Introducing The 7 Days Path To Profits Bootcamp

Finding what works for you and how you can make it happen.

Yes, this is free and no there’s not some part at the end where I make you pay for more.

This is us giving you a fair chance to see what’s really out there, with free training to lay a solid foundation and understanding on how to go out and do it.

We’re going to be setting you up with some proven and effective business models tailored picked to your liking.

At the end of this, we hope to empower you with the skills and resources you need to start this new journey.

Who this training is for

This is for those of you who are sick of the daily struggle, whether it’s a horrible boss, an unfulfilling job, or you really want a new car and need to make more money….

Whatever it is, but you know one thing for certain…things HAVE to change.

Whether you’re still wet behind the ears to entrepreneurship or an experienced business owner looking for a new source of income, this is for you.

How it works

FIRST (Defining Your Path), we’re going to be covering your goals, motives, known skills, time, and what you’re willing to invest.

While this might seem unimportant this is ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL for this process.

SECONDLY (Finding Your Path), with this new found information about yourself, we’ll be diving into different forms of entrepreneurship (online and offline) to see what will be the best fit.

LASTLY, you’ll select the mini course you want to go with and your 7-day boot camp starts that day with it being day one.

So if you’re ready, let’s get into the first phase…

Defining Your Path

Going into any venture it’s CRUCIAL to know where you’re currently at and where you want to be, while this might seem redundant we highly recommend you don’t skip this step.

(Might want to grab a pen or pencil to write your answers down to make things easier.)

Q. What are your long and short-term goals with this business/venture?

  • These can be anything from replacing an income, having more time to travel, quit a job, buy a car. (What is motivating you to be here reading this in the first place?) There is no wrong answer with this, just be honest with yourself.

Q. What skills do you have?

  • Are you crafty? Do you like to write? Do you have an eye for design? Do you have the ability to look at the long-term rather than the short? This can be anything from past experience to something you or other think (or have said) you’re good at.

Q. How much time can you put into this?

  • How much time you can put into a venture is going to play an important factor on what you decide to go with, so be honest. If you’re someone who works 12-hour shifts and has 3 kids your business will need to be a lot more flexible (time wise) compared to someone who has 8+ hours a day of free time.

Q. How much money are you willing to invest into creating your business?

  • This is an important question a lot of programs and people don’t ask before someone signs up for something. Capital is something a lot of people don’t like to talk about but needs to be discussed, so be honest with yourself and write down how much money can you invest per month into a business without having to struggle financially.

Finding Your Path

This is the exciting part, with your list you’ll get to go through and sort through each of these business models/opportunities to see what best works for you.

The business models/opportunities will have a short overview of what the business is all about and will have bullets listing off the following:

  • Opportunity $$$ for the business (short term and long term)
  • What skills would be helpful (but not needed)
  • How much time that will be needed to grow and sustaining the business (on average)
  • Capital needed to get up and running

With your list at your side have at it and find what opportunity best works for you and click the “GET STARTED” button to opt into the free course where you’ll then start your 7-day journey to building your own real business.

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