Is Profit Bank A Scam

So it’s time to finally assert the question everyone’s been wondering, is Profit Bank a scam? A miracle program that’s making it’s members six figures, all on autopilot, what a dream come true!


Program Name: Profit BankProfit Bank Review

Owner(s): Mack Michaels

Advertised Price: $24.97 monthly

Rating: 11/100


What is it?

So Profit Bank is an affiliate program that offers it’s members a 70% referral payout, that offers “elite” training, that if done correctly can generate thousands of dollars all on auto pilot.

So basically it’s an affiliate marketing training program with a high referral rate for it’s members who choose to promote it, they give you training, you use the training, get your site set up, promote their program, set on autopilot, and the cash supposedly just comes rolling in.

Now that you’re a little more familiar with what it is let’s get into it| Short Review

First off I would like to say I would NOT recommend this site to anyone looking to make money online, so much that I’m not even promoting this product whatsoever.

When you first sign on to Profit Bank you’re greeted with a pretty bold statement,

Profit Bank

Now, immediately I was drawn back, of course I would! I mean who wouldn’t want that?! But that’s just a question, so how could we make this a reality with this program?

Well when you scroll down you’re greeted with a intro video on how you can achieve this, let me break it down for you.

  • It’s a “Never seen before technology” Twickerz Scam
  • Fill out a form and 1 click and that’s all it takes.
  • Completely full proof.
  • The software (once purchased) will build you a website, set up your email list, and advertise itself, no work required.
  • He will host the website and it’s software for you.
  • Minutes of effort can bring in thousands of dollars.

(Just a bunch of overzealous claims, with almost no facts to back them up)

You can do all this if you just follow his 9 step training on getting everything set up and you can be on your way to making thousands, but the thing is you can’t have access to this miracle software until you’re a member, no free trial, no peek inside, nothing!

I mean I can go on about how the software being undependable and other member reviews, but for most this should be a GIANT red flag and should be passed over. I mean would you buy something without even being able to even look at it? Especially online, a huge no no!

Overall it’s your choice if you want to give it a look or not, just keep the info I gave you in the back of your head when doing so.

A little more about this “Never seen before Technology”

I came across Profit Bank browsing ClickBank giving a friend of mine a  little overview on how the program works and how to get everything set up, and there it was.

A “Never seen before Technology” offering the highest payout possible on ClickBank. So me being me thought this would be a good learning lesson to show him how to spot a scam, and I felt I shouldn’t leave all you in the dark either, so here I am writing this Profit Bank review.

So how do you earn money using Profit Bank?

You’re given a brief intro video like most programs about how this can be “life changing” and can make thousands seemingly over night, you know to get you all pumped up for this “amazing opportunity” that you have in front of you.

So once you scroll past the cheesy intro text, you’re introduced to your dashboard, this essentially is going to be the core of how you’ll be successful with this program.

Profit Bank Lessons

Taking you from start to finish on how to use this program, but wait? Where’s the automation? Oh yea, that’s gonna cost you, $25 a month actually, they just left that little part out in the beginning.

And like I said earlier no free test run, trial, nothing, not even a peek! They could literally be selling you anything, but yet you’re suppose to just trust this guy talking over a recording on his  laptop, yea right.

Is Setting Up Free?

Nope, that’s actually gonna cost you too, Profit Bank preaches on the “spend money to make money” method which works fine for them because their getting the money, but us on the other hand are just hoping it works.

You’ll have to invest in the following to get all set up with Profit Bank…

  • Domain name purchasing, which affiliate links they have provided for you. Handy how that works for them.
  • Public Promotion, printing cards and public advertising.
  • PPC campaigns.

So yea, it’s gonna take some upfront investment before even proceeding with this program.

“Viral” Promotion 

Step 3 of your miracle money making 9 step process, is viral promotion, sounds exciting right? It certainly got my attention so I gave it a look, and what I found was comical.

Profit Bank Viral Promotion

Profit Bank gives you these handy pre-written e-mails to send to potential referrals stating that…

This alone will give you the potential to generate thousands of dollars in sales in very little time.


Really?! Who in their right mind would even get referred through that? That’s literally the outline of what online spam looks like, I don’t know about you, but if I saw that appear in my mailbox it would immediately go into the trash.

But wait, how do I get the emails to send these to? You guessed right, that’ll be offered later with their automated email list creator if you decide to proceed with paying for this program.

So much for going viral…

Public Promotion

This will be the last thing I’ll be going over about this “miracle program”, public promotion.

It sounds like it is, now if you thought those e-mails weren’t being a pest enough, they expect you to print cards out and start handing them out to people in your local neighborhood and surroundings.

Profit Bank Public Promotion

You see, when promoting promoting products on the internet, the competition is thick and fierce.


Dude can’t even spell check his sales page…

Claiming that promoting on the internet is too “thick and fierce.”

Really? The internet, the LARGEST database of information and users in the WORLD is just to competitive?

With it’s billions of users and astounding annual growth is just to washed up and competitive, I mean really?

I’m no stranger to hard work, and if it making a living required me to pass cards out, I would be passing them out all day until my fingers bled, but I’m also no going to trade my time for something that’s not worth it.

Why waste your time passing out cards, when you can be spending time on your site and article creating, why limit yourself to a neighborhood, when you can access thousands online?

Then what happens if you wash up most of your local neighborhood? Start traveling to pass out business cards to random strangers?

It just doesn’t make sense, and so much for being automated, looks like this part is something that you’re just gonna have to bite the bullet and get out there.

Final Verdict| Final thoughts on ProfitBank

As if it wasn’t obvious enough is ProfitBank a scam or not, I wouldn’t recommend this program to anyone!

For those looking to make money online or fellow affiliates looking for programs to promote, just keep looking and move on.

no oppurtunity

It might seem  I’m coming across negative with this review, but that’s purely all I could find, the only thing positive about this program was the referral percentage, but you can’t even get to it unless you pay!

You have FAR better options out there, and spending time on this program will just keep you from pursuing more lucrative opportunities out there.

So what now?

Well if you’re looking for a way to make money online and you’re bummed out Profit Bank wasn’t everything you hoped it would be, you’re not left out of options.

I was there once too, looking for legitimate ways to make money online, and believe me when I say I had to learn the hard way on how to spot scams like I can today, it wasn’t cheap for sure.

A lot of heartache, lost time, and money.

That was until I came across the program I use today that finally took making money online from a joke to a reality, my second love Wealthy Affiliate.

They gave me all the training, and guidance from website creation, to online marketing, to outsourcing your business, and yes there’s a free trial.

They took making money online from being a seemingly impossible task to the full time businesses I have today!

So if you’re curious and want to give it a quick look you can read my Wealthy Affiliate Review, by clicking the link here or above, or the banner below, and maybe they can give you the tools to success you need, like they did me.

Find out how I make money online!

If you have any additional comments you would like to add to this Profit Bank review, or have any question feel free to comment in the comment section below. I would love to hear them!

P.S. We have a serious Taco Bell addiction and the affiliate links on our site lets us order off the dollar menu. Thanks for your support!

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