Make Extra Money For College

The fact that you’re here falls on one three things:

  • You’re looking to save money prior to going.
  • You’re looking to make money to put towards it.
  • or you just really love money. (which is cool too)

Whatever it is they all have one thing in common you’re looking to make extra money for college.

Of course, there are tons of ways you can do this, but since you’re probably a student (depending on what time of year you read this) you’re probably tight on time and maybe don’t have the most impressive work experience out there.

I get it, I was there once too so I know how it feels, I wanted to make more money, but I had no time, but then when trying to get a better job everyone wanted 2-3 years experience, but who was going to give that to me?!

Being why I was inspired to write this post for other’s going through the same thing, it’s tough just starting out and college is just the beginning.

So the more you know now the better, and who knows I might inspire the next greatest Entrepreneur here. (anything’s possible!)

So here’s some great online and offline ways you can take matters into your own hands.

How To Make Extra Money For College

First off would be something that a lot of you would consider as common sense but are you really doing you due diligence when it comes to it? I’m talking about…


If you’re a senior or just graduated my best word of advice is apply for as many grants, scholarships, as many as you possibly can!

In the last year alone over $2.9 Billion in went unclaimed by college students.

It’s literally free money that is being passed by every year because people simply aren’t looking for them.

Most people just think if they didn’t get some amazing full ride scholarship for sports or arts that you’re stuck getting a student loan and that isn’t the case.

They’re free to apply for so what do you have to lose? The best thing is that you can apply this money towards your school, living expenses, bills, whatever it is you need to get yourself through college, that’s what they’re for!

The best part is (if you don’t fail or drop out of school in some cases) grants once given to you are completely yours and don’t require you to pay them back.

So if you do your research and really apply yourself you could go through college and graduate debt free and with a degree under your belt.

Next on the list would be something kinda vague, but don’t worry I’ll give some great examples and resources to you help you connect the dots, and that’s…

Embracing Your Entrepreneurship Side

You’re here clearly looking for ways to make extra money so I’m guessing you’re a resourceful person who is willing to put the work in.

The word “entrepreneurship” can scare a lot of people, they think you have to be some tech genius or have the next solution to a serious problem, but this isn’t the case. (although if you are or do, then that won’t hurt either)

You just need to play to your strengths or interests.

  • What are things you’re good at?
  • What inspires and interests you?
  • What is a problem that you see that you think you might have a solution to?

Just start writing some things down that answers the things above, now that we have the what, we need to answer the how.

How can you make this happen? Let’s say, for example, you’re someone who has an artsy side, maybe you’re really good at drawing.

And what is one thing that almost all college kids or teens that turn 18 want? A tattoo!

But a lot of them have trouble putting their ideas in their head for what they want on paper, but you have that ability, you could take requests at your choosing and sketch up designs for people to help them get what they want.

You could even take your art skills or creative side online and offer design services on places like Fiverr, creating logos, social media headers, and graphic design services for clients.

Another way of going at this is using your learned knowledge instead of skill to help people who don’t have it.

Fitness, for example, let’s say you’re a fitness buff and you’re always getting asked what you’re workout routines are, what diets you follow, what supplements work, etc. people are clearly showing interest in what you have achieved, your physique.

People are clearly showing interest in what you have achieved, your physique. (The great thing about this is that you’re walking, living proof that what you say works, even better.)

You could train people on your own time, charge per hour or per session or you could even create custom workouts or diet routines for people that are interested at a cost per plan.

I can go on for days on all the other different skills you could use and how you could apply them makeup, hair, gaming console creation, food delivery service, and the list goes on.

But if you still need some more inspiration here’s a great list I put together just for you…

21 Entrepreneurship ideas for college students, that might inspire the Entrepreneur in you.

Now also following up the whole “working for yourself idea” here’s some great ways you could take this online if you’re really tight for time…

Getting Online

I’m sure we’ve all hear about making money online (might even be why you’re searching now), but there seems to be a view that a lot of people have about it that it doesn’t work or it’s just “too good to be true”.

