Is Legit?

Is worth the hype?

Is it legit?

Is it even worth my time and money?

What Is

With going through an entire revamp people are left questioning how legit their new membership is.

(I’m a member myself and witnessed the transition first hand so I completely understand why people are curious)

Once focusing on big startups like Amazing Selling Machine and Appreneur why switch course?

For those of you that don’t know, they weren’t exactly the easiest courses to get into….

With a limited time frame, spots available and prices in the upward $1,000’s (their last release of ASM 6 was a little under 5K)…

And they’ve closed the doors for good and don’t show any signs of re-opening…

UPDATE: is now re-opening their doors this April of 2017 for a limited time for Amazing Selling Machine. If you’ve been on the fence about starting an online business,  this could  be your shot >> Check it out and learn more by clicking here <<

You’re really limiting your potential reach and being a company who’s motive is to create tomorrow’s entrepreneurs they were leaving a lot of people unable to access their information.

So in mid-2016, they went from Amazing Academy to, offering their services and training in the form of a membership instead of a one time sign up fee.

The track record is there, creating multiple successful business owners with their courses, so if you’re worried about them taking off with your information and you getting nothing in return, you’re fine.

Little More About Amazing…

With this new direction, Amazing (once focusing mostly on physical product business creation with their previous courses) is now looking to expand into multiple outlets of entrepreneurship.

With a person’s skill set and interests being so diverse they want to ensure members are finding the best business model and outlet that works for them and their situation.

Here’re some questions to some answers I keep getting about Amazing.

Who’s It For?

If you’re someone who’s already running their own business or if you’re still wet behind the ears to entrepreneurship you can find some value with their courses.

Offering over 100 courses (current) you get a nice playing field of options to choose from.

If you’re just starting off

They give you the opportunity to explore various fields of entrepreneurship with their courses. CoursesYou can learn things like:

  • Selling on Amazon
  • Practicing Retail & Online Arbitrage
  • E-book creation
  • Website Creation
  • SEO Services Creation
  • Real Estate Investment
  • App Development
  • and more….

If you’re looking to grow a business

Then if you’re someone who already has a business and is looking to grow you can utilize their scaling and marketing courses to help grow your business. CoursesYou can learn:

  • E-commerce Mastery
  • Facebook Funnel Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Adwords Training
  • Copy Writing
  • Cash Flow MBA
  • Sales Funnel Creation

and so much more….

Is There Any Catch?

Nope, the process to join is pretty straight forward you sign up for a 30-day free trial and once your 30 days are up and you decide to keep your membership it will be a recurring payment of $39/mo.

No up-sells, just a flat monthly rate.

If you don’t like it then just cancel your membership within the 30-dayy trial and your card won’t be charged.

Will I Be Charged With The Addition Of New Courses?

No, your membership will remain the same for the lifetime of your membership even with the addition of new courses.

What Kind Of Support Do I Get With My Membership?

As far as one-on-one support with the instructor goes you’re limited to the information they give you. (being these are real business owners who wouldn’t’ have the time to be answering 1,000’s of questions a day)

However, you do get access to Amazing’s Entrepreneurship community where you can chat, ask questions, and discuss your business with other members.

Where Do They Find Their Instructors?

With Amazing growing at the rate they are, they are beginning to attract some big names in entrepreneurship.

Why is this? Amazing has taken a unique way of paying their instructors.

Instead of a flat rate or payout prior, the instructors are paid according to the engagement and rating (1 to 5 stars) by members of the community.

So if they want a higher monthly payout then they have to put out top notch content for members.

By 2017 alone Amazing is estimated to be paying out over $1,000,000 monthly to their instructors.

Pretty enticing to an entrepreneur who has some experience to share.

What Is The Success Rate With Their Courses?

Since the success of an individual is determined by the action taken it’s hard to determine the exact success rate for an individual course.

You can be given the best training in the world, but if you don’t’ use it then you’re most likely not going to find success.

However, Amazing does have these nifty little “badges” they give to their members.

A member applies for a badge, submits proof (usually a screenshot) and are awarded the badge.

They’re essentially status symbols to show where you are and how you’re doing with your business, showing things like new markets, leads, accomplishments, and one being revenue.

From the badges acquired:

it is estimated that Amazing’s members are bringing in a little over $45,000,000 in monthly revenue with their businesses.

With a little over 15,000 members and only being live as for less than a year that’s not half bad.

Do I Recommend Amazing?

So is legit?

Good Opportunity

Yes, I’d highly recommend if you’re someone looking to maybe start their first business, or if you are looking to expand your own.

  • Maybe you’re tired of your 9-5?
  • Maybe you can’t stand the thought of working for someone else forever?
  • or maybe you’re ready to take your business to the next level.

Whatever your reason is having a little more knowledge under your belt wouldn’t hurt.

Plus, with 30 days free and unrestricted access you can complete multiple courses all before your 30 days are up!

If you’re ready to commit you can try Amazing free for 30 days by clicking here or the banner below.

Until next time,

Tyler of Broke College Solutions

P.S. We have a serious Taco Bell addiction and the affiliate links on our site lets us order off the dollar menu. Thanks for your support!

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