Is Twickerz A Scam Or Legit?

Product Name: TwickerzIs Twickerz a scam or legit?

Product Owner: Ms. Marijoy

Advertised Price: Free to join

Rating: 15/100


What is it?

Twickerz is a pay to click (PTC)  website, meaning it’s members can earn money by viewing advertisements and advertisers get free traffic as well as sales from these viewers. If you’re unfamiliar with PTC sites or just have no idea what it is, all it means is you usually are given some advertisements to view, you click on them, solve the captcha (could be as simple as pasting some text in a few columns) and then you wait for the timer to run out, then you get credit, it’s a simple process in a sense.

So on to the big question here, is Twickerz a scam or legit?| Short Review

After doing some further research into Twickerz I would NOT recommend this to anyone looking to make money online, not even if it’s just a few dollars a month.Twickerz Scam

The reason behind this isn’t that I’m not recommending a PTC program as a “dependable” business model, it’s Twickerz in particular.

Twickerz is merged with GoldenGroup, which consists of scam sites such as Goldenclix, Silverclix, Adzpot, Clixdo, and Balkanikaclix.

Would you trust a site who’s whole network consists of scams? Didn’t think so.

Do any of those names sound familiar? Probably not, because they’re shutdown, they’re notorious for making money off its members, then shutting down with no warning leaving it’s members left in the dark, with no pay outs or any idea what happened.

Twickerz admin announced this in their forum saying

We are both inspired and motivated by a similar vision.”

(This isn’t a lie on their part since that vision is clearly scamming people out of money, so I can’t say they’re wrong about that one.) Not to hard to tell if Twickerz is a scam or legit.

A little about this “New Face of Advertising”

I first came across Twickerz through a review I was reading online when a banner popped up (Twickerz) claiming to be the “New Face of Advertising” lol, so I decided to humor myself and go give this “revolutionary” program a quick look.

So how do you earn money in Twickerz?

Like any other PTC  program you earn money by viewing advertisements,

Click the ad ->

Watch the video ->

Solve the captcha wait for the timer to run out ->

Then you’re done!

Sound easy right? It’s pretty mindless work and you could imagine why this would attract so many people in the first place. The thing is though the payment per click resembles the effort put into it, like most PTC sites the payments per click are very small.

In Twickerz case it can be anywhere from 0.ooo5 – 0.005 per click. For every click you are given 1 point and 5000 points is equal to $1USD,  and each advertisements could take anywhere from 5 – 15 seconds to view.

So the longer the advertisement the higher the payment the shorter the advertisement the lower the payment.

To put that into perspective, say if you were able to watch the highest paid advertisements every 15 seconds, it would take you 50 consecutive minutes of nonstop viewing and 200 ads later to earn a measly $1!

How you can earn more money withing Twickerz

Referrals, to earn more money within Twickerz and to get higher payouts per ad you would have to refer people to Twickerz as your referrals, you’re basically doing the work of recruiting for them and in return you get a higher payout per ad.

Twickerz Affiliate Program
Twickerz Affiliate Program

When you make referrals, you can expect to have some added benefits from what they say, such as:

  • You can get paid up to 0.04 per click
  • Get the chances to win up to $5.oo in Twickgrid
  • Get the chance to win a free upgrade
  • You’ll be given unlimited direct referral

There is a small catch though, if you want to really enjoy this feature and claim your referrals you are required to view at least 4 ads a day down in the “sponsored advertisements section” to earn commissions from your referrals that day.

So if you don’t view your 4 ads that day and your referrals rank in a bunch of clicks you get nothing (which to me is total bogus because you got them those members in the first place).

What I liked| Pros

Besides me having no desire for anyone to join this site, but if you are interested, in the PTC world this site does have some added benefits and “features”.

  • Has plenty of ads to view compared to most PTC sites to keep you busy

Since the core of PTC programs is viewing ads it does help to have a large selection to choose from.

