you’re looking for organic traffic.

Being SEO friendly with your content can be the difference between having a successful online business and no business at all.

Get Social

Social Media Icons

Start building your brand up on social media like Google +, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc…

You can leave respective links for your followers linking to your latest posts keeping them up to date with your content.

This can be a great way of establishing your brand and becoming more of an authoritative figure within your niche. Plus it can be a good way to get a little additional traffic outside of Google’s SEO! (which is never a bad thing)

Avoid Duplicate Content

Never, and I mean never resort to posting duplicate content on your site!

This means any copying and pasting of anyone else’s work on your site (well because it’s plagiarism), and re-using past content on your site for different keywords, is a huge no go.

This will put you at poor trust with Google and could hurt your overall business tremendously.

Start Using Internal Links

Once you have a decent amount of post and pages built up for your site, start linking to them throughout your articles.

You can use these to guide your readers to more relative content, keeping them on your site longer, and increasing your chances of converting.

Be cautious here, more isn’t always better when it comes to internal links. If your post/page has an internal link every other word, maybe tone it down a little.

Add A Site Map


Something that should be done with every site, is setting up a site map for your site.

This ensures that a post/page you create is indexed, allowing the sitemap to crawl your site looking for post and pages to index.

If you don’t have this setup it’s best you get this done before hand and reference back to the steps above.

It’s typically a simple process of setting up with google webmaster tools and submitting the sitemap to your site, but it you have trouble I’m sure it’s nothing a quick search couldn’t solve.

It might be a bit to read, but for those of you unfamiliar with SEO I would HIGHLY recommend you give, Google’s SEO Guideline a read. It’s a great piece of information to have and will help you grasp a better understanding of this money making machine called Google.

Wrapping Things Up…

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