Make Money Using YouTube And Affiliate Marketing

YouTube and Affiliate Marketing might be two entirely different beasts, but they can work in harmony if you know how to use them correctly.

YouTube can prove very beneficial for many businesses online and offline, but for this article specifically I’ll be going over how us fellow Affiliates can leverage YouTube to benefit our businesses.

Now when most of us think of making money on YouTube the first thing that pops to mind is ad revenue, but YouTube can be leveraged far more than ads.

So just how can YouTube and Affiliate Marketing go hand and hand?

YouTube’s Benefits For Affiliates 

Now how can YouTube benefit your Affiliate Marketing business?

3 Ways:

  • Improved rankings in the SERP’s (Search Engine Result Pages)
  • Generate traffic to your site.
  • Promoting products with affiliate links through video.

Lets go over them 1 at a time, first off how can having YouTube video’s for your site improve your site’s overall SEO?

Some thing that we’ve been seeing a lot more of and maybe you’re familiar with also, is the increasing amount of content with related videos ranking in the search engines.

This is because these sites are taking advantage of rich snippets and embedding them into their post description so the reader knows their’s a video there before they even click on the page.

With people being more inclined then ever to pursue video over straight content, their traffic flow and conversion rates will typically be much higher then those without video.

Here’s what Google has to say about rich snippets:

As you saw in the video there are several sites who are now gaining additional traffic and conversions due to their videos being embedded into their sites and utilizing rich snippets.

Now the process might be a little tedious but once you get it down you can just do it over and over again with ease.

Gaining Additional Traffic To Your Site

Even YouTube videos are starting to find there way into the search results usually dominating for these type of keywords:

  • How To’s
  • Reviews
  • Sports or fitness related
  • Recipes

Little example of a search phrase as simple as: “How to ride a bike”, and look what turned up:

YouTube videos showing in search results

Of the first 3 slots 2 are YouTube videos, and truthfully which one are you going to choose? The pictures or a real video guiding you through it? The video!

If you optimize your keywords right you could be gaining traffic from your YouTube videos and directly from Google.

You could link back to your site within the video description and gain traffic from YouTube and Google search.

Product Reviews And Affiliate Links

Probably one of the most popular forms of generating income with using YouTube for Affiliate Marketing is using affiliate links in the product descriptions.

Back in the day if someone wanted to know more about a product they would have to talk to a salesman, but today people are flocking online!

With this new wave of searching for information this is a huge opportunity for us affiliates.

Here’s an example of a video review done on the Fitbit alta:

YouTube reviews and affiliate marketing links

If you look at the bottom of the description you’ll notice a link that says “”, it’s just a simple affiliate link using Amazon Associates and when clicked brings you to Amazon:

Fitbit Alta on Amazon

With over 400,000 views and at a sale price of $125 I would Imagine he had a pretty good turnover with this video.

But just slapping up a video on YouTube and putting links in there isn’t going to work, there are some things to take into consideration.

If the link isn’t related to your content don’t put it in there.

Don’t just slap any link in the description in hopes of people clicking on it.

One this is spammy and could result in the termination of your account, and secondly this would just lead to a lack of viewer trust and low conversions.

Offer Quality Content

This is essential if you’re looking to make a business out of this. Quality is pushed more than ever these days, so just putting a video together in 5 minutes and uploading it isn’t going to cut it.

You need to offer real value with your videos, if it’s a review give an honest opinion, put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. What would you want to know prior to purchasing the product?

Last but not least, if you wouldn’t buy it don’t promote it! I’m not saying you can’t make a review on it, sure you can, point out its flaws and why you don’t like it, but don’t make up lies on how it’s good just to make a sale.

Instead of promoting it, give your opinion on it, point out the flaws, why it isn’t a good purchase, then give some links to reviews or products you do recommend.

You get a possible sale and you gain viewer trust, it’s a win win really.

Little tip: Offer your own personal review on the product, anyone can look up facts or read the product description. Show them what they can’t see or don’t know, opening the package, how it feels, its usability, things that someone would want to know when purchasing the product.

Wrapping Things Up…

Hopefully you found some value from this article and maybe inspired you to get some videos out there.

If you’re new to Affiliate Marketing this is a great way to start, but there is far more then just video marketing, this just barely scratches the surface of what’s possible with this business model!

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Until next time,

Tyler of Broke College Solutions

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