Learn How To Find A Niche Market With These Simple Steps

Finding your place online is essential to your success, it’s you creating a face for yourself, “branding” if you wanna call it that.

It’s you choosing your niche and going for it, targeting your audience, and gaining authority, ultimately leading to your future success.

But one of the biggest issues most beginners face is learning how to find a niche market for themselves, so you’re not alone when it comes to this.

I get asked time and time again on what direction someone should go in, “Is it profitable?” “Is there demand for it?” “Is it to competitive?”, now these are important questions but why stick to asking questions when you can just learn for yourself?

If anything you don’t want to be sharing potential gems with people online, asking everyone if it’s a good market only to have it stolen right out from underneath you.

Maybe this is even why you’re here today? Long story short, learning how to find these markets on your own is going to be ESSENTIAL to your future success online.

So I’m gonna keep it simple and share with you what has worked for me and thousands of other online marketers, time and time again, from beginners to advanced.

The following will be broken into 4 sections:

  1. Finding a possible niche/market
  2. Evaluating opportunities for your niche
  3. Checking competitiveness
  4. Making your decision

Note: Be sure to follow in order, if you need to bookmark the page and reference it back after every action step that’s fine.

Finding A Possible Niche/Market

Now this is probably one of the more exciting steps when it comes to finding your niche, you get to look around and see what can become of your ideas!

All you need is a keyword tool and a little drive and we can get something good going here.

If you need a keyword tool, I personally use Jaaxy, and will be using this for the remainder of the tutorial. No worries though, if you’re a fan of Google’s Keyword Tool they should work just fine.

Note: Although they don’t look exact, the search results we are looking for Jaaxy and Google’s tool will be the same, the only difference is the tool’s method of showing competition.

For Jaaxy- Competition is rated by green being low competition, yellow being moderate competition, and red being high competition.

For Google- Competition is rated by a bar, the higher the bar is the higher the competition, the lower the bar, the lower the competition.

What this tool does is it allows you to find the total volume of monthly searches for certain keywords or phrases, finds related keywords, and gauges competition for these keywords.

For this example I’m going to be using the keyword “How to surf fish”.

Look at the results the phrase turned up:

Keyword research for niche

You’re typically going to be looking for a search volume of at least 200, with a low amount of competition.

With the keyword we have here you see it has the average volume of monthly searches at 361 with a green light, meaning it’s a good opportunity.

Checking The Competitiveness For Your Niche

Now that you have found a good keyword phrase to base your niche around go into the Google search bar and type your keyword phrase in.

This is a good way of gauging your potential competition within this niche.

What comes up?

Are they big authority sites?

Is there a lot of paid advertising on the right sidebar?

If so this niche might be a little to competitive even with the prior keyword search being done.

Typically with high authority sites popping up means it’s going to be very difficult to keep up with them, with  most of them having multiple writers they can push out multiple articles a day, making the pace hard to keep up.

With paid advertising on the right sidebar, if there is a lot this means there is a high amount of PPC competition, and the last thing we want is to put out quality content and end up having our traffic taken from someone who’s paying for it.

If you’re site doesn’t show these signs of high competition, then awesome, you might just have something here!

Evaluating Opportunities For Your Niche| Finding Keywords

So you got a good keyword phrase to base your niche around, now we have to find what you’re going to be writing about.

With entering a niche you want to ensure there are plenty of lucrative, low competition keywords for you to wright on.

Just search your phrase in the keyword tool and begin adding and taking words from your phrase to see what results you can turn up.

For example with our phrase “How to surf fish”, we could use phrase like:

  • Surf fishing for beginners
  • Best rods for surf fishing
  • Best surf fishing line
  • Best surf fishing spots

With each of these still being in the relative niche of surf fishing, you can widen your reach all while still staying in your niche. From here it’s simply just targeting your audience and scaling your business.

You get the picture, so once you got your idea of what there is in your niche and found some niche market keywords you want to work with, you can make a decision.

Making Your Decision

From here it’s merely deciding if this is something you wanna go with. Do you feel this is something you can sustain for a period of time? Do you like writing about the niche?

These are questions to ask yourself before going through with a decision or can even be decision breakers making one a better decision than the other.

Once you have your mind made up you’ll need to register for a domain, and the reason this is so important is that since we are tar targeting a specific niche we want our domain to reflect the kind of content we are going to be putting out.

You’re going to want to pick a domain that reflects your niche as close as possible. Even try adding and implementing new words within the same keyword. Something like:

  • howtosurffish.com
  • surffishingforbeginners.com
  • learntosurffish.com

This can even play a role in Google ranking your content due to the related keywords in the URL, Google will view your site as a trustworthy site within the niche.

Once you’ve gone through the process and found yourself and available domain, then congratulations, you’ve learned how to find a niche market!

Good luck!

Wrapping Things Up…

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