Lyft Is Great Way To Earn Money For College Students

College students are usually pretty busy going to classes, studying and doing their homework, which leaves little time for earning extra cash. However, one great way to pick up some bucks if you own a car and love to drive, is to start working for the ride share company called Lyft. You can even drive Lyft if you don’t own a car (more on this below)…

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Lyft started in 2012, and is a company where members use their personal vehicles to drive passengers to wherever they need to go for a certain fee. This fee is usually cheaper than hiring a taxi, so it is very appealing to people who need to get somewhere and don’t have a car or don’t want to drive. Plus, it is seen as being more personal than a taxi in some cases.

How To Become A Lyft Driver

So, what are the qualifications of becoming a Lyft driver? Actually, it’s a pretty simple list. Here are the basics of becoming a Lyft driver:

  • Drivers must be at least 21 years old.
  • Drivers must submit to a check of their driving history, which is done through their state’s Department of Motor vehicles. If you have had any issues such as a DUI, driving without insurance, suspended license, had an accident with a fatality, or been charged with reckless driving, you likely won’t be able to sign up with Lyft.
  • Drivers must get a background check and if there is any felony activity found they likely cannot drive for Lyft.
  • Must have either an iPhone or Android type of smart phone.
  • Driver’s license must be from the state you intend to drive in and must have had it for at least a year.

Vehicle Requirements For Being A Lyft Driver

Here are the requirements for a vehicle for Lyft driving:

  • Vehicle must be registered in the state you drive in, must have car insurance in the driver’s name, vehicle must be made in model year 2004 or newer, must have four doors, must have good tires, windshield, windows, and mirrors; all things such as lights, horns, seatbelts, a/c and heater must work, and there can be no body damage. No problems with things like the engine, brakes, steering, transmission, or suspension can exist. All vehicles will be inspected by Lyft. This information may change at any time, to get the most up to date requirements visit their official website by clicking here.

Is Lyft A Good Way To Make Money? Tips To Earn More With Lyft

If you want to earn the most driving for Lyft, you have to offer good personal service and do things that other drivers don’t do. This includes being willing to take riders during timeframes other drivers don’t like such as late evenings, early mornings or on the weekends. It is also a great idea to offer your passengers a perk like a cool bottle of water or a piece of candy. You can also provide things like tissues or small trash bags. You can set your own hours when you drive, which is probably one of the biggest benefits to driving Lyft; be your own boss and choose when you want to earn tips and extra cash.

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Another way to make more money while driving for Lyft is to make sure you know where to find the most riders. For instance, if you are a college student, you know that many of your fellow students don’t own a car and therefore will need frequent rides to parties, jobs, the airport, etc. Plus, you can stay around places like pubs, bars, entertainment centers, movie theaters, etc. to pick up riders. This works because Lyft assigns the drivers based on how fast they can get the passenger to their destination. To calculate the potential earnings in your own city, click here to check out the Lyft driver earnings calculator.

Plus, another way to keep the customers happy and make you a popular Lyft driver is to make sure your passengers have a comfy and clean ride to their destination. This will help to get you higher ratings and possibly even higher tips.

To accomplish this, be sure to clean and vacuum out your vehicle every few days so each time the car is clean and fresh. Ensure any air freshener is a neutral scent so as not to bother a potentially allergic passenger. Don’t eat or do anything else that could be seen as sloppy while providing rides. This is unprofessional and no rider wants to ride with a driver with onions on their breath!

What Can You Expect From Being A Lyft Driver?

All in all, being a Lyft driver can be a very nice extra gig for earning extra cash while you are attending college. Some of the advantages of being a Lyft driver are that there is great flexibility in deciding when you want to drive and when you don’t. You can work as little or as many hours as you desire, be your own boss and set your own hours to work.

Lyft drivers make a fairly decent income and minimal training is required before you can start driving for Lyft. As long as you meet the requirements mentioned above, then all you need to do is sign up online. After becoming a Lyft driver, you will start getting riders and get to keep all your tips.

The Lyft app keeps track of time and distance of your rides and will charge the rider automatically. Then, you will be paid weekly by a deposit into your banking account. Lyft drivers get their tips, plus a specific percentage of the driving fee, which depends on the number of rides you give every week. However, if you manage to provide a certain amount of rides every week all the time, then you can also get generous bonuses from Lyft called power driver bonuses.

$200 Million In Tips, And Counting

So far a total of $200 million dollars (wow!) has been given as tips to drivers. Not all of your passengers will tip, but if you follow the guidelines above then there’s a higher chance they will. Passengers are encouraged to tip within the app and you can keep the whole amount. These can add up quickly and really help you out in the long run.

Don’t Have A Car? No Problem!

Even if you don’t have a car you can still drive with Lyft. Depending where you are, you can get access to all-inclusive rental cars designed to help people out who don’t have any wheels. You can use this car for personal use, driving with Lyft and even use an unlimited amount of miles. Here are the basics on getting started renting a car with Lyft:

  • Apply to see if there’s a car available in your area
  • Put down a refundable deposit to cover charges on your rental
  • Pick up and start earning, you’ll be notified when your ride is available

There’s really no excuse to not get started, especially with programs like these that we can take advantage of.

Lyft Promo Code

You can even get a special driver bonus if you haven’t done this before. This an excellent way to really make some extra cash if you’re brand new to Lyft. The bonus amount depends on what city you’re signing up in and only works if you haven’t created a Lyft account before.

So, if you are a broke college student looking for a fun and easy way to earn those extra bucks, then consider signing up to become a driver for Lyft. To see how much you qualify for click the picture below and get your account started.

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