Zip Nada Zilch Review | Scam?

With this Zip Nada Zilch review I’ll be giving a general overview and guide on how the platform works and if it’s worth your time.


Product Name: Zip Nada ZilchZip Nada Zilch

Product Owner: Brad (That’s it, no last name, just Brad)

Advertised Price: Free to join (so they say)

Rating: 45/100


What Is It?

Zip Nada Zilch is essentially, simply put a referral program, you sign up, refer people to the site, they sign up, you get paid, about as simple as it gets.

Referral programs do this because for every referral you bring to their site the companies who pay to be advertised on their site pay them, so your doing a lot of the leg work for them and they give you a little slice of the cut for getting them the referral.

You can see why they shove referring down your throat when you sign up for these programs, because without referrals you can’t make any money, and neither can they, it’s just a bunch of people referring a program to each other hoping to get a little payout here and there.

Kind of like affiliate marketing except you get no option on what to promote and it’s a lot more annoying.

Is Zip Nada Zilch Worth Your Time? | Short Review

First off I would like to say I would NOT recommend this site to anyone looking to make money online, so much that I’m not even promoting this product whatsoever.Scam

  • Countless comments I found about payouts not being processed for members
  • The preach FREE but nothing is ever really free.
  • To even start making money you need to pay, and complete a series of multiple offers designated by ZNZ.
  • Very low payouts not worth the effort put in.

First off finding any REAL information on this program was a little difficult, the site in itself only gives a few sentences on how it works.

Then every time I tried to find an honest opinion on it, it was just another member of the program trying to refer me to the program.

Every post was just another script just in another format “it’s an amazing program” and “it’s paid out x amount of dollars and you could be next”, just a bunch of washed up words trying to make a sale.

Only Things I Can Say Positively About Zip Nada Zilch

Upon signing up you are given a free site you can use for referring, it’s not all that great and is just a plain template, but hey at least it’s free so I can’t complain to much about that one.

The other thing is that, I can’t entirely say this company is a “scam” , they have been paying their referrals, minimum or not I’m sure they pay their taxes like everyone else and legally they are not breaking any boundaries.

The thing with this is, they give you absolutely NO training on how to make referrals, no SEO training, marketing course, nothing, that’s all on you.

Zip Nada Zilch referrals

So if you’re serious about trying this program you’re going to have to start learning because they’re not going to do it for you.

Overall it is your choice to give it a look or not, just keep the info I gave you in the back of your head when doing so if you stop here.

A Little More About This “Free” program

I first came across Zip Nada Zilch (ZNZ) on accident, I was doing a little keyword research and this popped up when I was looking for referral programs to review, the name first off caught my attention and I decided to humor myself and give it a quick look.

So How Do You Start Earning Money On ZNZ? 

First off let me start with how you qualify to start having the possibility to start earning with ZNZ.

When you first sign up for ZNZ you’re told it’s free to sign up, so they ask you for some personal information, typical email address and then some shipping info. (your address) so they can ship you you’re “free prizes”.

So you get through the sign up page and now it all shifts from free to not so free after all, once all your info is in, you’ll be informed you’ll need 1 full credit to finish the sign up process and gain access.

So you look around thinking “they said it was free, so maybe my first credit is free”, nope, but they do give you multiple options on ways you can purchase the credit.

Overall not the best first impression.

Once You’re Signed Up | How You Earn Money

Once you’ve gone through the sign up and have paid for your free membership, you can now have access to the ZNZ membership and start earning money, but how do yo do that?

Sign up by completing your credit requirements. (Paying)->

Start referring people to the site.->

People sign up and go through the sign up page and gotten (paid for) their credit requirement.->

You get paid a referral commission for that member and are given credit that can be put toward a “free prize”

So like I said earlier it’s like affiliate marketing except you don’t get the option of what you get to promote and is a whole lot more annoying because most of the people promoting it saying “it’s an amazing program!” and how it can earn you money, haven’t actually made any money.

Things I Liked

Like I mentioned earlier ZNZ does give you one free site upon signing up to their program, it’s not really the best looking site in the world, but hey it’s free so why complain?

I guess another “plus” of this program is when you sign up and have to earn your first credit you are given a fare share of options to choose from, so you’re not left going forward with a decision you wouldn’t necessarily like.

Zip Nada Zilch sign up options

At least you have options if you decide to move forward with this program, so it’s not like they’re shoving one program down your throat leaving you no other choice if you wanted to move forward. (Still doesn’t justify them advertising “free” when it really isn’t.)

Making Money With This Program Isn’t Impossible But Be Aware…

Making money with ZNZ isn’t unheard of and it’s not impossible. but there are some things you should keep in mind,

  • You can only promote ZNZ and must stay within their referral guidelines.

Zip Nada Zilch

  • ZNZ stresses that their program is not a job or source of employment simply because their program does not bring in sufficient income to be considered anything full time.
    • From what I can see any success if experienced within ZNZ is anywhere between $25 – $50 and in some rare cases $75, every other day.

(Although that might not be the most “positive statement” but it does show that there is a possibility of some residual income being earned from this program, so that’s a plus.)

Things I Didn’t Like

So now that we have gone over the positives, lets go over some things you should be cautious of if you decide to join.

It’s a pay to enter free website, how that makes sense I don’t know. Just from the very beginning it’s misleading and to me that’s a HUGE red flag.

To some this might not seem like a big deal but with ZNZ just being a referral program why stick to paying for a referral program when they’re are far better free referral programs out there!

With programs such as Amazon Associates or ClickBank, that have millions of different products and programs to promote on some of the best selling platforms in the world, and they’re FREE, why would you pay to refer ZNZ?!

I don’t know, just doesn’t make sense to me, just seems like they’re just trying to get their fingers in your pocket, but that’s up to you to decide.

Training | How Are You Supposed To Promote ZNZ?

Well like I showed you above,that’s left up to you, so if you’re unfamiliar with online marketing, SEO marketing, you’re kind of left in the dark on that one, just some minor details.

Why would you leave your members in the dark when promoting your program when that’s going to be their way of earning money with your program?

That’s like hiring an employee for your business, and not training them, how does that benefit you?

They just get your initial sign up fee and leave you in the dark, “that’s for you to decide!”, if you truly cared about your members you wouldn’t leave them in the dark, at least offer some basic training, something!

Final Verdict | Final Thoughts On Zip Nada Zilch

Like as if it wasn’t obvious already, but I wouldn’t recommend this program to anyone looking to make money online, seasoned veterans or beginners, it’s just not worth your time.

You have FAR better options out there, and spending time on this program will just keep you from pursuing more lucrative opportunities out there.

no oppurtunity

So What Now?

Well if you were looking for a way to make money online, and now you’re kind of bummed out ZNZ wasn’t everything you hoped it would be, you’re not left out of options!

I was once in your shoes, I was just a broke college kid trying looking for ways to make a little extra cash online, so I’ve been around the block a few times when it comes to programs like these.

Some I made a few bucks with and some none at all, it was frustrating.

That was until I came across my second love Wealthy Affiliate, they offered me all the training and guidance I needed to make money online no longer something that was just a “hobby” to the full time business it is today!

So if you’re curious and want to give it a quick look, feel free to give the link above in blue a click or the banner below, check it out and see if it’s for you, if so, I can’t wait to see you on the inside!

Find out how I make money online!

If you have any additional comments or have your own Zip  Nada Zilch review you would like to leave, feel free to comment in the comment section below, I would love to hear it!


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