What Is Curated Content?- Why It’s Bad For Your Site

With Google baring down on what appears in the search engines, what used to be the days of the Old West and being able to rank fairly easily are now be washed away with Google’s new strict guidelines.

One of these being the implementation of curated content. So what is Curated Content?

“Content curation is the process of gathering information relevant to a particular topic or area of interest.”

Essentially it’s where someone instead of writing original content they funnel a bunch of information from other relevant resources and present it in a new post.

Basically just a big colleague of other people’s content presented in an organized fashion, “syndicated content” is what Google calls it.

The information is there it just doesn’t add “value” to the user, and Google is becoming HUGE on this.

Originality and quality seem to be the two ingredients Google is looking for in a good site, and if your site is just full of copied or redirected content, this can lead to lower rankings in your site or in some cases complete removal from the searches.

This for a lot of affiliate marketers used to be an effective way of getting quick rankings and not really writing anything, but like I mentioned earlier Google no longer agrees.

Google Doesn’t Like Curated Content

Now I know I will still have some people who disagree with me, but you can’t argue with Google when they say curated content is a violation of their webmaster guidelines.

Just check out this video put together addressing this specifically.

As you can see from the video that they stress “Original Content” and “Value” for your user.

  • This meaning that Google doesn’t want regurgitated content for it’s readers.
  • They want their users to get the most value from the site as possible and will rank accordingly.
  • Offering original well crafted content is king when it comes to getting rankings in the search results.

Other people’s content on your site just simply isn’t going to cut it anymore.

At the end of the day traffic is the lifeline of online business and unless you have alternative sources or are willing to pay for it, it’ll probably be best to comply with their guidelines. 

So How Can Curated Content Impact Your Business?

Besides negatively affecting your rankings and being removed from the search results, implementing curated content into your site can have some additional negative effects.

With content generally being the heart of your business, establishing a trusted voice online can make or break your business.

So how would this be possible if every time someone clicks on your site they just find a collage of different articles on your site? How is this establishing anything?

Guest Posts- Knowing The Difference

There is a HUGE difference between simply copying and pasting an existing sections onto and an article and calling it your own, to actually having a well written, original piece featured on your site.

Having a guest post featured on your site is very popular among online marketers, it generates exposure, can lead to increased traffic, but it’s not to be confused with syndicated or curated content.

Wrapping Things Up…

Writing great content really is the key to finding success with online marketing, there really is no way around it, and even Google is ensuring this.

But not everyone can write high quality, high ranking content overnight, with Google’s ever changing guidelines it helps to know what you’re doing.

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