Now those both can be very true, but that depends on what you’re doing and where you’re looking.

If you’re someone who is expecting to make a full-time income from watching a video or clicking advertisements than yea it’s not going to work.

Then if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

Making money online is no easy task and usually takes effort, patience, and time, but if done correctly with the right action it can pay 10 fold what you put into it.

There are tons of different ways you could make money online, but like I said earlier we want something that’s actually going to work, not just pennies on the dollar.

We also probably don’t have a full-time staff or $1,000’s in start-up capital just laying around so that does eliminate a lot of our options.

Even with this being said there are still some great ways you can earn some extra money online, even while in college. 

But for the sake of keeping this article under 10,000 words here are some great resources you could use to learn and try out various ways of making money online to find your best fit.

Since I’m not sure of your particular situation I think it’s best to give you a variety and let you narrow it down to your own unique perspective and situation instead of me.

(Don’t worry I’ll give a little info on what to expect before you go looking so you don’t go about it blind)

So if you’re someone who is looking to spend the least amount of money possible and has no problem with patience then you should try looking into…

Affiliate Marketing-

A type of online based marketing where you promote (market) other company’s/people’s products or services and get a % of every sale made by you.

What you’ll need:

To do this successfully you shouldn’t mind:

  • Writing 500 – 1,500-word articles every other day.
  • Being patient with your results.

If this sounds like something that might be for you, check out my free Beginners Guide to Affiliate Marketing.

If you’re someone who wants a faster return and doesn’t feel like waiting but doesn’t mind spending a little extra money than try looking into these business models…

Retail and Online Arbitrage-

One of the oldest business models still in practice today, Arbitrage is simply the buying of a good/product at a lower price and selling it a higher price for a profit.

There are two forms of doing this, online and retail:

  • Online Arbitrage– This is the sourcing of your products online and purchasing online on sites or e-commerce stores.
  • Retail Arbitrage– The sourcing of your products in house at a retail store and purchasing them in store.

The only difference really being how you find your products than from there is fairly the same.

This is something that can be done with very little start up capital, nothing more than $100 (you can spend more if you like, but usually isn’t necessary) and you scale up from your profits.

Spend $100 -> Make $300 -> Spend $200 -> Make $600 -> and so on.

Of course, there is a whole process to this but like anything it can be learned and isn’t all that technical to get up and going.

Here’s a free walk through guide on how I practice online arbitrage.

Next will be something for those of you heavy hitters but can pay off substantially if you go about it correctly.

Private Labeling-

Holding some similarity to Arbitrage in the sense you are purchasing products at a lower price and selling higher, but instead of them being other company’s products they’ll be yours.

Private Labeling is you creating and scaling your own brand.

You sourcing and finding profitable products than getting with manufacturers domestically or internationally to develop and create your product than you selling them online or in-store.

Typically starting off will be online due to retail stores usually being difficult to get into for unknown brands.

There is one catch, I didn’t say it was for heavy hitters for nothing, doing this typically isn’t cheap to get started.

Putting a ballpark number on what it takes to really get started is hard to do, but to play it safe if you don’t have at least $1,000 you’re willing to invest then you probably won’t feel comfortable doing this.

This might be intimidating to a lot of people, but the potential here is incredible.

If you’ve always felt like a business person at heart, here’s a free guide on how Private Labeling works.

Wrapping Things Up…

I could have sat here and listed off a million different things but I only feel compelled to share what works rather than just making a list bigger than it needs to be to look “impressive”.

Most sites list off tons of different ideas but don’t really take the college student’s budget or time into consideration and that’s what I was striving for here.

If you have any questions or comments fell free to drop a comment in the comment section below, and I’ll try and get back to you as soon as possible.

Until next time,

Tyler of Broke College Solutions





P.S. We have a serious Taco Bell addiction and the affiliate links on our site lets us order off the dollar menu. Thanks for your support!

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