How To Make Money Online With An Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing, SEO marketing, whatever it is you do if you’re going to make money selling other people’s products you’re going to have to learn how to make money online with an affiliate program, it’s a must.

Lets Just Get Right Into It

What’s an Affiliate program? For those of you don’t know an affiliate program is a…

An automated marketing program where a Web advertiser or merchant recruits webmasters to place the merchant’s banner ads or buttons on their own Web site.

Simply put it’s a program that allows normal people like me and you to sell other people’s/companies products or services for them, by sending traffic (people) to their site to make a purchase.

How does this benefit you? With every sale that a person makes for the seller that was sent there by you, you get a commission, basically a thank you for getting them the sale.

So to break it down, you search for an affiliate program, they give you text for the product with a special code (like an ID number showing you got them the sale), you insert it as a link, someone clicks it, and if they decide to make a purchase you make money!

Commissions can range from anywhere of 5% or a little lower all the way up to 50% or even higher, depending on the affiliate program.

So how do you do this?

I’m going to break it down into 4 categories

  1. Choosing an interest
  2. Building a website
  3. Getting traffic/Rankings
  4. Earning $$$

I’m gonna go from start to finish for the information you need on how to start making money online with an affiliate program. It really can be this simple, thousands of people do this everyday! For some it’s even a career!

Note: For best experience it’s recommended to stick with suggested programs, but that’s entirely up to you.

Making money online

Choosing an interest

First off is choosing an interest, now this can be anything a hobby, pastime, an interest of yours, a sport, whatever really, as long as it’s something you won’t mind writing about.

If you need a little help with this here’s some examples below to help get you started.

Niche Oppurtunities

Now you really began to notice it really can be almost anything, there are millions of people online searching for information, you just got to get your piece of the action.

Once you got your interest chosen, you can go on below to the next step.

Building a website| Setting up your foundation

Now don’t let this overwhelm you, building a site isn’t as difficult as some make it out to be, no fancy coding or complicate formulas, you just need a computer and an internet connection, that’s it!

The reason for this is your site is going to be the hosting platform for all your posts and pages, this is where your readers will be visiting to read your content (like you are now here). When a reader searches for a topic in google, your site will be what pops up for them to click on, so there’s really no way around not having one.

A personal favorite of mine is SiteRubix, it’s a website building/hosting platform powered by Wealthy Affiliate that gives you all the training you need to know to get your first site up, and running in a matter of minutes, a newbies dream!

Creating Your First Site 


The process is incredibly simple and can be done by people of all ages and backgrounds, they break it up in an easy 4 step process from start to finish to get you your site up and running as quickly as possible.

All you’ll need is your name, email, username,  and password, that’s it, no card needed.

SiteRubix building platform
Creating your site with SiteRubix

Once you’ve filled out the information it’ll take you through a simple step by step process of creating your first site.

The 4 step process includes.

  1. Choosing to host as a Free Website or a Domain you own
  2. Naming your website
  3. Then browsing their huge selection of themes for the desired look of your site.
  4. Then finally BUILDING YOUR SITE!
    • You’ll just click the button and they’ll do the rest for you, simple as that.

Start Creating Your Free Website – Click Here

Getting Rankings & Visitors

Now onto the real stuff, rankings & getting visitors. Getting rankings and traffic (visitors) to your site is a must for any successful website online, if you’re going to want to make money doing this you’re going to have to learn a few things.

You can have the best looking site that has ever existed but if no one can find it then your wasting your time. We don’t want that, we’re here to make money, not waste time.

Now I could sit here and go on and on about what exactly has to be done, and why but if you have created your site already with SiteRubix (as suggested) you’ll notice when you’re done you  will be given access to SiteRubix’s hosting platform Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing training center/community full of knowledge and help from the courses inside and it’s thousands of helpful members.

Upon becoming a free member you’ll be given full unrestricted access to the community and 10 lessons on how to start making money with your first site.

Wealthy Affiliate training

With This Training You’ll Get:

  1. A quick introduction to the community and getting the boll rolling
  2. Greater understanding on how to make money online with an affiliate program
  3. Choosing an interest (niche)- Already got you a head start
  4. Building your first site- Should have yours already set up
  5. Setting up your website to go live
  6. Preparing your site for Google, Bing, and Yahoo
  7. Training on how to find topics to write about (content) and how to find out what people are searching for (keywords).
  8. Understanding website pages and creating your first three pages for your site
  9. Learning how to create quality content that will not only rank well but also converting you readers to buyers, leading to more $$$.
  10. Recap on everything you’ve learned

Once you’ve gone through module 1 you should have your first site set up, domain created, pages of content up on your site, a knowledgeable understanding on how to use affiliate programs and find them, how to rank well in the search engines, and how to convert your readers into buyers.

You’ll then be given the chance to upgrade to a premium membership with Wealthy Affiliate and then if it isn’t for you, you can cancel your membership no questions asked.

Now onto the last yet most important aspect of doing this…

Earning Revenue ($$$)

Success ahead

Now you should have your topic (niche) picked out, a site up and running on said topic, and new knowledge on how to start applying these affiliate programs to make you money.

Your range of success can range anywhere from a few thousand a year to a few hundred thousand to even a few million a year, it all depends on you and the action you take.

I get asked all the time on what kind of money people can expect to make when they do this and I can never give a straight answer, it can be $0 to millions a year, the opportunities with this really are endless.

Think about it! What is every success story that you’re hearing about today, it’s either a new program, website, app, something online, everything’s online these days and it’s still growing! With the internet’s rapid expansion (a little study on internet expansion), opportunities are everywhere!

  • With every new product on the market is a new opportunity for you
  • With every new service is an opportunity for you
  • With every digital download is an opportunity for you

The list just goes on and on, with this you aren’t limited to a set salary or what you can or can’t achieve, your success is solely based on you and the effort you put into it.

If you implement the training above and take action there should be no reason why you shouldn’t be successful with this business model!

Before You Go…

I’m not just some promotion site looking to make a quick buck, I’ve been in your shoes before, I was just another person looking to make money online searching for information online.

Today I make a living online thanks to my online businesses, I’ve not only achieved financial security in my life but I have the freedom to live my life the way I planned to, not slaving away at some job I didn’t like.

So if you’re still a little on the edge of making the commitment, feel free to check out my #1 recommendation for making money online. and if you want to know more about me, feel free to read my who is Tyler? page.

From here on out persistence is key, this isn’t some get rich quick scheme so don’t expect to become an instant millionaire overnight, this is a business model that will take some work, but if you want success, which you clearly do, you wouldn’t be hear if you didn’t.

And if all comes down to it like I said earlier and you find it isn’t for you, you can opt out at any time you want, so what’s to lose?

I’ll see you on the inside 🙂

P.S. We have a serious Taco Bell addiction and the affiliate links on our site lets us order off the dollar menu. Thanks for your support!

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