  • Offers video ads

With PTC programs having video ads can make a world of difference. Since you will be spending half your day to make some money with it, it will help to have some decent entertainment to help get you through it other then starting at images for hours on end.

  • Low minimum payout

Offers a low minimum payout of $1 so you can claim your money when it hits that number or anytime above.

Added features that can be found in Twickerz

These are additional features you can expect to find withing Twickerz when you join.

  • TwickGrid
  • Paid to like
  • PTC Wall
  • Matomy OfferWall

In my opinion these added features if you were serious about using this program, would be a waste of time, not because they aren’t useful but if you’re trading your time for money, recruiting referrals seems to be the best route for increasing the amount of money you earn.

Things I didn’t like| Cons

Where to start really is the issue, I could go on for days rambling on about things I don’t like about this program, but I’ll spare you the torture and go over some of the main points/big factors for why I don’t exactly like Twickerz.

  • The dependability of this program is poor, don’t expect any support when in the community, especially if it’s for something negative.

You can find multiple reviews online from members claiming to have their comments edited when asking questions in the community and in some cases even having their accounts suspended for no apparent reason.

  • It belongs to a network of similar scam sites, if that isn’t a red flag then I don’t know what is.

With Twickerz merging with GoldenGroup (notorious for multiple scam sites) it’s obvious Twickerz wouldn’t be the best site to trust.

  • The amount of money you can earn with Twickerz isn’t worth the time you’ll put into it.

You would have to spend HOURS grinding it out viewing ads for days at a time to even earn a few dollars a month, then if you want to increase what you earn you’ll have to spend even MORE time recruiting members. So not only will your time be occupied viewing mindless possibly malicious ads, you’ll have to market the program also.

The effort here just doesn’t equal the results, plain and simple.

  • To earn any decent money (maybe more than a few dollars a month) you’ll have to refer multiple people to the site.

Like I said above,  Twickerz is real big on their referral program, really giving you no other options for advancement other then recruiting new members.

  • A lot of the advertisements aren’t said to be secure, Twickerz doesn’t guarantee your safety when viewing ads, leaving you vulnerable to all kinds of viruses.

This isn’t uncommon with some PTC sites, but you would expect a little bit of protection when viewing ads for a program, I mean you are making the money, the least you could deserve is a little security.

With Twickerz you aren’t promised this, it’s more of a try at your own risk, you would expect more from the “new face of advertising” (as they claim).

Final Verdict| Final thoughts on Twickerz

If it wasn’t obvious already I wouldn’t recommend this program to anyone looking to make money online. Not only is this site not a safe place to earn money online (for reasons listed above and more), it just isn’t a good business model.

no oppurtunity

So what now?

Personally,  I’ve never been a big fan of PTC sites, I think they’re frankly just a waste of time, you aren’t getting anything for the amount of time and effort you put into them.

I was there once too, searching for extra ways to make money online and I’ve encountered and even tried many PTC sites along the way and I learned the hard way, they aren’t worth it. Hours spent working with only a few dollars in return, and in some cases payouts that were never given, it put a sour taste in my mouth.

Besides that, today I do make a living online, doing what you would be doing in Twickerz to earn a few more cents except I actually ENJOY what I’m doing!

It’s affiliate marketing, I’ve made multiple successful sites for myself and others through affiliate marketing, you’re not limited to a certain product or topic to promote, you can focus on almost any topic or niche, and still be successful, there are thousands!

I learned what I know today thanks to the Wealthy Affiliate Business Community, it took me from a broke college student looking for ways to make some extra money online (like you might be right now) to a full time business owner.

Promote products you believe in instead of some mindless program, and get paid more than some change to do it. Starter accounts are free. so you can take a look inside the community and look around to see if it’s for you, and if it’s something you’ll enjoy doing.

P.S. We have a serious Taco Bell addiction and the affiliate links on our site lets us order off the dollar menu. Thanks for your support!

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