What Is A Niche Website- Building Your Own

It’s a common question for those new to online marketing, you’re hit with all this information and it can be hard to take it all in, I get it.

So we’ll be taking one chunk at a time and will be answering the question, what is a niche site?

Lets get the technicality out of the way first and then break it down for you:

“A niche site is a website focused on a very specific term or target”

Simple enough, they’re simply sites that cover a specific subject or “category” online.

The sites build around this subject or category and targets keywords related to their niche. It’s like you’re finding your little piece of the internet and building a business out of it.

So for example, lets say you like baseball so you make a baseball site, there’s your niche, or if you like home gardening, then you build you business around this.

Your niche really can be anything, with the internet being as massive as it is, you shouldn’t have to much trouble finding your place.

It can be over: 

  • Video games
  • Sports
  • Fashion
  • Gardening
  • Cooking

And the list really can go on forever,  but that’s just a basic list to get you’re understanding about what a niche website really is.

If you’re having trouble seeing the opportunities out there, here’s a little list to help.

Niche Oppurtunities

You can even go into more detail with a sub niche or “micro niche” (as they’re usually called) on the original category (We’ll talk about this more later).

“Micro Niches” of the original examples.

  • Video games can be narrowed down to Gaming Headsets
  • Sports to Soccer cleats
  • Fashion to Dresses
  • Gardening to Growing Tomatoes
  • Cooking to Healthy Snacks

Both have their pros and cons but the information you’ll get by the end of this might sway you one way or the other.

So lets start going over some of the details.

How Can A Niche Website Be Beneficial?

Now how is this going to benefit you? Why can’t you just write a site about multiple subjects to cover more ground?

Well you can, but it might not turn out the way you planned it to be.

If you’re familiar with online marketing we all know that keywords are essential to your business. They help you target set audiences, and deliver a better user experience.

When you have a niche site you can use these keywords to your advantage by targeting keywords specifically related to your niche.

So lets say your niche is Baseball Bats, you can use a keyword tool to target keywords like:

  • How to swing a baseball bat
  • Best wooden baseball bats
  • Best T-ball baseball bats

You get the picture, things related to baseball bats, but how is your niche being over baseball bats going to benefit you any?

Audience Trust, you’re going to develop trust with your readers, think about it!

Would you trust a site about hunting to give you ballet advice, and would you trust a ballet site to give you hunting advice?

No! There’s just no trust there, readers want to see that you “specialize” in a specific subject, leaving them more inclined to read your blogs and click your links.

The more trust you gain with your readers, the more credibility you gain, and can eventually lead to you becoming a major authority within your niche.

Now that we got that covered lets go over a little comparison of Niches and Micro Niches.

Niche’s, The Pros And Cons

Niches are like I stated earlier, they cover a specific category but aren’t as specific as micro niches.

The great thing about having a niche like this is you’re ability to branch out into other similar sub niches within your own.

If your niche was sports equipment you could go into equipment for soccer, baseball, football, hockey, really widening your horizon.

The thing with this is, you’re going to be competing with a lot of other authority sites and sub niche sites within your own.

When you have a broader niche like this, especially first starting out it’s going to be very difficult to gain any traction.

I’ve seen people go almost over a year until they started seeing some of their first traffic to their site! So it can be tough.

BUT, if you stick it out and really stay at it, and grow it to an authority, you can find a great deal of success with it.


  • Can cover a variety of different sub niches within a single niche
  • Has the ability to be generated into a massive authority


  • Can be very competitive
  • Will take a lot of effort and time to become and authority

Micro Niche’s Pros And Cons

Micro niche’s even if they aren’t so large in size can also prove to be pretty profitable, but they do come with their pros and cons also.

Since a micro niche is so subject specific you know the people you attract to your business (if you’re properly targeting keywords), are going to be very responsive to what you have to say.

This means you have the ability to convert very well with however you monetize your site if it’s banner ads, PPC campaigns, affiliate programs, social networking, whatever it is, since you’re establishing trust in your reader from the very beginning.

Another great thing is the competition, since your niche is so narrowed the competition is typically going to be very low, giving you the ability to establish yourself as an authority fairly quickly.

Even with this being said, micro niches do come with some down sides.

Lower amounts of traffic, even though it’s good for competition, being so subject specific can lead to your site getting lower amounts of traffic and in result generating lower amounts of conversions.

This means you’re going to need several different micro niche sites to generate an income worth having.

If you put in a fairly decent amount of effort and have the time to maintain several different sites, this can lead to a decent flow of steady income in a fairly short amount of time.


  • You’ll have an engaged audience
  • You can establish trust with your readers fairly quickly
  • Low competition


  • Lower amounts of traffic
  • Will take several sites to see a good return

Quick Tip…

When choosing domains for your site be sure to know your plans for this site, is it going to be a broader niche or a micro niche?

I say this because the domain name you choose can reflect on your business, and can even help with your favor with Google.

If you’re plan on branching out into several sub niches make sure your domain name (URL) isn’t restricted to a specific topic.

With micro niche sites try and include the subject or targeted keyword in your URL to help with user’s trust and helping your sites rankings.

Wrapping Things Up…

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