What Is Retail Arbitrage?

So we’ve all heard about it, “this low risk fast paced business model”, but what exactly is retail arbitrage?

Retail arbitrage simply put is the selling of other companies products at a lower/discounted price and selling them online (Amazon, E-bay, etc.) for a profit.

Retail arbitrage in-particular, different from it’s counterpart online arbitrage, primarily focuses on the sourcing of your product in-house at the store itself rather than online.

Looking for a little more here’s some great courses on how to practice retail or online arbitrage for yourself.

Just scroll down to the retail and online arbitrage section.

What Is Retail Arbitrage Good For?

Retail Arbitrage is good for someone who is new to the online business game or selling online in general. It’s typically low cost to start and when done correctly low-risk.

Since the business model is typically fast paced most people see a return on their money and profit fairly quickly, but like I said it all comes down to your process.

I’ve spoken to people who are only doing a couple $100 a month and to some who are doing tens of $1,000’s a month and it all comes down to their process, what they’re doing and how they are doing it.

So if you’re someone who is looking for a change in their work life, who’s a little tight on cash and doesn’t feel like dropping $1,000’s to start a business this could be something worth looking into.

What Are The Pro’s and Con’s of Retail Arbitrage?

With every business model there are always some downsides that come with the upsides so let’s go over what they are with Retail Arbitrage.

Retail Arbitrage Pro’s

  • Easy to follow business model.
  • Doesn’t require you to create or brand your own inventory.
  • Does not require you to have your own online shop or website.
  • Typically has a fairly quick turnover with your ROI.
  • Small up-front start up investment.

Retail Arbitrage Con’s

  • Can be time consuming when sourcing in stores.
  • Can be labor intensive when having to move product.
  • Will require extensive storage if you decide to not use a fulfillment program.

Where’s A Good Place To Sell Products?

Amazon hands down takes the win on that one, they’re literally dominating the e-commerce game right now and have a customer base of over 200 million!

If you’re going to sell something online why not go where all the people are buying? It only makes sense to set up with Amazon.

Wrapping Things Up…

If you’re looking to make Retail Arbitrage a full-time thing and want to learn the process, you need to check out Cristie Nachtrab’s Arbitrage course, Retail Arbitrage Fastrack.

Find out how a stay at home mom pulled in over $100,000 in sales her first year practicing Retail Arbitrage.

If you want to take control of your life and really make a change don’t put it off, it sometimes just takes that one step to start something amazing, and this could be it.

Christie Nachtrab Retail Arbitrage FastrackChristie is a stay at home mom who managed to pull in over $100,000 in sales her first year practicing Retail Arbitrage.

She personally created Retail Arbitrage Fastrack and is laying out her process on how she achieved her success.

Showing you everything from sourcing her products, how she does it, all the way to scaling to the $100,000 and beyond level.

If you want to check here out, you’ll find her course on the inside of Amazing.com, where she and hundreds of other instructors come together to provide quality courses for their students.

Want to get signed up? You can sign up her course with a 30 day free trial by clicking the button below.

One thing I’ve always admired about Christie is very good at taking a beginners approach when making her courses.

She takes you through every step trying to fill in as many blanks as she can to ensure you are informed throughout the whole process.

Her course is primarily focused on utilizing Amazon as the store front and like I mentioned earlier focuses specifically on Retail Arbitrage.

Meaning she will show you the exact process she uses to go to stores and leave with profitable inventory, and how to find these items.

She will also bring you in on what software, services, and tools she uses to make this process as automated and hands-off as possible.

How much is it to sign up?

It’s free for the first 30 days and if you decide to continue the course it will be $39/month for the lifetime of your membership.

When does the 30 day trial start?

The trial starts the day you sign up for the membership.

Can I cancel my membership within the 30 days?

Yes, you can cancel your membership and if it is done within the 30 day limit you will not be charged.

You can also cancel at any time after the 30 day trial if you do not wish to continue with your membership.

Do I get access to Amazing’s other courses?

Yes, you get access to over 100 courses within Amazing all created by experts in their field included with your membership.

You will also get unrestricted access to the community where you can share your thoughts and ask questions with other like minded entrepreneurs.

Will I be charged extra for new courses added to the membership?

No, your membership will stay at $39/month even with the addition of new courses for the lifetime of your membership.

What kind of courses are there with the membership?

You’ll get courses ranging from all different forms of entrepreneurship, things such as:

  • Selling private label
  • Online and Retail Arbitrage
  • App Development
  • Website Creation
  • Real Estate Investment
  • Social Marketing
  • Sales Copy Writing
  • and much much more… over 100 courses to be exact.


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