Is BuxVertise A Scam?

Is it just another PTC site promising more than it can deliver? Is BuxVertise a scam or legit? 


Program Name: BuxVertise

Owner(s): Drew & Jesse

Advertised Price: Free to join

Rating: 67/100


What is it?

BuxVertise is a PTC site that you can earn money through viewing advertisements. Most of you are familiar with the concept, you load an add, click it, view it, earn a small commission and repeat, pretty simple.

So now that you’re a little more familiar, lets get into it| Short Review

Before we get into it, PTC sites typically aren’t my #1 recommendation for making money online, but they can be a lucrative way to make a little extra money in your spare time. What you decide is purely up to you.

BuxVertise is  a fairly new site first being launched in early 2012 they haven’t been around long enough to establish a solid foundation as with most PTC sites tend to fade out after a few years.

But as of now they are seeming to being consistent with paying their members and haven’t made any overzealous promises they couldn’t keep.

Like most PTC programs the payout per click is relatively small, somewhere around 0.001 to 0.00225 per advertisement click, but BuxVertise does offer a few ways to increase your payouts, giving you the option of upgrading your account:

  • Buxer- Get 150% of your click
  • Eternity- Get 200% of your click

Even with this being said the best way to earn more cash with this program is through referrals (advertise this program and with every referral through you and money they make, you get paid).

You can earn anywhere from 50% to 200% from your referral clicks depending on your membership. As a free members you can refer up to 200 people, as a Buxer it’s 500, and Eternity is 5,ooo.

Referring will most likely be your best bet for success with this program. When you begin to have over 100 referrals is when you can start so see some significant income from this program, until then, not so much.

So yes, there is money to be made but it purely depends on how skilled you are at referring people and how far of a reach you have:

Less referrals = Less $$$, More referrals = More $$$

Overall they have not shown any signs of ditching their members and upon further research the creators (Drew & Jesse) are not showing any history of online fraud or have any connections to any past time scam sites.

But keep in mind there’s a first time for everything so be cautious on the amount of money you invest with this program, like any new program APPROACH WITH CAUTION.

Basically don’t invest an amount of money you aren’t prepared to loose in the event this site goes down and the owners take off with all your cash.

A little more about this PTC site

Along with upgrading your account and getting referrals BuxVertise does offer a few creative ways you could get some extra cash with their program.

Wheel of Bux

A member favorite seems to be the “Wheel of Bux”, you spin the wheel once a day and you are given the opportunity to win cash prizes or points (that can be put towards cash).

I mean it’s not the usual, but what’s to loose really? It’s free to try, so why not?

Another method of earning cash as mentioned above is earning points.

BuxVertise offers a points reward system for sharing a screenshot of your payment details on blogs, and other websites telling where you earned it, advertising basically.

This is an effective way for their program to get more publicity while also having an incentive for it’s members, this can come across as a little spammy in some instances since most sites/blogs do not like links being left in their comment sections.

Drawbacks | Why a 67 out of 100?

It’s new. Simply put it’s a site without much of a history and it’s creators are fairly unknown, it’s a good thing they are not linked to any past scams, but also dissatisfying that the program isn’t more established, so only time will tell.

You’ll find a lot of times with these PTC companies they will stay active for a couple years, paying out thousands or sometimes even millions to its members then one day it just shuts down.

No warning, message, nothing, leaving it’s members with money invested they can’t get back and payouts they might not ever receive.

So with BuxVertise being only a couple years old, it’s future remains unknown, so like I mentioned earlier if you do decide to go through with this program don’t invest any amount of money you aren’t prepared to lose if this company shuts down unexpectedly.

Pay per click. Primarily why I don’t necessarily recommend PTC sites to my readers is their low payout rates, at 0.001 or even 0.00225 it would take hours just to earn a few bucks. I just feel like your time can be better spent pursuing more lucrative opportunities online rather then scraping for cents.

Advertisements Risk. You have to remember that you are viewing advertisements with this program and almost anybody can uploads ads to be viewed with these PTC sites, and without the proper software your computer can be at risk of nasty malware and viruses.

Sometimes not even clicking the advertisement but it just appearing on your screen can infect your computer, so it would be best to get set up with a good virus protections software before advancing with this or any PTC site online. (Just a little tip for those of you new online)


Good Opportunity

Even though I am not typically a fan of PTC sites, this program looks promising and has not shown any signs of going away any time soon.

Note: With this being said I will still be keeping an eye out on this program and updating if I notice any suspicious activity with this program or possibly changing the outcome of this review if this program goes bad for its members.

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