How To Make Money Online As A College Student

It can be challenging to learn how to make money online as a college student. You probably have a full time job and not to mention classes, you can barely manage to put in time to sleep much less pick up an extra job for additional income, so you start looking online.

So this brings you here, looking for an additional source of income online, you’ve heard of the opportunities you’re just trying to find them.

Did you know that some of the most common success stories are based online today? So it’s not impossible!

lets talk about what type of opportunities are out there.

Starting Off Online | Beginning the journey

Starting off online
Starting your journey online

Being in college means a few things, and forgive me if you don’t fall into this category, but I’m just going off of majority statistics.

You don’t have a surplus of money laying around

You are busy most hours out of your day

Having an additional source of income wouldn’t hurt (Who wouldn’t relate?)

This doesn’t mean your options online are limited, in fact there are still plenty off opportunities out there for you, even if you fall into these categories!

You don’t have to be some internet guru, or someone who has years of experience. There are people just like you AND ME who have built successful online businesses knowing not the slightest thing about making a living online!

Saying this, there are other opportunities online, things such as physical products businesses, and eCommerce but this usually takes some start up money that most college students wouldn’t have. So we’re going to be focusing on one word specifically FREE.

Business & Schemes know the difference
Know a scam when you see one

Businesses & Scams | Know The Difference

If your wanting to make more than a few pennies a month, you’re going to have to get “get rich quick hacks” and money schemes out of your head. To make money, an actual sustainable income, you’re going to have to put forth a little effort. (if you find a better way, I’ll be all ears, lol;)

With this being said lets talk about one of the biggest growing online business industries in the world, Affiliate Marketing! Not only is this business module beneficial for those looking to make a living online, it also has the ability to be scaled to almost any level, and most importantly it’s FREE!

For those of you new to this or who have no idea what I’m talking about, let me clear the water a little bit on what affiliate marketing really is.

Affiliate Marketing 101 | What Is It?

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

In lament terms, you get paid a commission (a % of the sale price) for every sale you make for a product or service.

You don’t have to handle inventory, employees, customer service, shipping, none of that!

You send traffic to a sellers page or store, the reader makes a purchase, then you get your slice (commission) for sending them there, it’s kind of a way of the seller saying thank you for getting them that sale.

Success online at its core is really broken down into a 4 step process. It doesn’t have to be rocket science!

Making money online
The 4 step process to making money online
  1. Choose an interest- It can be anything! A passion, hobby, an interest of yours, opportunities online are everywhere!
  2. Build a website- Don’t worry, I’ll get to this:) I’ll set you up with one FREE!
  3. Get rankings & visitors- When you get your page or post on your website on the first page of the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) this is when this happens. (Not as hard as you would think)
  4. Earn revenue- The reason we’re all here!

You’ve probably gone through the process yourself and didn’t even realize it!

Think about it, lets say you looked up something like “how to lose belly fat”, so you click on the post and it gives you different ways to burn belly fat, like running, aerobics, and fat burning pills.

Maybe they had links for different fat burners, aerobic equipment and other useful things mentioned within the article. Lets just say they spiked your interest with this fat burning pill the mentioned, so you click the link to read more.

Now you’re probably at a review page of some sort specifically talking about the product, they have your interest and now you want to buy, so you use their “buy here” or “purchase” link in their blog/post and your’e re routed to the product where you can purchase.

You make the purchase feeling knowledgeable about the product from the previous review and post and the blogger (person who created the post or blog) makes a commission.

Okay I get it, but what kind of opportunities are there?

The biggest difference between online businesses and one that is physical, is opportunity.

If you’re not a huge enterprise chances are you’re not going to really be able to capitalize on the huge consumer base out there, but with online business you have access to the billions of people online every day!

What you can do with this to me really is amazing, primarily one of the reasons I do what I do today! You can turn a passion into a business, you can take something you do everyday, something that you love and turn it into a money generating business, all from your laptop!

Here’s a few ideas on what’s out there if you aren’t really sure what direction you can go in.

Niche Oppurtunities
A few of the millions of opportunities online

I’ve always love the look people give me when they find out what I do, that I can generate a living from a screen, but it’s very possible, you just have to know how to get there!

Here’s an example on how you can do this step by step from idea to $$$. (a little broad of course, don’t want to be here all day, but we’ll learn how to do all that later:) For now here’s a general walk through of turning a passion or hobby to $$$.

Lets turn a passion into a business| Walk-through 

  • Find a passion of yours, something that interests you, that you wouldn’t mind writing about. For this example we’ll use Gaming.
  • With this you can narrow your desired niche (website category) to video games, gaming headsets, or controllers. There’s demand almost anywhere on the internet, so don’t let a narrowed niche scare you. We’ll go with Gaming Headsets.
  • So you have your website up (Don’t know how to make a website? Don’t worry, I’ll get to that:), and idea so you’re ready to push out some content!
  • You’ll use a keyword tool (used to research how many searches per month for a specific search term), and start going over some post ideas. Here’s what I came up with:
    Best headphones for gaming keyword research
    Keyword Research
    • Only thing we need to concentrate right now is AVG and Traffic, this is basically the demand or search volume for this specific phrase per month, and the visitors you can expect.
  • Now we have a keyword with a good search volume for a topic that relates to our niche we can go on to write about the best headphone for gaming as our post title and topic.
    • Within our post we can list the best headphones for gaming with descriptions all having links to the products, so if their interested and want to learn more they’ll be redirected to the sellers page.
  • Now you have motivated and informed buyers going to the sellers page earning you commissions from their purchases.

