Top Ways To Not Go Broke In College

Statistically 51.8% of the country (USA) lives under the poverty level, with 36.6% of this accounting for college students living off campus.

We here about it all the time, from friends, on social media,we act like it’s a laughing matter, but all of us know that being broke in college is no fun.

So with me having the background I come from, I felt more then compelled to help some fellow students struggling to make ends meet with some ways they can save or make a little extra income.

Here’s a list of ways you can beat the statistic and not go broke in college.

8 Ways To Not Go Broke In College

Top ways to not be broke in college

I’m going to include some tips that are useful rather then include 10 plus mediocre ones just so my list can be a higher number like most other sites.

Take Advantage Of Sales

Have you ever seen those shows about those coupon lady’s who buy half the store and end up paying close to nothing if anything at all.

Well that might be a little extreme, but you could learn a thing or two about what can be done with a little bit of effort.

When you go grocery shopping pay attention to sales and deals, stores have them all the time to move product and can save you $100’s a month if you really look.

Check out newspapers, store magazines, or subscribe to their e-mail lists, they usually reward their subscribers with exclusive deals and you can take advantage of these. (Plus it’s free to sign up, so why not?)

Avoid Using Your Debit or Credit Cards

This might sound a little extreme, but here me out. I know Debit and Credit make everything super convenient, but that’s the issue, it’s to convenient. It’s just to easy to swipe away and by the time you know it you’re bank account is run dry.

I shouldn’t even have to mention credit… I understand if you’re trying to build up your credit with a gas card or small credit card, but if you’re spending $100’s on shopping or going out, then that’s a problem.

What I found worked for me and might work for you, is with every check I got I would take $100 out in cash and that would be my spending money for the next 2 weeks.

If I wanted to go out, buy some shoes, whatever, that’s what I had to work with.

Plus it helps to have a visual account of how much you’re spending unlike when you use your Debit or Credit card.

Get A job (Offline or Online)

I feel ridiculous for even mentioning this, but if you’re short on cash and you don’t have a job yet you’re looking online for solutions, you might have a problem.

Unless you’re a full time student and just doesn’t have time for a job. (When I say this I literally mean no time in your day) the here’s some ways you can supplement some income online:

Now I don’t believe in get rich quick schemes nor do I promote them, these methods will take work, but they do work.

So if you’re serious about making some extra money, but are limited by time I suggest you check them out.

Use Your College Discounts

If you live on campus most likely you have a student/discount card for local business in the area.

Businesses in college towns know they have a huge potential customer base right at their finger tips but are aware student’s can’t pay as much as most of their clientele, so to counter that they offer student discounts.

Although they are taking a little cut in their margins the increase customer base makes up for it. So it’s really a win win for both parties.

Get Your Entrepreneur On!

Besides online there are tons of other ways you can generate a little extra income if you’re willing to put yourself out there.

So if you fell you got the entrepreneur itch, here’s 21 Entrepreneurship Ideas For College Students.

There’s actually some ideas in there I wish I thought of when I was still in school and had more time to pursue. Maybe you can make it happen!

Apply For Grants!!!

If you’re a senior of even a junior (good for you) preparing for college my best word of advice is apply for grants, scholarships, as many as you possibly can!

In 2015 alone over $2.9 billion in free college money went unclaimed by students!

From negligence on the parent’s and the student’s fault for not applying for their FAFSA early enough or just plain not looking.

You can apply these towards your degree, expenses, and whatever else comes up during your time in college. They’re free to apply for and with so many people not even knowing they exist for some you’re almost a guarantee due to lack of competition.

Live Within Your Means 

Something I shouldn’t have to mention, but feel the need to is living within your means. If you can’t afford it, don’t get it.

If something is going to put you in a financial bind and you know it will, just wait until you have the finances to support it or just overlook it all together.

There’s no need to put off the perception that you’re something you’re not, everyone in college knows everybody isn’t rich, so maybe missing rent isn’t worth that new watch or pair of shoes. (just something to keep in mind)

Milk Living On Campus

If you live on campus take advantage of the amenities that are included with living their, if your school has a recreation center/gym, use it! No need to spend extra money on something you could have for free.

The same thing applies for anything they offer on campus, if they offer it, take it. They’re already charging you an arm and a leg to be there so try and get your money’s worth!

Wrapping Things Up…

I can offer tips all day but if you don’t apply them nothing’s going to change, so if you’re serious about changing your situation and being broke is no longer funny to you, but don’t have to much money to invest you can check out what go me through college here.

Then if you’re someone who wants some serious income or wants to go all in, maybe you got the entrepreneurial itch?

You should check out my friends at, they offer some of the leading entrepreneurial courses online for heavy hitters looking to really make something more out of their life.

So if that sounds like you, you can check them out in the links above (whichever you prefer).

“The successful person and the unsuccessful person are looking at the same world, the only difference is what they see.”

Until next time,

Tyler of Broke College Solutions

P.S. We have a serious Taco Bell addiction and the affiliate links on our site lets us order off the dollar menu. Thanks for your support!

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