Is Profit Booster A Scam?

Is Profit Booster a Scam? A new app that can make you thousands in your first hour! Might sound a little to good to be true right? Lets clear the air with this Profit Booster review.


Program Name: Profit BoosterProfit Booster

Owner(s): Peter Allen

Advertised Price: Free to sign up

Rating: 30/100


What is it?

Here’s something a little different than what I usually cover, a binary option trading app. It’s a broker app, you invest a lump sum of money and they claim you can make thousands back on your investment in a matter of hours.

So you invest-> Then you get a return on your money, plus some profit you made on the trade.

Sounds simple right, make thousands a day while you can just kick your legs back and relax. The American dream right?

So is profit Booster legit or not?| Short Review

As much as I wish it could be, unfortunately it isn’t, Profit Booster is a huge get rick quick scheme and has scammed countless people out of their hard earned money with no answer in return.

I would NOT recommend this to anyone looking to turn a profit on trading binary options, or for making any money at all in that matter!

I initially came across Profit Booster one day when I was browsing YouTube, and saw a video claiming to be the “best binary option software”, so being curious I decided to give it a look and there it was, Profit Booster in all its glory.

Profit Booster claims to be a “revolutionary automated software” that “takes the risk out of trading.”Scam

They feed you a bunch of overzealous claims

That of obtaining massive wealth, fast cars, and expensive trips, targeting those desperate to make something work online.

Even on their initial sales page, nothing, no information this “revolutionary software” whatsoever, no chart, no explanation, just claims that’ll make you  money. Where’s the proof?!

Once you’re signed up you’re going to be asked to broker a minimum of $250 in to broker Optek, while advising the “more you spend the more you earn”, this is a HUGE red flag! Claiming you’ll be making thousands in no time.

Anyone can claim something, doesn’t mean it’s true, I can claim that if you buy my “software” and if you click your mouse, you’ll get $100, it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen, but I claimed it.

Now all the people who believed me are out of their money and I’m off to the next scam. It’s a sad reality but it is one online.

So like I said earlier, I wouldn’t recommend this program to anyone looking to profit online, you’re just going to find yourself out of $250 or even more with nothing in return.

A little more about this “revolutionary software”

Hype, hype, hype, this is all you’re going to find with this program. I signed up went through the process and nothing.

Profit Booster

You’ll hear time and time again with these programs that you can achieve thousands without any experience in the field you’re going in, all on automation, with no risk, just a bunch of false claims.

Like this above in their sales video, if this program is SO successful how is it I can’t find not one success story accrediting Profit Booster with this kind of success?

If this was true why would he offer this program in the first place? You figure he would just do this for himself , he just gets the advantage once you sign up, no matter if you make money or lose money on the trade the brokers are still getting paid.

Profit  Booster “Testimonials”

Just looking at these testimonials I can tell it’s fake, many of these members have over a 90% winning rate and are showing $100,000’s of profit months, with just investing a few hundred dollars!

If this was true I would be rich by now for sure! This is just another attempt to prey on people’s hope for a new life, the get rich quick dream with no work and little risk, that just doesn’t exist.

Take a look at some of these testimonials for yourself.

Profit Booster Testimonial If these kind of results existed me and my whole family would be rich!

Final Verdict| Final thoughts on Profit Booster

Like if it wasn’t obvious already, I wouldn’t recommend Profit Booster to anyone looking to make any money online. You’re just going to loose your money and be left with nothing in return.

Hopefully this puts to rest is Profit Booster a scam or not for those of you looking into using this program.

There are FAR better opportunities out there other then buying into some scam, spending any time on this program will just keep you from perusing more lucrative opportunities out there.

no oppurtunity

So what now?

Since you’re here you’re probably looking for a way to make money online.

  • Maybe it’s your job you hate
  • A boss you can’t stand
  • Or you simply want more time with your family

A career online could be your solution and you’re looking for a way to make it a reality.

I know this because I was once there, I was a broke college kid looking to ditch a job I hated, that barely paid me enough to get by. So like you fine people I looked online, and man was it a journey.

I ran into scam and scam again, almost bringing me to the point of giving up, “maybe it’s just not for me I thought”.

That’s when I came across the program that gave me the business I have today, Wealthy Affiliate. They gave me all the training and guidance I needed to make money online no longer something that was just a “hobby” to the full time business it is today!

So if you’re curious and want to give it a quick look, feel free to give it a peek by clicking the link above in blue or the banner below to see if it’s right for you, it might just be your start online!

But whatever you decide to do, I’m glad I could at least help you avoid the atrocity that is Profit Booster.

Find out how I make money online!If you have any questions that need answering or just want to chat feel free to comment in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you!

P.S. We have a serious Taco Bell addiction and the affiliate links on our site lets us order off the dollar menu. Thanks for your support!

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