Lets do a little math to see how much a post like this could earn you:)

One thing to know about commissions, they change and can vary from anywhere from a 2% commission all the way up to 50% commission of the sale price, or even higher, it all depends on the seller.

Lets say the program offers a 8% commission, we’ll stick to the low side and the headphone you were promoting cost $50-$200.

So at an average of 48 visitors per month (Traffic) and with the links listed, if only HALF of your visitors made a purchase you could be expected to make anywhere from $96 – $384 per month, just from this SINGLE POST!

48 visitors (Traffic)/ 2 = 24 make a purchase

24 customers x pair of $50 headphones = $1,200 x 8% (your commission) = $96

24 customers x pair of $200 headphones= $4,800 x 8% (your commission) = $384

This is the result of what would only take not even a couple hours to put together and you could be making from $96-$384 per month, just from a little effort on your end to get the seller the sale!

As you create more content for your site these commissions will add up and you could easily be making a full time salary online no matter what direction you decide to go in!

Promoting Products | How It Works

You can promote products through a website using content in your posts, blogs, or even social media, as shown in the example above.

Affiliate programs are programs set in place by a seller or e-commerce platform that offers a percentage of the sale price for your marketing skills to get them the sale through your website, blog, post, social media, however.

It’s a win win for both you and the company, and there are thousands of programs for millions of products out there to promote.

Amazon Assoicates
Amazon Affiliate Program

One of the biggest (and a personal favorite of mine) is Amazon Associates. If you’re familiar with
Amazon, you know you can find almost anything on their website, it’s HUGE!

The beauty behind this is that with their affiliate program (Amazon Associates) you can promote this vast amount of products leaving you countless opportunities to earn revenue online through your future website.

The crazy thing about that is, this is only ONE affiliate program! There’s thousands out there to choose from, no matter what direction you chose to go with!

So How Do You Get Started? My #1 Recommendation

Want to start making money online?

If you’re serious about creating an income online, not just a few pennies from some money hack scheme, but an actual online business that can put you through college or one day become a career.Wealthy Affiliate

Then you should check out where me and thousands of other online marketers got our start at Wealthy Affiliate.

What Wealthy Affiliate Has To Offer

Wealthy Affiliate isn’t your typical “make money online course”, most only offering e-books, or a couple videos, you pay the fee and that’s what you get, you’re left there with no support and a lot of unanswered questions.

Inside Wealthy Affiliate you’ll find over 500 module courses training you from the making and creation of your first website, to the marketing skills and techniques to rank in the search engines, and most importantly HOW TO MAKE MONEY!

You can even get access to all this and more for FREE! For the first 7 days you are given full access to the community, connecting with thousands of successful online marketers, access to training modules that offer step by step guidance on how to create your first website, and you get 2 free websites you can work on with your unpaid membership!

Once you find out if Wealthy Affiliate is for you or not you can upgrade to their premium membership you get access to:

  • 24/7/365 access to thousands of successful online marketers and myself!
  • Private messaging for members
  • Access to 500+ modules of training
  • Regularly updated content to keep you on top of your online business and any changes in the industry!
  • Live weekly training webinars from successful online marketers!
  • Free 24/7/365 hosting for your websites (most platforms charge $100 for this kind of service!)
  • Free keyword tools for your keyword research

Sign up for your free membership here! Just an email and username, no card needed!

What do you want for your future?

Do you want to go through college not struggling to make ends meet?

To have money to go out and enjoy life?

Spend more time with family and friends instead of at a job you hate?

Even to help pay for your classes and student loans?

Moral of the story is having some extra money in college couldn’t hurt, I was there, in you shoes, struggling to make ends meet while I was in college, I have Wealthy Affiliate to thank for getting me where I am today.

This being why I love what I do today, I get to help people like me who are looking for a solution online. I’ve encountered hundreds of programs claiming to have the solution to make money online, and nothing compares to Wealthy Affiliate, being why I love promoting it.

I know you’re getting an amazing program to help get you success online, and I can help you every step of the way along with thousands of other experienced people!

In the end what is there to lose? If you decide Wealthy Affiliate isn’t for you, you get some top notch training and two free websites, you can be accountable for what you make through what your create, no longer will you be a paycheck, YOU determine how much you make through the effort you put into it.

So the question is, how bad do you want your current situation to change?

Feel free to chime in on the comment section below, I’d love to answer or hear any questions or concerns you have! I look forward to hearing from you:)

P.S. We have a serious Taco Bell addiction and the affiliate links on our site lets us order off the dollar menu. Thanks for your support!

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