Is PaidVerts A Scam Or Legit?

Product Name: PaidVertsPaidVerts

Product Owners: Crowdfunding (multiple owners)

Advertised Price: Free to join

Rating: 11/100


What is it?

PaidVerts is a pay to click (PTC) program that pays you to interact with advertisers. It’s like any other PTC program you go to the view ads page, click the ad, solve the captcha, wait for the timer to end then get credit, pretty simple in a sense.

So on to the big question here is PaidVerts a scam or is it legit?| Short Review

After doing some research I would NOT recommend this program to anyone looking to make money online. This site has been noted to be run by an avid scam artist Richard O’ Neill (Jo Cook), who has been known to run many scam programs in the past, and is famous for taking down sites out of the blue and leaving his members left wondering what happened.

+Not only does this make me not want to go anywhere near this site but every honest review that isn’t promoting it trying to make a few bucks is negative. Horrible support system, cash out regulations being changed, just a shady place in general, there are FAR more better programs out there then this!

A little about this “revolutionary” program

What PaidVerts basically is, is another PPC program (little info for those who aren’t familiar with PPC’s), you earn money by viewing ads and the value of the ad you are given will depend on the amount of points you have.

When you first become a member you don’t get access to this high paying ads (shocking right) instead you will get ads that will earn you points called BAP, now BAP is basically your earning potential for earning bulk ads, so essentially the more BAP you have the more money you’ll make.

Once you start earning more BAP you can began to start purchasing your own advertisements, you will get 3,100 BAP per $1 USD ad purchase, giving you a total of $1.55 USD worth of ads.

So you can pay $1 and get $1.55 in return, a 155% investment return…supposedly.

Here’s the thing though you don’t get access to these money making ads until you hit the magic number of 1,600 BAP. There are stories of members supposedly earning anywhere from $10 all the way up to $200 per ad, supposedly is the key word her from having a high amount of BAP.

PaidVerts top earning members
Screen capture of current earnings of top level members

When you’ll land on the home page you’ll see a “Last 48h top earners” section, if this information is even correct, because we have no real proof it’s legit or not. You’ll see it says “sell your valuable time to advertisers!”, and at the top out of over an apparent 33,000 members the top earner earned a whopping $37!

PaidVerts| The final conclusion

I wouldn’t recommend this program to anyone, I’m not even going to use an affiliate link to this website, just the homepage so if you want to do any further research you can go there yourself.

There are FAR better ways to make money online, I know clicking ads is easy, but your time is worth more then a few cents a day.

Not only is this program shady, but there are many complaints from people who have been members of this program that have had pending support tickets for over 6 months, so you know they don’t have the best care for their members.

no oppurtunity

Before you go…

You’re time is more valuable than a few cents a day, why waste day after day trying to do something for yourself and it amount to almost nothing. You’re here for a reason, you looked up is PaidVerts a scam to see if it was a good way to make money online, so you have the interest you just have to find the right program!

Stop settling for programs like this that put a limit and tell you how much you can earn, I’m a firm believer in your income being connected to the amount of work you put in, being why I love what I do today.

I learned an effective and powerful form of earning money online called Affiliate Marketing, maybe you’re familiar, maybe you’re not,

Not even a little over a couple years ago I was just like you, looking for ways to make some money online, I was a freshman in college at a job I didn’t like going for a career I didn’t want. I needed a way out so I did something for myself, I created my first online business that me and thousands of other people online do today.

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Even if you’ve never done it before, it’s a risk free process and if anything you’ll get a real eye opener on what real opportunity looks like so you won’t run into any more programs like this!

Hopefully I’ll see you on the inside:)

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