Make Being Broke In College A Past Issue

Being broke in college isn’t something you should have to settle for, even if you “think” there is just no way around it.

  • If you don’t have enough money
  • Feel like you have no time for a second job
  • Or just don’t know what’s really out there for you

There’s a solution for everything and with every solution there is an opportunity to improve your current situation.

So we’ll be going over some ways we can fix this and even throw some tips in there so being broke in college will just be another stereotype.


Here’s 8 ways to not go broke while still in college

Cut Expenses

Even if you feel like it might be difficult making it by already, where are some places you’re spending a little more than others that you can cut back on?

Now this might seem a little redundant, but if you’re not doing the following already you might want to start here.

Groceries: Try shopping generic instead of name brand. You can also start buying your own ingredients and cooking the food yourself instead of going for pre-made convenience food.

Monthly Memberships: How many monthly memberships are you signed up to? If you don’t find yourself really getting your money’s worth you should start clearing them out and saving yourself the money.

Shopping Habits: I know it’s hard to bite the bullet while in college and not spend but try to cut back on all the excess clothes, gadgets, and accessories. If you’ve made it this far without it then most likely you can go on without it.

I get it though, it’s easier said than done. Just sit down and write all your expenses out and set a certain budget amount, see what fits and what needs to be eliminated.

Avoid Debit & Credit

Now this is something a little bit controversial, and I stand on both sides. I do think that a debit card is a wonderful thing to have and is almost necessary in today’s society, and I think that establishing credit is important also.

ALTHOUGH there are some things to watch out for here.

If you find yourself looking at your bank account at the end of the week and don’t know where your money’s gone, chances are you might be overworking that debit card of yours.

If this is the case then maybe a credit card wouldn’t be the wisest decision either. Last thing we need is credit card debt. (little statistics on how big of an issue credit card debt really is)

Some solutions to this would be simply using your debit/credit card when deemed absolutely necessary and preferably for small purchases (especially credit).

Just start taking out a set amount of cash from every paycheck and making it last until your next paycheck.

You’ll start thinking twice before you go shopping and will keep you more grounded on your spending.

Stay Single

We all know having a significant other can get expensive, with anniversaries, birthday’s, holiday’s, going out, it can all begin to add up really quick.

So if you’re a guy or gal who’s okay with being single, it’ll probably be best to stick it out until your financial situation changes or you’re more stable outside of college.

Pick Up A New Hobby

Staying occupied can do wonders on fixing your spending habits.

Likely the less time you have to sit around and do nothing the more likely you are to spend, so start searching around for some time passers that might interest you.

  • Pick up fitness
  • Start reading more
  • Learn a new skill
  • Try painting
  • Learn how to play a new instrument

The list really can go on and on, but I thing you get the picture. Just find something that you’ve always wanted to do or that might interest you and just look into it.

There’s no harm in trying, so why not?

Start The Job Hunt

Not to state the obvious, but if you find yourself struggling to make ends meet and you don’t have a job, it’s time to start looking.

Since you’re probably busy with school full time wouldn’t be an option so look for part time positions in your area.

Most employers will understand your situation and will be willing to work around your class schedule.

If you’re an incoming freshman, try applying for jobs and positions before you move down to ensure you have a job once your settled in.

Learn To Budget

This kind of wraps up everything I’ve gone over thus far, just try implementing the things covered in this post and see how it goes.

Just remember to separate necessities and wants, once you do this you should be able to do just fine.

Also, live withing your means. I know how everyone wants to have the nicest everything while in college, but why stress the rest of the month because you just HAD to have that watch?

You’re in college, just get your degree, then your career, then you can enjoy all the finer things in life, it’ll all come in due time.

Take Advantage Of College Discounts

A lot of college towns offer college discounts to support students while also benefiting there businesses.

You’ll be surprised the amount of places that offer discounts for local college students, just start asking and searching.

Start Earning

Saving and budgeting just not gonna cut it?

Maybe saving money here and there and tightening your budget aren’t gonna cut it, you need an additional source of income.

The thing with this is, your probably already a full time student with a part time or even full-time job so there’s simply just not enough hours in the day for another job.

The great thing about our generation that our parents didn’t have, is the possibility of earning an additional income online.

Even offline the opportunities are there you just have to know where to look.

It’s how I got through college and is even what I do today, so I know for a fact it’s achievable, I just had to learn where to look.

So here’s some online and offline opportunities and ideas I put together for those of you that saving just isn’t gonna cut it:

Maybe this will put some missing pieces together or even spark an idea for a new venture.

Wrapping Things Up…

There really is one place I recommend for those looking to start earning online, it’s the business model that got me through college and sparked the fire for online business I carry today.

You can check it out and read more about it by clicking the banner below or the link above.

If it’s not for you then you still have all the awesome opportunities and ideas I left you to look into above.

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