Important Tips To Know For Affiliate Marketers

You can never know to much in this industry, if it’s the latest Google update, new software, or effective marketing skills, knowing more is better than knowing less.

Being on top of your game is essential with this business model. Some of the most successful Affiliates I know today make sure they never stop learning!

So in light of that here’s 5 important tips to know for Affiliate Marketing.

(Maybe you’ll find something you weren’t doing, or it just might tell you you’re on the right track. Enjoy the read.)

Choose A Niche And Stick With It

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I know this might be a little obvious for you veterans but beginners listen up!

The bases of Affiliate Marketing is for you to target a specific audience within a set category.

Unless you have a large team of writers and a huge brand readers aren’t going to trust you so much if your information is all over the place.

Just pick your niche and stay within that niche. (for that site at least.)

Time and time again I’ll see someone start off and they go into something like lets say cross-fit and then they see some promotion opportunities for yoga so they try to branch off into yoga.

They ended up stretching their brand, losing reader trust, I mean are you a cross-fit site or are you a yoga site? Pick one!

This might be something relevant for an authority site likes Men’s Fitness or, but they have that trust built, and the writers to back it up.

“But I want to branch out!”

I’m not saying you can’t but if it’s something not related to your specific niche, take the time and launch another site specializing in this.

Not only will this make you a trusted source of information in the readers eyes but in Google’s also. Google is HUGE about trust and branding, so having an established brand with relative content is ideal.

Establish Yourself As A Brand

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Now this might be a little odd to some, but here me out.

Going off of what I said earlier, branding is huge these days and thanks to Google’s recent Penguin update they finalized it online.

The days of hiding behind a computer screen and hoping to make money are over. People like putting a face to a site.

  • They want to know who’s behind the computer screen and why they should trust them.
  • Don’t claim to be someone your not, people would much rather prefer honesty over some cheesy made up lie.
  • And most importantly be helpful, be kind, and be caring, and that’ll get you far.

Build your brand, be active on social networks, treat your site as an extension of yourself. If you treat your business like it’s apart of you then the work and service you’ll put in will be that much better.

Offer Quality Content

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In almost any affiliate marketer tips and tricks list, guides, “hacks”, whatever it is you’re almost always going to see quality thrown in there somewhere.

People are stressing quality more than anything these days online, that’s because there really is no way around, you need to offer quality content!

Even from the big G themselves:

“The key to creating a great website is to create the best possible experience for your audience with original and high quality content.”


You can check out the rest of their view on quality content and more here- Create Valuable Content

You need to put out regular informative, quality content, that your listeners not only find helpful, but engaging as well.

Now that might seem a little intimidating, but it’s not nearly as hard as it sounds.

Here’s a few little tips I try and use with every piece of content I put out, you can add some, or take some out, just be helpful and kind and your readers will respond.

  • Write naturally, you’re English teacher isn’t hovering over your head anymore so you don’t have to sound like a robot, throw some humor in there every once in a while!
  • Always strive to inform and help, if you feel that your reader won’t get anything from a post or page, then don’t post it.
  • Be sure to always read over your content:
    • Does it flow well?
    • Are there spelling errors?
    • Will the reader take any value from this?

Your goal should always be to inform, the more knowledgeable a reader is about a topic, the more trust they’ll have in your site, and the more likely they’ll be to take action on your affiliate links.

Which in turn is never a bad thing.

Being Transparent With Your Disclaimers

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Covering yourself legally should always be a top priority with running your business.

With the FTC recent regulations that when promoting any products or services there must be a clear disclaimer informing your reader about the affiliate links.

Here’s a great little article the FTC has in regards to this. It offers a real user feel where actual online marketers are asking questions pertaining their businesses, great piece of info to have.- The FTC’S Endorsement Guides

While some might consider this a hindrance, I consider this a great opportunity to build trust with my readers.

  • If I know my content was of quality and it served its purpose of informing the reader they will have no problem using your link to make their purchase.
  • If anything this even solidify’s the purchase, since they know it’s an affiliate link they won’t be drawn off when brought to a sales page or product to purchase.
  • You establish more trust with the readers and you get higher commissions rate in the process, it’s really a win, win.

Note: NEVER promote a product or service you know isn’t of good quality. It might work the first few times, but after a while your readers trust will go down and you will no longer be a source of trusted information. 

Get Active On Social Networks

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This is something that gets overlooked by quite a few affiliate marketers.

A lot get caught up in gaining organic traffic in SEO and end up forgetting about an entire alternate source of traffic, social media!

This goes for on and off your site.

If a reader likes your content perhaps they want to share it with their followers? Well if you don’t have a way for them to share than you just lost out on a huge traffic potential!

Hence my little sidebar to the left there;)

The same goes for sharing off your site. When you write a quality post, why not share it?

There really is no reason for you not to have social accounts for your site, I mean they are free so what are you waiting for?

Here’s some little sign up links for you procrastinators out there:

Every time you create a post you can share it to your social outlets and it can get a healthy flow of traffic right from the get go.

The more active you are the more responsive your followers will be and the larger your reach will grow, but be sure to walk the grey line carefully between being productive with social media and wasting time.

Cat videos aren’t good for business;)

Before You Go…

I could sit here for days and go over all the lessons I’ve learned over my time in Affiliate Marketing, it would be MASSIVE.

Truthfully I can only cover so much, to really find true value in growing your business you’re going to need a community of like minded people to help get you there.

Learn from other people’s mistakes instead of making them, if I had the chance to do over I would do that exact thing.

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Until next time,

Tyler of Broke College Solutions

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