Is A Scam?

They’re a new program that is claiming to be creating “Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs” and is “leading the industry in online business education” for most this can raise some red flags.

I don’t blame you, I would be the same way…

So is legit? Is this online business community really going to live up to all the hype and claims or is it just going to be more money wasted?

(Yes I purchased a membership, here is my proof of access to their courses here)

Whether you’re a regular here or you’re new, besides the age, in college or not in college we all like making money and even more like avoiding scams so this post is for

So let’s answer the question the big question here-

Is A Scam?

Simply put, No it’s not, they stuck true to the 30-day free trial and my card wasn’t charged the appropriate $39 until after the grace period was up.

If you’re looking for an overview of Amazing here’s a post I wrote going over what is all about.

Didn’t loose my money and haven’t had any suspicious purchases on my card. (it’s a shame that’s worth mentioning but with people being as slimy as they are these days you have to.)

Are The Courses Of Value?

Upon joining it can be kind of overwhelming (and exciting) at all the information available to you.

A majority of the courses (around 60%) are geared toward those who already have a semi-made foundation of a business they are already running or want to run.

But they do still have some great courses for those of you who are new to online business, like:

  • Physical Product Business Creation
  • App Development
  • Website Creation
  • Online Arbitrage
  • Sales Page Creation
  • Social Marketing Training
  • Digital Marketing Training
  • Retail Arbitrage
  • E-Book Creation
  • YouTube Editing Training
  • Video Production
  • Even Real Estate Investment! (took me by surprise too, Review coming soon)

Courses I’ve already gone through and my thoughts-

  • Retail Arbitrage Academy (great course and easy to start up- Did a full review over it here.)
    • Covers how to sell other company’s products for a profit on Amazon.
  • Copy Command
    • Great course with an awesome instructor (Franklin Cole) to further my knowledge on how to write effective sales copy.
  • E-commerce Mastery
    • Great course on how to start and launch your own e-commerce store (still a work in progress but worth the effort)
  • Search  Marketing Science
    • While it is geared towards those who already have a business but gives some AMAZING training on how to fully understand and dominate Google Adwords.
  • Brand Genesis (in-depth course on a live business being built from the ground up- Here’s the review if you want to chek it out)
    • You’ll get to see step by step what it takes to create a successful physical products business from the ground up utilizing Amazon taught by’s CEO Matt Clark. Courses

Who Is For?

Like I mentioned above the courses can really cater to people of all backgrounds and experience.

While I think you would benefit to at least have some experience online but it isn’t all that necessary.

The reason behind this is with many of these instructors being so far advanced in their field they sometimes tend to forget that them being “thorough” to them is still to0 broad for some people just starting online.

Things like installing plug-ins, setting up a website, creating a domain e-mail, little things that are common practice to them that isn’t worth going over but is for some.

Just something to keep in mind.

UPDATE: is now re-opening their doors this April of 2017 for a limited time for Amazing Selling Machine. If you’ve been on the fence about starting an online business,  this could  be your shot >> Check it out and learn more by clicking here <<


Good Opportunity

If all you’re worries were if was a scam or not in the sense of identity theft or loss money you’re fine.

(trust me if that was the case I would be pushing the news out everywhere I could)

As far as their delivery on their claims I think they hold up well. The courses and their value FAR exceed the investment and if applied correctly you can make your investment back and more in no time.

If you want access to a free 30-day trial you can get access by clicking the link banner below.

Start your free trial

Until next time,

Tyler of Broke College Solutions

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