Take Surveys For Cash Review

A memberships site that offers you a high paying list of paid surveys to take, is it worth the investment? Let’s go over it in this Take Surveys For Cash Review.

OverviewTake Surveys For Cash

Program Name: Take Surveys For Cash

Owner(s): Jason White

Advertised Price: $39

Rating: 55/100

Website: takesurveysforcash.com

Quick Summary Of Take Surveys For Cash

Why the rating?: Overzealous claims with fake results and no legitimacy to back up their member results.

Pros: You get access to a list of paid survey sites. (Even with this they are not guaranteed to pay)

Cons: Your results with this program will not outweigh the effort put into it or the money for your subscription membership.

Short Review

So we’ve all most likely heard of paid surveys, you get a survey, fill it out, you get paid, a pretty painless process. A little cash on the side never hurt anyone and these kind of services can be beneficial if you know what you’re doing.

But when a company comes around claiming they found the “secret” to online survey taking, you have to be a little cautious.

Unfortunately Take Survey’s For Cash’s little “secret” is it can’t back up what it claims.

What are paid surveys? (Little info. for those of you not familiar to get you up to speed.)

What Is Take Survey’s For Cash?

I first heard about Take Survey’s For Cash when cleaning out my mailbox one day, a software the was “BRAND NEW” and only available for private users, with the classic “act now, it won’t be available to long” call to action we are all to familiar with.

So… what is Take Survey’s For Cash?  It’s basically a membership site that offers you a list of supposed top paying surveys to take in order to receive cash.

You pay for a membership -> You get special list -> You make money from surveys

I’m not against paid surveys for a little side income, like I said earlier a little extra cash never hurt anyone but what Take Survey’s For Cash claims is entirely unrealistic.

When you first come across their site you’ll see a homepage similar if not identical to the one I have up above and will be greeted by the self proclaimed “King of Surveys” Jason White.

Jason White of Take Surveys For Cash

He claims he has discovered the “secret” trick that he is willing to share on how he got high paying survey opportunities flooding in his mailbox.

take surveys for cash

As much as we would want to believe there really is a hack or “secret trick” when it comes to making money online, those of you a little more seasoned would know better, there isn’t one.

This is just a little bait for those new to fall into believing him. The interesting thing about this is how his prices for this program seem to drop.

Take Surveys For Cash Price Drop

Take Surveys For Cash Price Drop

You would think if you have this amazing program why would you be so desperate to sell it that you had to drop your prices almost 70% to get people to buy?

I know I might be being a little tedious, but this just raises a red flag for me.

Survey Companies

Clearly surveys are going to be a HUGE part of this program, so how does he claim these companies are going to just come flooding in your mailbox?

He claims these companies are desperate and need surveyors, so much that they are willing to pay big bucks to do so.

I means sounds like an easy concept to those who are unfamiliar with paid surveys but for those of us that are, we know this isn’t the case, AT ALL.

Survey companies are not desperate, and have hundreds if not thousands of applications put in for their surveys, their anything but desperate, if anything their picky.

Why are these companies so picky? They want a target audience!

If a company just recently released a new app that has all the newest R&B/Hip-Hop songs, they’re going to survey an audience that would be interested in their product, a young targeted audience.

They’re certainly not going to want some middle aged men filling out a survey for their app, it would be pointless and a waste of money and time on their part.

Earnings Disclaimer

One thing I cannot stress enough when you’re checking out these new programs is to check out their “Disclaimer” section or Terms and Conditions to see what you’re really getting into.

It pays to pursue these pages:

Take surveys for cash disclaimer

Any claims made of actual earning or example of actual results are not typical.

Basically “everything we just used as proof to get you to sign up is most likely not going to happen or is just fake.”

Take Surveys For Cash Disclaimer

No guarantees are made that you will achieve results similar to ours…In fact no guarantees are made you will achieve any results from our ideas and techniques in our material.

They do this to essentially cover up any legality issues with you not achieving the results you were hoping.

With this they can almost put anything on their sales page and leave you with a 30 second video, call it training and take your money.


no oppurtunity

Rapping up this review of Take Surveys For Cash

As if it wasn’t obvious enough already, the claims this program makes is OUTRAGEOUS, and for the price all your getting is a list of “paying” survey companies.

This can be anything from a $2 for 15 minutes, or in some cases not even cash, most of these surveys use a point system that can be later turned in for cash or gift cards to places like e-bay or Amazon.

So just do yourself a favor and avoid this one all together, the transparency of this program is laughable and shouldn’t even be given your time.

The Bottom Line

There’s really one program I really recommend, they gave me the tools and training I have today that gave me the freedom online I’ve always wanted.

It’s gonna take a little more work than filling out surveys, but it’s FAR worth it in the end. Click here to check it out and see if it’s right for you.

Click Here

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